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According and Damascius
According to Damascius, Prōtogonos ( also known as Phanēs ) had four heads, those of " a Serpent ( Drakōn )... and a bull ; a man, and a god ," while in the Brahmāṇḍa Purāṇa Brahmā-identified with Prajapati in several texts-is likewise reckoned as 4-headed
According to Damascius, " Isidore was awestruck at the sight of Proclus, venerable and marvelous to see ; he thought he was seeing in him the very face of true philosophy.

According and during
According to research funded by the USAID CAPS project, Armenia's exceptionally high rate of economic growth during the last decade has been largely dependent on external factors ( e. g., remittances, assistance from international financial and donor organization ).
According to the Central Bank of Armenia, during the first half of 2008, cash remittances sent back to Armenia by Armenians working abroad rose by 57. 5 percent and totaled $ 668. 6 million USD, equivalent to 15 percent of the country's first-half Gross Domestic Product.
According to the National Statistical Service, Armenia's booming construction sector generated about 20 percent of Armenia's GDP during the first eight months of 2007.
According to the National Statistical Service, during the January – August 2007 period, Armenia's industrial sector was the single largest contributor to the country's GDP, but remained largely stagnant with industrial output increasing only by 1. 7 percent per year.
According to the ROA National Statistical Service, the average monthly salary during January-June 2008 is 86, 850 drams ( about $ 287 at the time ).
According to Maimonides, an afterlife continues for the soul of every human being, a soul now separated from the body in which it was " housed " during its earthly existence.
According to Atanasoff's account, several key principles of the Atanasoff – Berry Computer were conceived in a sudden insight after a long nighttime drive during the winter of 1937 – 38.
According to Edward Gibbon in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, during the shifting of offices that took place at the beginning of the new reigns, Alaric apparently hoped he would be promoted from a mere commander to the rank of general in one of the regular armies.
According to the legend, it was where festive Adonia took place, in which athletes competed in hunting wild boars during sport competitions ; they also competed in dancing and singing, all to the honour of Adonis.
According to the Buddha every Buddha in the past and to come will have two chief disciples and one attendant during his ministry.
According to the Christian doctrine of Universal Reconciliation, the Greek New Testament scriptures use the word " eon " to mean a long period ( perhaps 1000 years ) and the word " eonian " to mean " during a long period "; Thus there was a time before the eons, and the eonian period is finite.
According to Hyginus, 22 Achaeans killed 362 Trojans during their ten years at Troy.
According to the original press release from Colangelo's group ( which remained posted on the team website during the first few seasons ) the chosen team colors were Arizona turquoise, copper, black and purple.
According to the Book of Exodus, God instructed Moses on Mount Sinai during his 40-day stay upon the mountain within the thick cloud and darkness where God was ( Ex.
According to Hill, during her two years of employment as Thomas's assistant, Thomas had asked her out socially many times, and after she refused, he used work situations to discuss sexual subjects.
According to this account, Athanasius composed it during his exile in Rome, and presented it to Pope Julius I as a witness to his orthodoxy.
According to her diaries, Vol. 1, 1931 – 1934, Nin shared a bohemian lifestyle with Henry Miller during her time in Paris.
According to William Derham, during the severe winters of 1703 and 1708 the ice cover permeated as far as the Danish straits, parts of the Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland, in addition to coastal fringes in more southerly locations such as the Gulf of Riga.
According to an early interview, with the city snowed under during the Great Blizzard of 1978 in Chicago, the two began preliminary work on the Computerized Bulletin Board System, or CBBS.
According to one witness, " the public received the musical hero with the utmost respect and sympathy, listened to his wonderful, gigantic creations with the most absorbed attention and broke out in jubilant applause, often during sections, and repeatedly at the end of them.
According to Montgomery and Hammer Daniel's use of the word ' Chaldean ' to refer to astrologers in general is an anachronism, as during the Neo-Babylonian and early Persian periods ( when Daniel is said to have lived ), it referred only to an ethnicity.
According to the book, the Prophet Jeremiah was a son of a priest from Anatot in the land of Benjamin, who lived in the last years of the Kingdom of Judah just prior to, during, and immediately after the siege of Jerusalem, culminating in the destruction of Solomon's Temple and the raiding of the city by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.
According to Jewish and Christian traditions, authorship is assigned to the Prophet Jeremiah, who was ministering the Word of God during the conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, during which the First Temple was destroyed and King Zedekiah was taken prisoner ( cf.

According and persecution
According to Church tradition, it was under Nero's persecution that Peter and Paul were each martyred in Rome.
According to the writings in the New Testament, Paul was known as Saul prior to his conversion, and was dedicated to the persecution of the early disciples of Jesus in the area of Jerusalem.
According to tradition, John and the other Apostles remained some 12 years in this first field of labor, until the persecution of Herod Agrippa I led to the scattering of the Apostles through the various provinces of the Roman Empire.
According to the Nuremberg Chronicle of 1493 AD, the emperor martyred the Roman priest during a general persecution of Christians.
According to Eliz Sanasarian " Of all non-Muslim religious minorities the persecution of the Bahais has been the most widespread, systematic, and uninterrupted .… In contrast to other non-Muslim minorities, the Bahais have been spread throughout the country in villages, small towns, and various cities, fueling the paranoia of the prejudiced.
According to Mark Weber, associate editor of the IHR's Journal of Historical Review Director of the IHR, " If by the ' Holocaust ' you mean the political persecution of Jews, some scattered killings, if you mean a cruel thing that happened, no one denies that.
According to the Schechter Letter, the Khazar ruler Joseph responded to the persecution of Jews by " doing away with many Christians " and Romanos retaliated by inciting Oleg of Novgorod ( called Helgu in the letter ) against Khazaria.
According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D. C., “ The fate of black people from 1933 to 1945 in Nazi Germany and in German-occupied territories ranged from isolation to persecution, sterilization, medical experimentation, incarceration, brutality, and murder.
According to biographer Brigitte Hamann, Winifred Wagner was reported to be " disgusted " by Hitler's persecution of the Jews.
According to Joseph P. Schultz, modern scholarship " considers the Maccabean revolt less as an uprising against foreign oppression than as a civil war between the orthodox and reformist parties in the Jewish camp ", while John J. Collins writes that while the civil war between Jewish leaders led to the king's new policies, it is wrong to see the revolt as simply a conflict between Hellenism and Judaism, since " The revolt was not provoked by the introduction of Greek customs ( typified by the building of a gymnasium ) but by the persecution of people who observed the Torah by having their children circumcised and refusing to eat pork.
According to Lactantius, " That /> Galerius might urge /> Diocletian to excess of cruelty in persecution, he employed private emissaries to set the palace on fire ; and some part of it having been burnt, the blame was laid on the Christians as public enemies ; and the very appellation of Christian grew odious on account of that fire.
According to historian Yaakov Lev, the persecution of non-Muslims had some permanent effects on them, but nonetheless, the effects were local and contained.
According to some ( and probably biased ) sources, Acacius began a brutal policy of violence and persecution, directed chiefly against his old opponents the monks, to work with Zeno for the general adoption of the Henoticon.
According to Graydon Snyder, " The Noah story afforded the early Christian community an opportunity to express piety and peace in a vessel that withstood the threatening environment " of Roman persecution.
According to his official biography, he helped Jewish people to escape Nazi persecution following the July 1942 mass arrests in Paris, called the Rafle du Vel'd ' Hiv, and another raid in the area of Grenoble in the non-occupied zone: " In July 1942, two fleeing Jews asked him for help.
According to Islamic religious tradition, the new Muslims were often subjected to abuse and persecution by Muriel in the early days of Islam at Mecca.
According to the Shia belief, he lived under the most difficult outward conditions of suppression and persecution.
According to a number of medieval historians, who depend on the account of John of Ephesus, Dhū Nuwas, who was a convert to Judaism, announced that he would persecute the Christians living in his kingdom because Christian states persecuted his fellow co-religionists in their realms ; a letter survives written by Simon, the bishop of Beth Arsham in 524 AD, recounts Dhū Nuwas ' ( where he is called Dimnon ) persecution in Najran ( modern al-Ukhdud in Saudi Arabia ).
According to an article in the Elders ' Journal – a Latter Day Saint newspaper published in Far West – " The Saints here are at perfect peace with all the surrounding inhabitants, and persecution is not so much as once named among them ..."
According to Olmert, his parents, Bella ( née Wagman ) and Mordechai Olmert, escaped " persecution in Ukraine and Russia, and found sanctuary in Harbin, China.
According to the Agreement, West Germany was to pay Israel for the slave labor and persecution of Jews during the Holocaust, and to compensate for Jewish property that was stolen by the Nazis.
According to Gilbert Burnet, Leighton was distinguished for his " saintly disposition " from his earliest childhood, even despite the persecution of his family.
According to the Qissa-i Sanjan, an epic poem from around 1600, the Zoroastrians who fled to the Indian subcontinent in the 8th or 9th century, to escape religious persecution from Islmaic invaders, established the settlement of Sanjan ( Gujarat ).
According to the Macedonian Human Rights Movement International, Karygiannis's lecture praised Greece's persecution of Macedonians and justified the bombing of Macedonian civilians during the Greek Civil War.

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