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According and Dave
According to Bio TV, Dave claims himself that people nicknamed his daughter " Wenda.
According to Dave Ulmer's message, the original stash was a black plastic bucket buried most of the way in the ground and contained software, videos, books, food, money, and a slingshot.
According to rock critic Dave Marsh, the attitude and public persona of punk rock can be traced to Jan and Dean.
According to Dave Filoni, supervising director of the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the look of the Police ' droid is based on the appearance of the Keystone Kops.
According to Dave Farber, he, Griswold and Polonsky " finally arrived at the name Symbolic EXpression Interpreter SEXI.
According to the pianist ’ s son Dave Guaraldi, Vince was adopted by Tony Guaraldi, after Vince ’ s mother, Cannella Guaraldi, née Marcellino, split with his biological father, Vince Delaio ( sp ?).
According to Dave Haynie, the A600 " was supposed to be cheaper than the A500, but it came in at about that much more expensive than the A500.
According to Dave Doyle at the National Geodetic Survey, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the common corner of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware, at The Wedge is marked by Boundary Monument # 87.
According to Dave Thomas ' account in SCTV: Behind The Scenes, various ideas were batted around, then — and here's where meeting attendees remember things differently — either Close or Patinkin came up with the idea of presenting programming from the world's smallest TV station.
" According to Dave Bowler and Bryan Dray's biography of The Cure, the school also expelled ex-Malice co-founder Marc Ceccagno along with Smith, whose new band Amulet had also played the December school show.
According to members of The Damned, Vicious was considered, along with Dave Vanian, for the position of lead singer for the Damned, but Sid failed to show up for the audition.
According to a special issue of Kerrang !, former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl turned down an approach by the band.
According to Sam Moore of the soul duo Sam & Dave, " He gave me one pork chop, one scoop of macaroni and cheese, and one spoonful of gravy.
According to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Sam & Dave were the most successful soul duo, and brought the sounds of the black gospel church to pop music with their call-and-response records.
According to Redding's and Sam & Dave's manager Phil Walden, Redding refused to be booked on the same bill with Sam & Dave again, not wanting to have to follow their explosive act.
According to the Boston Herald, race director Dave McGillivray said he was sending paperwork to the IAAF to have Mutai's mark ratified as a world record.
According to development engineer Dave Lauzun, during construction, the Karmann-made tops are dropped into a body that is largely identical: both soft-top and retractable feature the same automatic tonneau cover, luggage divider and luggage space.
According to Dave Haslam, the festival demonstrated that " the city had become synonymous with ... larger-than-life characters playing cutting edge music ...
According to Dave Haslam: " Ecstasy use changed clubs forever ; a night at the Haçienda went from being a great night out, to an intense, life changing experience ".
According to series creator Ron Gilbert, Schafer and fellow writer-programmer Dave Grossman were responsible for about two thirds of the game's dialogue.
According to the group's website, McCartney got the inspiration for Promise Keepers on March 20, 1990, while he was attending a Fellowship of Christian Athletes banquet in Pueblo, Colorado, during a conversation with Dave Wardell, who was also in attendance at the event.
According to its inventor Dave Lampert, the Sybian was first conceived in the 1970s but it was not until 1983 that he began to develop the idea further.
** According to one of the engineers on the design team of the HP48G series ( Dave Arnett ), the yields for 4MHz CPUs were essentially separated into two parts: the ones closest to spec, generally near 3. 93-3. 94MHz, were reserved for the expandable models ( GX ), and those just slightly under spec were used for the non-expandable units ( G ).
According to GM historian Dave Newell, Chevrolet had planned on ending Corvair production after the 1966 model year.

According and Wilson
According to Bryan Wilson, functionally the definition of a " fellowship " within Christadelphian history has been mutual or unilateral exclusion of groupings of ecclesias from the breaking of bread.
According to F. S. Crafford, Wilson adopted " both the ideas and the style " of Smuts.
According to Factory's co-founder Tony Wilson, " All our bands are free to fuck off whenever they please.
According to the OED, John Paul Scott coined the word " sociobiology " at a 1946 conference on genetics and social behaviour, and became widely used after it was popularized by Edward O. Wilson in his 1975 book, Sociobiology: The New Synthesis.
According to Len Dawson, placekicker Jan Stenerud and punter Jerrel Wilson were the best kickers in football.
According to Wilson, the division of Illuminatus!
According to critic Edmund Wilson, Sherman
According to a BBC Radio 4 programme on the characters, they were named after the writers Sandy Wilson and Julian Slade.
According to Brian Lapping, this would have been Wilson ’ s largest reform of social security, had it been carried out.
According to author Daniel J. Wilson, the characteristics of masculinity include strength, activeness, speed, endurance, and courage.
According to Swami Sivananda, the view that the Shiva lingam represents the phallus is a mistake ; The same sentiments have also been expressed by H. H. Wilson in 1840.
According to state marker, the cemetery contains the burial plots of early settlers including Reverend Charles Webb, Moses Endicott, Edward McShane, Henry Talbert and Hugh Wilson.
According to the The Handbook of Texas, the area where the town is now located was once on land granted to the county in 1892 by the 77 Ranch, owned by S. B. Wilson and Wilson Furneaux.
According to Jacob Adler, Wilson Barrett was the most famous actor on the London stage of the 1880s.
According to Burke, Pickett gave the song to him on a tour bus: " Wilson sang the song for me in a bus on a tour.
According to the prophet Jack Wilson ( Wovoka )' s teachings, proper practice of the dance would reunite the living with the spirits of the dead and bring peace, prosperity, and unity to native peoples throughout the region.
According to Colt historian Robert Lawrence Wilson, the " lectures launched Colt's celebrated career as a pioneer Madison Avenue-style pitchman ".
According to Wilson, who highlights the phenomenon in his book Don't Get Fooled Again ( 2008 ), the characteristic feature of false skepticism is that it " centres not on an impartial search for the truth, but on the defence of a preconceived ideological position ".
According to Wilson, Ballard's voice was so loud that she was made to stand up to seventeen feet away from her microphone during recording sessions, while the other two Supremes stood directly in front of their microphones.
According to Speaker Selwyn Lloyd, the now famous disorderly behaviour of MPs during PMQs first arose as a result of the personal animosity between Harold Wilson and Edward Heath ; before this PMQs had been lively but comparatively civilised.
According to TV Guide magazine, creator Hugh Wilson said he was " satisfied " with the final product for DVD release.
According to the National Book Foundation: " From Mary McCarthy and Edmund Wilson to Gore Vidal and Joan Didion, The New York Review of Books has consistently employed the liveliest minds in America to think about, write about, and debate books and the issues they raise.
According to the Monmouth Archaeological Society, " there is now no room for debate " that the excavations by Wilson and others have now identified the main site of the medieval town to be around the minor road towards Catbrook, to the south of the current village on what is now farmland.

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