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According and Ferdinand
According to Ferdinand Bohlmann, the first naturally occurring acetylenic compound, dehydromatricaria ester, was isolated from an Artemisia species in 1826.
According to the act of settlement of 1499, George's Protestant brother Heinrich was now heir prospective ; but George, disregarding his father's will, sought to disinherit his brother and to bequeath the duchy to Ferdinand, brother of Charles V. His sudden death prevented the carrying out of this intention.
According to several ancient sources, including occasions by the Dictionnaire de pédagogie et d ' instruction primaire by Ferdinand Buisson in 1887, the first French settlement in Senegal dates back to the Dieppe Mariners in the 14th century.
According to the Hastings Gazette, ( April 6, 1878, page 4, column 5 ) and the Holy Rosary Parish Book Committee: Nicholas Friedrich Wilhelm Kranz ( 1841 – 1925 ) along with his brothers Johann Kranz ( 1832 – 1916 ), Mathais Kranz ( 1830 – 1921 ), and Paul Ferdinand Kranz ( 1832 – 1892 ) came from Dakota County on March 1878 looking for a place to settle.
According to two witnesses, the four had conspired to assassinate Nalundasan, with Ferdinand Marcos eventually doing the killing.
According to the terms set at the First Congress of Vienna in 1515, Ferdinand married Anne Jagiellonica, daughter of the King Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary on 22 July 1515.
According to the Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition, " Ferdinand was gifted with great courage and real political ability, but his method of government was vicious and disastrous.
According to a hearing in September 2000 of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, two CCB operatives ( Kobus le Roux and Ferdinand Barnard ) were tasked not to kill Ahtisaari, but to give him " a good hiding ".
According to Nicassio, Sardou may have chosen his name for its similarity to " Sciarpa ", the nickname of Gherardo Curci, a bandit who led irregular troops fighting on behalf of the monarchy in Naples and was made a baron by Ferdinand IV in 1800.
According to the chroniclers, he cemented his hold on power by executing 4, 000 other followers of Infante Alfonso, son of Ferdinand de la Cerda, in Badajoz.
According to her German biographer Ferdinand Janku, the engagement seems to have lasted several years before being broken off by Procter's fiancé.
According to Beethoven's pupil and assistant, Ferdinand Ries, when Napoleon proclaimed himself Emperor of the French in May 1804, Beethoven became disgusted and went to the table where the completed score lay.
According to Alexander Gray, Ferdinand Lassalle " gets the credit of having invented " the phrase the " iron law of wages ", as Lassalle wrote about " das eherne und grausame Gesetz " ( the iron and cruel law ).
According to rumours circulated by the court, there was a plot which intended to lock up the queen consort and bring Prince Joseph Ferdinand to Madrid, to be placed on the throne under the regency of the queen mother and his chief supporters.
According to the Encyclopædia Britannica 2002: " Ferdinand Magellan took up the quest for Spain in 1519.
According to Schumann's diary, Thalberg played from memory etudes by Chopin, Joseph Christoph Kessler and Ferdinand Hiller.
According to the final capitulation agreement both Isabel and Ferdinand will decline the offer and the key to Granada will pass into Spanish hands without Muhammad XII having to kiss the hands of Los Royes, as the Spanish royal couple became known.
According to Denis Diderot's Encyclopédie, the style of Royal Highness was created on the insistence of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, Cardinal-Infante of Spain, a younger son of King Philip III of Spain.
According to Ferdinand de Saussure, the binary opposition is the means by which the units of language have value or meaning ; each unit is defined in reciprocal determination with another term, as in binary code.
According to another source, Vincent labored to have Benedict XIII end the schism, and after an extended period of receiving empty promises, Vincent encouraged King Ferdinand of Castile to withdraw his support from Benedict XIII.
According to Party documents, in the 1960's, a massive leftist unrest called First Quarter Storm occurred in the country to protest against the government policies, graft and corruption and decline of the economy during the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos.
According to Ritter the German government had underrated the state of military readiness in Russia and France, falsely assumed that British foreign policy was more pacific than what it really was, overrated the sense of moral outrage caused by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on European opinion, and above all, overestimated the military power and political common sense of Austria-Hungary.
According to Rakowitz's exhibit text, Ferdinand " caused an international controversy " when it was first published, due to its perceived pacifist tone, and was banned in Spain ( then ruled by Francisco Franco ), and " burned in Nazi Germany.
According to Ferdinand Gregorovius he spent the next twenty-three years in captivity-in Castello di Canosa from 1268 to 1277, and in Castel del Monte from 1277 to 1291.

According and Friedrich
According to Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philologist and philosopher, and Constantine Paparrigopoulos, a major Greek historian, Demosthenes was a student of Isocrates ; according to Cicero, Quintillian and the Roman biographer Hermippus, he was a student of Plato.
According to Friedrich Engels:
According to her autobiography, Ecstasy and Me ( 1966 ), once while running away from Friedrich Mandl, she slipped into a brothel and hid in an empty room.
According to Michael Crick, its politics were influenced by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky and " virtually nobody else ".
According to Friedrich Hayek, equality before the law is incompatible with any activity of the government aiming to achieve the material equality of different people.
According to Ronald Merrill, Kira in the first edition " adopts in the most explicit terms possible the ethical position of Friedrich Nietzsche.
According to laissez-faire economists such as Friedrich von Hayek, massive waves of unemployment, as in economic recessions and depressions, can be traced back to state intervention in the market, which effectively blocks the natural balance in means of production achieved through Say's law.
According to an interrogation report, Aumeier stated that in May – June 1943 while still attached to Auschwitz he was ordered to report to the Higher SS and Police Leader “ Ostland ”, SS-Obergruppenführer Friedrich Jeckeln.
According to film historian Otto Friedrich, it made Mankiewicz " unhappy to hear Welles quoted in Louella Parsons's column, before the question of screen credits was officially settled, as saying, ' So I wrote Citizen Kane.
According to Gotwals ( 1968 ), " Friedrich Noack in his article in the Thieme and Becker Allgemeines Lexicon der bildenden Künstler lexicon of graphic artists ", describes Dies's work as clumsy, mediocre, and prosaic.
Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher, for instance, produced Der christliche Glaube nach den Grundsätzen der evangelischen Kirche ( The Christian Faith According to the Principles of the Protestant Church ) in the 1820s, in which the core idea is the universal presence amongst humanity ( sometimes more hidden, sometimes more explicit ) of a feeling or awareness of ' absolute dependence '; all theological themes are reinterpreted as descriptions or expressions of modifications of this feeling.
According to Friedrich von Adelung, scalping was also practiced by several Slavic tribes in the 10th century.
According to Friedrich Katz, Gottlieb von Jagow was the principal supporter of a failed plan designed to involve the United States and Mexico in a war.
According to journalist Lutz Mükke ( 2005 ) Brok used his influence to ban Hajo Friedrich, who published a critical article concerning Brok's muddy activities, from the political ressort of the " Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ".
According to Friedrich Hayek in The Use of Knowledge in Society, prices can act to coordinate the separate actions of different people as they seek to satisfy their desires.
According to an exchange with a fan, Trevor Friedrich of Imperative Reaction, he was asked to join the band as a drummer with Joe Letz ( of Eighteen Visions and Wednesday 13 ) in October 2008.
According to Adolf Friedrich, at this point the shaman ’ s essence has, in fact, transformed into the bird spirit that crossed the threshold into his body ( Waida, 1983, p. 223 ).
According to editor Karl Ameriks, "... Fichte, Hegel, Schelling, Schiller, Hölderlin, Novalis, and Friedrich Schlegel all developed their thought in reaction to Reinhold's reading of Kant ...." There is a Faustian tendency in Reinhold's assertion that a person can hope for a future reward only because that person is constantly striving to be good.
According to Zdrada on the same day the Prussian general Friedrich August Peter von Colomb ordered Prussian soldiers take the Bazar a hotel which was the center of Polish activities.
According to Maynard Solomon, she " had developed an interest in exaggerating Mozart's generosity, poverty, and lack of recognition, and so, in Nissen's biography, she validated many false reports -- primarily those originating with Friedrich Rochlitz -- bearing on such matters, including those alleging that he was taken advantage of by impresarios, publishers, and fellow musicians.
According to Anton Friedrich Büsching ( 1754 ) Pilo traveled through Germany to Vienna 1734-36 ; this however is contradicted by Thure Wennberg ( 1794 ) who insists that Pilo never traveled out of Scandinavia but instead was a student at the newly established Swedish Drawing Academy in 1735.
According to an anecdote, the inhabitants of Gumbinnen were embarrassed by the name and asked King Friedrich Wilhelm IV for a name change.
According to Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker, however, the rival of Sophocles was a son of Choerilus, who bore the same name.

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