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According and Finnish
According to the suggestion nisa would have had the same meaning as niemi ( meaning peninsula in English ) in an old Finnish form of the name Kesoniemi.
According to Johannes Virolainen, a longtime Agrarian and Centrist politician, some Finnish right-wingers hated and mocked Kekkonen for the decision and cast him as a power-hungry opportunist.
According to Finnish historians and political journalists, there were at least three reasons that Kekkonen clung on to the Presidency.
According to the Finnish museum bureau, Tapiola is a unique phenomenon in the world.
According to Finnish lore, the human body is most beautiful thirty minutes after a sauna.
According to the 2000 census, 44. 7 % of the population still claim Finnish as their primary ancestry.
According to the Finnish historian Martti Turtola, Ryti succeeded in politics in the first few years after the Finnish Civil War because his liberal, democratic, and republican ideals were popular then.
According to Finnish Army regulations, the close-order drill serves four functions:
According to the protocol appended to the Moscow Peace Treaty, the fighting was ended at noon ( Leningrad time ), March 13, and by March 26 the Finnish troops had been completely withdrawn.
According to the Finnish constitution, both Finnish and Swedish are national official languages.
According to terms Finnish men were released from the army while Swedish men were allowed to sail back home.
According to Londen, Ior Svedlin was interviewed by the Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet in 1982 and he was quoted there giving a statement that Londen has found most poignant in yielding a critical perspective on Ior Bock's own biography which he began to present to the public two years thereafter.
According to the Finnish constitution, the President of Finland is the Commander-in-Chief of all Finnish military forces.
According to the polls conducted among Finnish audiences, " Hopeinen kuu ", ( originally " Guarda che luna " by Walter Malgoni and Bruno Pallesi ), recorded in Finnish by Olavi Virta and " Satulinna " ( composed by Jukka Kuoppamäki and sung by Jari Sillanpää ) are the most popular Finnish schlagers of all time.
According to Kalevi Keskinen's and Kari Stenman's book Aerial Victories 1 – 2 ", the Finnish Air Force shot down 1, 621 Soviet aircraft while losing 210 of its own aircraft during the Continuation War.
According to the poem, Henry had grown up in " Cabbage Land " ( Kaalimaa ), which has puzzled Finnish historians for centuries.
According to Finnish child development specialist Eeva Hujala, " Early education is the first and most critical stage of lifelong learning.
According its mission statement, the purpose of the association is to influence the Finnish legislation so that adults could legally use, obtain and cultivate cannabis for personal use.
According to the traditional Finnish mindset, it is preferable to lose control with alcohol or to even use it excessively over long periods of time, than to experiment with cannabis, which is seen both as very dangerous in itself and as a " gateway drug ".

According and sources
According to economist Eduard Aghajanov, Armenia could have repaid them with low-interest loans from other, presumably Western sources, or with some of its hard currency reserves which then totaled about $ 450 million.
According to a controversial tradition reported by several medieval sources, Narses, out of spite for having been removed by Justinian's successor Justin II, called the Lombards to Italy.
According to ancient sources, ( Plutarch Theseus, Pausanias ), Amazon tombs could be found frequently throughout what was once known as the ancient Greek world.
According to sources such as the History of Bede, after the invasion of Britannia, the Angles split up and founded the kingdoms of the Nord Angelnen ( Northumbria ), Ost Angelnen ( East Anglia ), and the Mittlere Angelnen ( Mercia ).
According to some sources, the emir himself was behind Muhammad's fall, as well as Al-Mutarrif's death in 895.
According to some sources, Clinton was in his early years a death penalty opponent who switched positions.
According to some Mahāyāna sources a bodhisattva is someone on the path to full Buddhahood.
According to classical rabbinical sources, Benjamin was only born after Rachel had fasted for a long time, as a religious devotion with the hope of a new child as a reward.
According to contemporaneous sources the Mariner had a history of explosions due to vapour leaks when heavily loaded with fuel, as for a potentially long search and rescue operation.
According to the majority of sources ( see section Current views on Central Europe for some ) the region includes:
According to some sources, Mohéli did return to government control in 1998.
According to the sources, Constans began his reign in an energetic fashion.
According to various sources, Chiang's first personal act of violence occurred around this time, when he either instigated or performed the assassination of a dissident member of the Revolutionary Alliance who opposed both Sun Yat-sen and Chen Qimei.
According to Christian sources, the Jews of Alexandria schemed against the Christians and killed many of them ; Cyril reacted and expelled either all of the Jews, or else only the murderers, from Alexandria, actually exerting a power that belonged to the civil officer, Orestes.
According to sources claiming to have tested the 1 / 3 more yarn assertion, a single crochet stitch ( sc ) uses approximately the same amount of yarn as a knit stitch.
According to some sources, he received the principality of Mellenburg in exchange.
According to earlier sources, Dobrawa urged her husband Mieszko I of Poland to accept baptism in 966, the year after their marriage.
According to both sources, he sent Yamatotakeru to Izumo province and eastern provinces to conquer the area and spread his territory.
According to traditional sources, Yamato Takeru died in the 43rd year of Emperor Keiko's reign ( 景行天皇43年 ).
According to very scanty information from the Imperial archives, including sources such as Rikkokushi, and Nihon Sandai Jitsuroku, Emperor Yōzei murdered one of his retainers, an action that caused massive scandal in the Heian court.
According to some sources, Sarkozy himself asked for Uribe to release FARC's " chancellor " Rodrigo Granda.
:" According to sources in today s Tibetan resistance, the Chinese Communist " fatwā " to silence Patterson has never been rescinded.
According to sources ( excluding land warfare casualties ):
According to some sources, genealogy is one of the most popular topics on the Internet.
:( According to George Hills, there are no primary sources that could explain whether such a demolition was requested or authorized by any Spanish or British authority.

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