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According and Eurogamer
" According to a retrospective review by Eurogamer in 2012, " even now, it offers a unique RPG world and experience ... a whole fallen civilisation full of puzzles and characters and things to twiddle with, all magically crammed into less than a megabyte of space.

According and .
`` According to Rose, he arrived here a couple minutes before nine and spotted Thor in the water, got a hooked pole from the pool-equipment locker and started hauling him out.
According to Katherine Litz, `` the becoming, the process of realization, is the dance ''.
According to William Ringler's study, Stephen Gosson, the theater business in London had become a thriving enterprise by 1577, and, in the opinion of many, a thoroughly bad business.
According to The Chicago Tribune News Service, State Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosk of California has devised a series of questions which the joiner might well ask about any organization seeking his money and his name: 1.
According to the original program, Premier Khrushchev expected the millions looking toward the Kremlin this morning to be filled with admiration or rage -- depending upon individual or national politics -- because of the `` bold program for building communism in our time '' which the Congress will adopt.
According to the official interpretation of the Charter, a member cannot be penalized by not having the right to vote in the General Assembly for nonpayment of financial obligations to the `` special '' United Nations' budgets, and of course cannot be expelled from the Organization ( which you suggested in your editorial ), due to the fact that there is no provision in the Charter for expulsion.
According to one report, however, Mr. Hammarskjold was considered `` too controversial '' a figure to warrant bestowal of the coveted honor last spring.
According to Friends, the unit was organized by John Snook, a former World War 2, commando who is vice president and general manager of the telephone company.
According to a recent Wall Street Journal survey, plastics units now account for more than 50% of all sign sales.
According to one major producer, materials for a typical plastic sign are approximately 25% less costly than for a comparable neon unit.
According to the myth, Old Order then vanishes at stage left and reappears at extreme stage right, but Director Shuz skillfully sidesteps the rather gooshey problem of stage effects by simply having Miss Arapacis walk across the stage.
According to Philippoff, the recoverable shear S is given by Af where **yc is the angle of extinction.
According to Whipple ( 1955 ), cometary debris is sufficient to replenish the material spiraling into the sun, maintaining a fairly steady state.
According to a number of studies, the important predictors are the nature and management of the client's anxiety as well as the accessibility of the helping person.
According to the theory proposed, this is a consequence of the severe condition of perceived threat that persists unabated for the anxious child in an ambiguous sort of school environment.
According to the theory underlying odd-lot indices, the trader who trades odd lots is most likely a small trader, one who can't afford to trade round lots.
According to the latest projections of the Bureau of the Census, the annual rate of household formations will increase for the next 20 years.
According to the new theories, the nineteenth century corporate sovereign was `` sovereign '' in a quite new and different sense from his historical predecessors.
According to Dr. Ellis, the average 20-year-old American woman is capable of far greater sexual arousal than her partner.
According to the Food And Drug Administration ( FDA ), `` Doctor '' Ghadiali, Dr. Albert Abrams and his clique, and Dr. Wilhelm Reich -- to name three notorious device quacks -- succeeded, respectively, in distributing 10,000, 5000, and 2000 fake health machines.
According to state law a slave had to be at least thirty years old before he could be freed.
According, then, to what I take to be the prevailing view, these rioters were merely a handful of irresponsible, Stalinist-corrupted provocateurs.
According to Stacy, she told him she was planning to remarry and she wanted him to ask Forbes for the lump sum.
According to the medical examiner, she was shot between eleven p.m. and one a.m..
According to the medical examiner she was shot between eleven p.m. and one a.m..

According and net
According to the accounts given by Pindar and the tragedians, Agamemnon was slain in a bath by his wife alone, a blanket of cloth or a net having first been thrown over him to prevent resistance.
According to political scientist William Harpine in his study of the rhetoric of the 1896 campaign, " Bryan's speech cast a net for the true believers, but only for the true believers.
According to some analyses of the U. S. health care safety net, EMTALA is an incomplete and strained program.
According to a SourceForge. net announcement on their blog as a short term response, they have taken down services such as CVS Hosting, ViewVC ( web-based code browsing ), New Release upload capability, and Interactive Shell services.
According to the contract he had negotiated prior to making the film, Capra received 10 % of the net profits.
According to an interview on breakdownroom. net, Glover hopes to release another album with the band next year.
According to the World Factbook, the United States imports a net of oil a day ( MMbd ), so the SPR holds about a 58-day supply.
According to a report on thebrpage. net, the band started recording on May 5, 2010.
According to the projections of the Social Security Administration, the Trust Fund will continue to show net growth until 2022 because the interest generated by its bonds and the revenue from payroll taxes exceeds the amount needed to pay benefits.
According to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, in 1999 the company had revenue of $ 3. 5 million, with a resulting net loss of $ 26. 3 million.
" On September 28, 2006, Blabbermouth. net reported on a movie project related to Rubio's most recent book on Staley: " According to a press release from ARTS Publications, Argentinean journalist / author Adriana Rubio has been contacted by writer / director Eric Moyer from Philadelphia about turning her biography of Staley, titled Layne Staley: Get Born Again, into a movie.
According to Marx's labor theory of value, human labor is the only source of net new economic value, but is also indispensable for the conservation and transfer of economic value ( maintenance and redistribution of capital assets ).
According to this model, any two material bodies partially shield each other from the impinging corpuscles, resulting in a net imbalance in the pressure exerted by the impact of corpuscles on the bodies, tending to drive the bodies together.
According to the Modigliani – Miller theorem, on the other hand, there is no right ratio, so corporate managers should seek to minimize tax liability and maximize corporate net wealth, letting the debt ratio chips fall where they will.
According to Forbes, as of March 2011, he had a net worth of US $ 13. 4 billion up from US $ 11. 2 billion the previous year, ranking him as the 53rd richest person in the world.
According to the Sunday Times Rich List, in 2011 his net worth was about US $ 900 million.
According to a Survey USA poll released in January 2006, Rounds had an approval rating of 73 % and a " net " approval rating of + 52 %, which placed him among the top five governors in the United States in terms of approval rating.
According to the Forbes report released in March 2012, there are currently 1, 226 U. S. dollar billionaires worldwide, boasting a combined total net worth of $ 4. 6 trillion.
According to the first DEIS, the net diversion from the Poudre would represent anywhere from 26 to 71 % of the flow as measured in downtown Fort Collins.
According to the zeroth law of thermodynamics, heat is exchanged between thermodynamic systems in thermal contact only if their temperatures are different, as this is the condition when the net exchange of thermal energy is non-zero.
According to Charity Navigator, an independent, non-profit organization that evaluates American charities, the UCS maintained $ 20, 575, 731 in assets, $ 5, 514, 946 in liabilities, $ 15, 060, 785 in net assets, and $ 14, 112, 057 in working capital, as well as $ 10, 058, 784 in program expenses, $ 813, 335 in administrative expenses, and $ 1, 703, 907 in fundraising expenses in fiscal year 2006.
According to the 2008 Forbes survey, he was the 178th richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of US $ 5. 5 billion.
According to these two institutions, " bringing the net present value ( NPV ) of external public debt down to about 150 percent of a country's exports or 250 percent of a country's revenues " would help eliminating this " critical barrier to longer-term debt sustainability ".
According to MISL. net, the league has ceased operations as of May 31, 2008.

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