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According and Diogenes
According to Diogenes Laertius and Plutarch he fled to Lampsacus due to a backlash against his pupil Pericles.
According to Simplicius, Diogenes the Cynic said nothing upon hearing Zeno's arguments, but stood up and walked, in order to demonstrate the falsity of Zeno's conclusions.
According to Persaeus ( Diogenes Laërtius vii.
According to Diogenes Laertius, he had a brother named Dropidas and was an ancestor ( six generations removed ) of Plato.
According to Diogenes, Dicaearchus claimed that the seven " were neither wise men nor philosophers, but merely shrewd men, who had studied legislation.
According to Diogenes Laertius Eumolpus was the father of Musaeus.
According to Diogenes Laertius, he wrote some 400 books, of which none are extant today, although a few titles are known.
According to Diogenes Laërtius, he was the son of Phanias, and early in life he was a boxer.
According to Diogenes Laertius, he forged plays under the name of Thespis, and according to the same author, this time drawing from a different source, Dionysius the Deserter composed plays and forged them under the name of Sophocles.
According to Diogenes Laërtius, Parapegma was the title of a book by Democritus.
According to Diogenes Laërtius, Xenophanes wrote in hexameters and also composed elegies and iambics against Homer and Hesiod.
According to one story, Diogenes went to the Oracle at Delphi to ask for its advice and was told that he should " deface the currency ”.
According to a story which seems to have originated with Menippus of Gadara, Diogenes was captured by pirates while on voyage to Aegina and sold as a slave in Crete to a Corinthian named Xeniades.
According to Diogenes Laertius, Solon “ diminished the honours paid to Athletes who were victorious in the games, fixing the prize for a victor at Olympia at five hundred drachmae, and for one who conquered at the Isthmian games at one hundred ” ( Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Philosophers 1. 55: Solon ; Greek ).
According to Diogenes Laertius, Ctesibius was miserably poor.
According to Diogenes Laertius, Sitia was the home of Myson of Chen, one of the Seven Sages of Greece.
According to Diogenes Laërtius he died from excessive drinking, but the story is discredited by the eulogy of Eusebius that he was in all things moderate.
According to Diogenes Laërtius, Timon was a one-eyed man ; and he used even to make a jest of his own defect, calling himself Cyclops.
According to Diogenes Laërtius, he composed " lyric and epic poems, and tragedies and satiric dramas, and thirty comedies, and sixty tragedies and the Silloi and amatory poems.
According to Diogenes, Hecato divided the virtues into two kinds, those founded on scientific intellectual principles ( i. e. wisdom and justice ), and those with no such basis ( e. g., temperance and the resultant health and vigour ).
According to Claudius Ptolemy, Diogenes, a merchant in the Indian trade, was blown off course from his usual route from India, and after travelling 25 days south along the African coast arrived at Rhapta, located where the river of the same name enters the Indian Ocean opposite the island of Menouthis.
According to Diogenes Laërtius, he wrote very few books, but left a great number of disciples.
According to John Skylitzes, the Emperor charged alone in front of his army to Diogenes ' rescue.

According and Laertius
According to Sextus, they are attributed only " to the more recent skeptics " and it is by Diogenes Laertius that we attribute them to Agrippa.

According and response
According to Kirsten Abbott, feminist interpretation regards the story of Hosea and his relations with his wife Gomer as a metaphor for the conflict between a Covenant Theology ( Israel violating the covenant relationship with YHWH ) and a Creation Theology ( YHWH will undo the fertility of the earth in response to Israel following other fertility gods ).
According to the British historian Misha Glenny the murder in March 1929 of Toni Schlegel, editor of a pro-Yugoslavian newspaper Novosti, brought a " furious response " from the regime.
According to the Church Fathers, the Bishops of Asia Minor requested John, in his old age, to write a gospel in response to Cerinthus, the Ebionites and other Hebrew groups which they deemed heretical.
According to the accident report released by the city of Midland in 2000, in response to an open-records request, she was not charged in the incident.
" According to Michael Palin's published diary, Palin changed his response in order to throw Cleese off.
According to Klein, in response to an economic crash in the 1980s ( Latin American debt crisis, Black Monday ( 1987 ), Savings and loan crisis Japanese asset price bubble ), corporations began to seriously rethink their approach to marketing, and began to target the youth demographic, as opposed to the baby boomers, who had previously been considered a much more valuable segment.
According to Pavlov's theory of classical conditioning, the experimenters should have been able to condition a feared response within the rhesus monkeys to the evolutionary irrelevant stimuli because the Pavlovian model posits that any UCS can elicit a CR.
According to Christopher, Rhine did take precautions against cheating in response to criticisms of his methods, but once he did, he was unable to find the same high scores reported in earlier trials.
According to Slobodchikoff, these calls, with their individuality in response to a specific predator, imply that prairie dogs have highly developed cognitive abilities.
According to Balakrishna the public sector companies in response to Sena's violent pressure, began employing Maharashtrians in large numbers, the company owners didn't object to the Sena entry in to trade unionism since " Thackeray ruled like a dictator, one phone call was enough to ensure peace on the shop floor.
According to Yin Weixian, the Turkic runic inscriptions record a word uyɣur, which was first transcribed into Chinese as Huí Hé ( 回紇 ), but later, in response to an Uyghur request, changed to Huí Hú ( 回鶻 ) in 788 or 809.
According to Henry of Huntingdon, " Six feet of ground or as much more as he needs, as he is taller than most men ", was Harold's response.
According to Vice President Arnold Shane, they were ' delighted with the response of the students.
According to its architect, Secretary of Defense Harold Brown, " countervailing strategy " stressed that the planned response to a Soviet attack was no longer to bomb Russian population centers and cities primarily, but first to kill the Soviet leadership, then attack military targets, in the hope of a Russian surrender before total destruction of the USSR ( and the United States ).
According to Tober and Carroll, indigo children may function poorly in conventional schools due to their rejection of rigid authority, being smarter ( or more spiritually mature ) than their teachers, and a lack of response to guilt -, fear-or manipulation-based discipline.
According to Ousby, ' Among modern critical uses of psychoanalysis is the development of " ego psychology " in the work of Norman Holland, who concentrates on the relations between reader and text ' - as with reader response criticism.
According to the provincial administrator of Basilan, more than 900 families have been displaced as a result of the deployment of soldiers in Basilan in response to the beheading of 11 soldiers of the Philippine Marines who were killed in an encounter with MILF in Al-Barkah town.
According to a SourceForge. net announcement on their blog as a short term response, they have taken down services such as CVS Hosting, ViewVC ( web-based code browsing ), New Release upload capability, and Interactive Shell services.
According to the historian Rayfield, the murder of Gumilev was part of the state response to the Kronstadt Rebellion.
According to the UNODC, " ackling migrant smuggling necessitates a comprehensive, multi-dimensional response, which begins with addressing the socio-economic root causes of irregular migration to prevent it, and goes through to prosecution of criminals who commit smuggling-related crimes ".
According to the text " Isobutyl nitrite and Related Compounds ", many researchers agree that the alkyl nitrite may be a true aphrodisiac in the sense of promoting and enhancing sexual response.
According to the Greenfield Township website, Greenfield Township was the first rural community in the United States to provide street addressing for residents to help with quicker response in event of an emergency.
According to a meta-analysis and contrary to conventional wisdom, the pooled response rate in the placebo group was 19. 6 %, even lower than in some other medical conditions.
According to Charles Darwin, the contact of the legs of a small gnat with a single tentacle is enough to induce this response.

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