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According and Elaine
According to Elaine Hoffman, Gropius had approached the Dutch architect Mart Stam to run the newly founded architecture program, and when Stam declined the position, Gropius turned to Stam's friend and colleague in the ABC group, Hannes Meyer.
According to the Henry County Tourism Bureau, " Colona is named after its founding family, Patriarch: Eric Colona, Matriarch: Natasha Colona, Children: Abdul Colona, and Elaine Colona.
According to scholar Elaine Pagels, " In AD 367, Athanasius, the zealous bishop of Alexandria ... issued an Easter letter in which he demanded that Egyptian monks destroy all such unacceptable writings, except for those he specifically listed as ' acceptable ' even ' canonical ' a list that constitutes the present ' New Testament '".
According to Seinfeld's biography ( written by Jerry Oppenheimer ), Elaine was based in part on Susan McNabb ( who was dating Seinfeld when the character was created ), though eventually named after friend and fellow comic Elayne Boosler.
According to imdb. com, the film went unreleased in the UK until 1967 and even then received cuts for an ' A ' ( now a PG ) certificate to edit the witch attack on the ship, Princess Elaine being attacked by the giant, and Jack's fight with the dragon.
According to Hamill and Kleiner, " nowhere is Rexroth's verse more fully realized than in his erotic poetry ".< ref name =" Hamill & Kleiner "> Hamill, Sam, and Elaine Laura Kleiner.
" According an interview by Elaine Sciolino of Shiraz-based Ayatollah Majdeddin Mahallati, Khalkhali came to Persepolis with " a band of thugs " and gave an angry speech demanding that " the faithful torch the silk-lined tent city and the grandstand that the Shah had built ," but was driven off by stone-throwing local residents.
According to his fourth wife, Elaine Williams, " What he was aching for, as he walked up to collect his Oscar, was a role in his own movie one that they could finally call ' a Gig Young movie.
According to Elaine N. Aron and colleagues as well as other researchers, highly sensitive people, who comprise about a fifth of the population, may process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly due to a biological difference in their nervous systems.
According to Steinman, she also recorded a demo of " It's All Coming Back to Me Now ," later a hit for Celine Dion in 1996, in connection with this album, but her take was passed over in favor of fellow vocalist Elaine Caswell's.
According to Elaine Pagels, Bible translators have mistranslated the Greek word for " handing over " to " betrayal ".
According to Elaine Showalter, gynocriticism is the study of not only the female as a gender status but also the ' internalized consciousness ' of the female.
According to the Seinfeld reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Elaine has a daughter, Isabelle, through a sperm donation from Jerry.

According and Presley
According to Mark Crispin Miller, Graceland became for Presley " the home of the organization that was himself, was tended by a large vague clan of Presleys and deputy Presleys, each squandering the vast gratuities which Elvis used to keep his whole world smiling.
According to biographer Michael David Harris, " Sullivan signed Presley when the host was having an intense Sunday-night rivalry with Steve Allen.
According to Henry Geldzahler, “ collages ‘ Elvis Presley No. 1 ’ and ‘ James Dean ’ stand as the Plymouth Rock of the Pop movement .”.
" According to the founder of the Museum of Broadcast Communications, Bruce DuMont, " She was to Paul Harvey what Colonel Parker was to Elvis Presley.
According to Parker himself, he did attempt to talk to his client about the matter, but Presley simply told him to stay out of his personal life.
According to Presley's friend, Jerry Schilling, Presley was excited about the opportunity to take on a new challenge.
According to several people who knew Presley at the time, the talks with Hulett got so far along that it seemed almost inevitable that the deal would be done.
According to Presley biographer Peter Guralnick, Presley and Parker " were really like, in a sense, a married couple, who started out with great love, loyalty, respect that lasted for a considerable period of time, and went through a number of stages until, towards the end of Presley's life, they should have walked away.
" According to Priscilla Presley, in the late 1960s, " He blamed his fading popularity on his humdrum movies " and "... loathed their stock plots and short shooting schedules.
According to Josh Homme, the song was inspired by the " sort of sexual twist " of Doc Pomus's song of the same name, which is probably best known as recorded by Elvis Presley: " I like the amalgam of imagery that it puts forward, that throwing a little pebble at the girl's windows late at night, you know, trying to creep in the back door, you know.
" According to Raphael's eye-witness account, actress Natalie Wood was upset when Presley refused to have sexual intercourse with her.
According to Shannon Presley of Harvest Books, " Koontz himself wrote the poems, attributed to a Stephen Crane ... you can find the collected poems at Veinotte at http :// www. veinotte. com / koontz / sorrows. htm ".

According and sang
According to Cassius Dio, Terentius Maximus resembled Nero in voice and appearance and, like him, sang to the lyre.
" According to singer Tony Bennett who sang with it while in the service, the 314 was the immediate successor to the Glenn Miller led AAF orchestra.
According to the jacket notes of the Let Freedom Sing CD set, Crothers was part of the music group The Ramparts who sang A. C. Bilbrew's " The Death of Emmett Till ".
According to Judy Garland in an interview, although she first sang " You Made Me Love You " for Clark Gable, she was disappointed because she really had wanted to sing it for her idol Donat, to whom she wrote a fan letter after seeing The Count of Monte Cristo ( 1934 ).
According to the Matangalila, Airavata was born when Brahma sang sacred hymns over the halves of the egg shell from which Garuda hatched, followed by seven more male and eight female elephants.
According to Burke, Pickett gave the song to him on a tour bus: " Wilson sang the song for me in a bus on a tour.
According to legend, Fabre showed the greatest calmness and sang his own well-known song:
According to Kristian Hoffman, " Timur sang Total Eclipse to the utter befuddlement of the panel of judges, with the exception of Sharon Osbourne who gave some encouragement ".
According to people who attended the recording sessions, Ellis didn't yet have lyrics for the closing theme, so he sang nonsense words to give an idea of how it would sound.
According to John Ardoin, the long-time music critic for The Dallas Morning News, she sang in Lucia di Lammermoor in the 1958 season.
According to Yamaji, Australians in the water sang " Auld Lang Syne " to their trapped mates as the ship sank beneath the waves.
According to Richard Carpenter in an interview, Karen always considered herself a " drummer who sang ".
According to a 1965 interview with Lee Hays by Richard Reuss, Seeger, Hays, and Lampell sang at an American Youth Congress held at Turner's Arena in Washington, D. C., in February 1941, at which sponsors had requested songs constructed around the slogan " Don't Lend or Lease our Bases " and " Jim Crow must Go ".
According to Al Jardine, Rieley sang the song because " no one would sing it because it was too depressing.
According to Martin Carthy: " She was a perfectionist .. she never sang solo after she forgot something on stage .. she couldn't bear the idea of it going wrong.
According to Germanic legend and Tacitus, Hercules once visited German soil and they sang of him first of all heroes.
" According to the band's website, he sang to them through a telephone while he was on the side of the road in Texas.
According to Next Magazine, their relationship got warmer when they performed together at a charity event for the Tsunami victims on January 2005, where Jay played the piano and Patty sang.
According to their invented background, the ladies won their musical spurs touring with the " Rosa Charles Opera Company ", where Hilda sang lead roles and Evadne joined in the capacity of assistant to the assistant musical director, quickly rising to the full directorship.
According to Allmusic journalist Steve Huey, " best known for his 1960 R & B smash, ' Handy Man ,' Jones sang in a smooth yet soulful falsetto modeled on the likes of Clyde McPhatter and Sam Cooke.
According to Nevermind producer Butch Vig on Classic Albums: Nevermind, Cobain sang the line " Polly said " too early, but they decided to leave it in.
According to sound man Earl Bellamy: " When Judy sang to playback, you could never hear anything ... She wanted me to start off at a full blast and then she topped that ... her huge voice carrying out over the rafters.
According to producer Don Was, there were two outtakes from the album: " Shirley Temple Doesn't Live Here Anymore " ( which Dylan co-wrote with Was and David Weiss ) and " Heartland " ( which Dylan later sang with Willie Nelson on Nelson's 1993 album Across the Borderline ).
According one one source, the Folksmen remained together for 26 months ( i. e. two and a half years ), during which time they " played and sang their own brand of ' eclectified folk ' music.

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