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According and Ezra
According to the Chronicles-Ezra-Nehemiah theory, it contains material set aside from the rest of the book of Ezra, which was canonized first.
According to the Hebrew Bible he returned from the Babylonian exile and reintroduced the Torah in Jerusalem ( Ezra 7-10 and Neh 8 ).
According to First Esdras, a non-canonical Greek translation of the Book of Ezra, he was also a high priest.
According to Bamidbar Rabbah, Ezra was doubtful of the correctness of some words in the Torah and said, " Should Elijah ... approve the text, the points dots that he scribed above the letters will be disregarded ; should he disapprove, the doubtful words will be removed from the text ".
According to tradition, Ezra was the writer of the Books of Chronicles.
According to the biblical history Ezra and Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem in the middle of the 5th century BCE, the first empowered by the Persian king to enforce the Torah, the second with the status of governor and a royal mission to restore the walls of the city.
* 1776 – According to American colonial reports, Ezra Lee makes the world's first submarine attack in the Turtle, attempting to attach a time bomb to the hull of HMS Eagle in New York Harbor ( no British records of this attack exist ).
According to the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, Ezra-Nehemiah is hostile toward its northern neighbors and considers the northern Israel except for the " true Israel ".
According to the Book of Ezra chapter 2, Zerubbabel returned to Jerusalem in the first wave of liberated exiles under the decree of King Cyrus of Persia in 538 BCE.
According to the authors of the Book of Ezra, “ when the seventh month came … Jeshua son of Jozadak along with his fellow-priests, and Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, with his colleagues, set to work to build the altar of the God of Israel ”.
According to the Book of Ezra, Zerubbabel is also under the authority of King Cyrus of Persia to build the Temple ( Ezr.
According to the Letter written by King Darius I recorded in the Book of Ezra:
According to the Book of Ezra,the house was completed on the third day of the month of Adar, in the sixth year of the reign of King Darius .” In this passage, the word “ house ” refers to the second Temple.
According to the Bible, when the Jewish exiles returned to Jerusalem following a decree from Cyrus the Great ( Ezra 1: 1-4, 2 Chron 36: 22-23 ), construction started at the original site of Solomon's Temple, which had remained a devastated heap during the approximately 70 years of captivity ( Dan.
According to Ezra 4: 5, the Samaritans sought to " frustrate their purpose " and sent messengers to Ecbatana and Susa, with the result that the work was suspended.
According to The History of Ontario County New York, some of the earliest pioneers included " Daniel Gates, Daniel Warner, Ezra Platt, Samuel Day, George Chapin, Israel Chapin, Jr., Frederick Follett, Thomas Sawyer, Benjamin Wells and Mr. Sweet, all of whom were from Massachusetts, while William Wyckoff who was another pioneer, was from Pennsylvania.
According to the Quran, Jews blasphemously claim that Ezra is the son of God, as Christians claim Jesus is, ( Surah 9: 30 ) and that God's hand is fettered ( Surah 5: 64 – i. e., that they can freely defy God ).
" According to the CIC complaint ( as discussed in a National Post article by Ezra Levant ): Maclean's is " flagrantly Islamophobic " and " subjects Canadian Muslims to hatred and contempt.
According to Ezra 4: 1-6 " the enemies of Judah and Benjamin " asked to help build the temple, and when this was denied hired counselors to frustrate the people of Judah from completing the rebuilding throughout the reign of Cyrus, Xerxes (' Ahasuerus '), and Artaxerxes, until the reign of Darius.
According to former Church President Ezra Taft Benson, " A patriarchal blessing is the inspired and prophetic statement of your life ’ s mission together with blessings, cautions, and admonitions as the patriarch may be prompted to give.
According to researcher Ezra Vogel, the word " salaryman " saw widespread use in Japan by 1930, " although the white-collar class remained relatively small until the rapid expansion of government bureaucracies and war-related industry before and during World War II.
According to Adolph Drechsler, he was a pupil of Rabbi Moshe haDarshan and teacher of Abraham Ibn Ezra.
According to Arab legend, on the site of this pine tree, Ezra the Scribe sat and wrote the Torah for Israel.
According to Ezra Klein, the book is less a memoir than an analysis of how to campaign successfully.

According and rejection
According to Romans 9 – 11, supporters claim, Jewish election as the chosen people ceased with their national rejection of Jesus as Messiah.
According to some ancient Greek collections, canons 29 and 30 are attributed to the council: canon 29, which states that an unworthy bishop cannot be demoted but can be removed, is an extract from the minutes of the 19th session ; canon 30, which grants the Egyptians time to consider their rejection of Leo's Tome, is an extract from the minutes of the fourth session.
According to surveys, some of the most common fears are of ghosts, the existence of evil powers, cockroaches, spiders, snakes, heights, water, enclosed spaces, tunnels, bridges, needles, social rejection, failure, examinations and public speaking.
According to a French etymology, the Italian tarocco derived from Arabic طرح ṭarḥ, ' rejection ; subtraction, deduction, discount '.
According to Tober and Carroll, indigo children may function poorly in conventional schools due to their rejection of rigid authority, being smarter ( or more spiritually mature ) than their teachers, and a lack of response to guilt -, fear-or manipulation-based discipline.
According to some scholars, if a Muslim consciously and without coercion declares their rejection of Islam and does not change their mind after the time allocated by a judge for research, then the penalty for male apostates is death, and for women life imprisonment.
According to Joseph Telushkin and Morris N. Kertzer, Kaplan's " rationalist rejection of the traditional Jewish understanding of God exerted a powerful influence " on many Conservative and Reform rabbis.
According to Treynor ’ s original " identity shift effect " hypothesis, the peer pressure process works in the following way: One's state of harmony is disrupted when faced with the threat of external conflict ( social rejection ) for failing to conform to a group standard.
According to Islamic scriptures, the belief that Jesus is God or Son of God is shirk, or the association of partners with God, and thereby a rejection of God's divine oneness ( tawhid ) and the sole unpardonable sin.
According to Huxley, Sister Jeanne, enraged by his rejection, instead invited Canon Mignon, an enemy of Grandier, to become the director.
" According to his 1997 book, The Basics of Geopolitics, " The new Eurasian empire will be constructed on the fundamental principle of the common enemy: the rejection of Atlanticism, strategic control of the USA, and the refusal to allow liberal values to dominate us.
According to the party there comes a " confrontation between the New World Order and the Russian people ", " with its thousand-year history, and with its qualities ", " communality and great power, deep faith, undying altruism and decisive rejection of lures mercantile bourgeois liberal-democratic paradise ".
According to Eliezer Schweid, the rejection of life in the Diaspora is a central assumption in all currents of Zionism.
According to Tucker, the Mugwumps embodied the liberalism of the 19th century, and their rejection by 20th century historians, who embraced the government intervention of the New Deal and the Great Society, is not surprising.
According to Cutler, the misdeed that brought about the rejection of Joseph Smith's church was its failure to complete the Nauvoo temple within the " sufficient time " mentioned in Doctrine and Covenants 124: 31-32 ; Joseph Smith's church had accordingly ceased to exist as a legitimate entity.
According to Ian Mobsby, the suggestion that the emerging church is mainly focused on deconstruction and the rejection of current forms of church should itself be rejected.
According to European tradition “ witch – a bruja – was thought to reject God and the sacraments and instead worship the devil and observe the witches ' Sabbath .” This rejection of God was seen as an abomination and was not tolerated by the authorities either in Spain nor Latin America.
According to some scholars ( but not all, see below ), they also place considerable emphasis on the rejection of all views, and are reluctant to put forward positions of their own regarding basic metaphysical issues.
According to Christian ideas, " foolishness " included consistent rejection of worldly cares and imitating Christ, who endured mockery and humiliation from the crowd.
According to his own account, Horia shared Crainic's rejection of the Iron Guard, and, after Carol was ousted by the latter's National Legionary State government, he was recalled from office.
According to author Lorna Jowett, his rejection of any sexual element in their relationship makes their bond stronger.
According to Garabet Ibrăileanu, his rejection of antisemitic views was owed either to his failure to relate with the middle class and its anti-Jewish stances, or to his " powerful intelligence ", which contrasted with the " instinctual, almost zoological nature " of the antisemitic discourse.
According to Charles Suhor, Dixieland is characterized, and differentiated from earlier Jazz forms, by “ more conventional tones of wind instruments, rejection of rapid vibratos, greater instrumental facility, and considerable attention to solos, which are routinely “ passed around ” in between opening and closing ensemble Choruses .” Burke's repertoire consisted primarily of old standards.
According to SJT, messages falling within the latitude of rejection are unlikely to successfully persuade.

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