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According and Francis
According to a 1549 letters of F. Balthasar Gago in Goa, it was the only book that Francis read or studied.
According to Rao, " St. Francis Xavier made it a point not only to convert the people but also destroy the idols and ancient places of worship.
According to Francis Russell, though additional meetings took place, this particular meeting came to be known as the " smoke filled room ".
According to historian and Herald for Wales, Major Francis Jones, 1908 – 1993, the introduction of the recipe can be attributed to Captain Henry Lewis Edwardes 1788 – 1866.
According to a 1980 review in Nature by Leslie Orgel and Francis Crick, junk DNA has " little specificity and conveys little or no selective advantage to the organism ".
According to Francis Younghusband, who explored the region in the late 1880s, there was only an abandoned fort and not one inhabited house at Shahidulla when he was there-it was just a convenient staging post and a convenient headquarters for the nomadic Kirghiz.
According to Francis Llewellyn Griffith, an attractive hypothesis is to identify the Pharaoh as Taharqa before his succession, and Sethos as his Memphitic priestly title, " supposing that he was then governor of Lower Egypt and high-priest of Ptah, and that in his office of governor he prepared to move on the defensive against a threatened attack by Sennacherib.
According to a story recorded by historian Francis Parkman in The Conspiracy of Pontiac ( 1851 ), a terrible war of retaliation against the Peoria resulted from Pontiac's murder.
However, in 1950, when the United States entered the Korean War, Secretary of Defense George Marshall and Secretary of the Navy Francis P. Matthews requested that the USO be reactivated " to provide support for the men and women of the armed forces with help of the American people " According to war historian Paul Edwards, Between 1952 and 1953, not a day went by without the USO providing services somewhere in Korea.
According to Francis B. Dedmond, " after a stay of well over a century at Fulham and years of effort to ffect its release, the manuscript was returned to Massachusetts " on May 26, 1897.
" According to Larbalestier, Black Francis came up with the idea for the cover as he wrote songs in his father's " topless Spanish bar "; Larbalestier added the crucifix and torn poster, and they " sort of loaded that with all the Catholicism.
According to Francis Barrett, Astaroth is the prince of accusers and inquisitors.
According to Lynch, Francis Bouygues ( then head of CIBY ) was not well liked in France and this only added to the film's demise at the festival.
According to the whole number rule of Francis Aston, Prout's hypothesis is correct for atomic masses of individual isotopes, with an error of at most 1 %.
According to the whole number rule proposed by Francis Aston, the mass of an isotope is roughly, but not exactly, its mass number A = Z + N times an atomic mass unit ( u ), plus or minus binding energy discrepancy – atomic mass unit being the modern approximation for " mass of a proton, neutron, or hydrogen atom ".
According to white nationalist Samuel T. Francis, it is " a movement that rejects equality as an ideal and insists on an enduring core of human nature transmitted by heredity.
According to Francis this suggests that Bem's experiments cannot be taken as a proper scientific study, as critical data is likely unavailable.
According to the deal he had brokered, Francis expected that Charles V would give Milan to one of Francis ' sons as a sign of alliance, but Charles gave the title to his son Philip.
According to the 19th century historian Francis Parkman:
According to the will of the Duke of Bridgewater, the Egerton estates passed on the death of the first Duke of Sutherland to his third son Lord Francis Leveson-Gower, who changed his surname to Egerton by Royal license.
According to Francis Owens, Roman literary records describe a very large number of well-known Roman historical personalities as blond.
According to local folklore, the poet Francis Ledwidge worked there for two days as an apprentice before homesickness for his home town of Slane, County Meath, caused him to leave.
According to a contemporary account by Francis Hare, Chaplain-General of Marlborough's army, the Queen's secured a French-constructed " barrier " to prevent it being used as a route of escape, taking hundreds prisoner in its vicinity.

According and King
According to the Bible, Absalom or Avshalom () was the third son of David, King of Israel with Maachah, daughter of Talmai, King of Geshur.
According to Asser, because of Pope Marinus ’ friendship with King Alfred, the pope granted an exemption to any Anglo-Saxons residing within Rome from tax or tribute.
According to the Bible, Amnon (, " faithful ") was the oldest son of David, King of Israel, with his wife, Ahinoam, who is described as " the Jezreelitess ".
According to Jewish and Christian traditions, authorship is assigned to the Prophet Jeremiah, who was ministering the Word of God during the conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, during which the First Temple was destroyed and King Zedekiah was taken prisoner ( cf.
According to Homer, Circe suggested two alternative routes to Odysseus to return to Ithaca: toward the " Wandering Rocks " where King Aeolus reigned or passing between the dangerous Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis, conventionally identified with the Strait of Messina.
According to tradition, the original flag from the Battle of Lyndanisse was used in the small campaign of 1500 when King Hans tried to conquer Dithmarschen ( in western Holstein in north Germany ).
According to Fuller, the female lead in Bride of the Monster was written for her but Wood gave it to Loretta King instead.
According to the Nihon Shoki, Emperor Kimmei received a bronze statue of Buddha as a gift from the king of Paekche King Song Myong ( 聖明王, Seimei Ō ) along with a significant envoy of artisans, monks, and other artifacts in 552.
According to Wray, Jean Harlow had been RKO's original choice, but because MGM put Harlow under exclusive contract during the pre-production phase of the film, she became unavailable and Wray was approached by director Merian C. Cooper to play the role of Ann Darrow, the blonde captive of King Kong.
According to Jordanes ’ Getica, written in the mid-6th century, the earliest migrating Goths sailed from Scandza ( Scandinavia ) under King Berig in three ships and named the place at which they landed after themselves.
According to tradition, Brian Boru, ' High King ' of Ireland ( d. at the Battle of Clontarf, 1014 CE ) played the harp, as did many of the gentry in the country during the period of the Gaelic Lordship of Ireland ( ended c. 1607 CE with the " Flight of the Earls " following the Elizabethan Wars ).
According to these sources Hengist and Horsa arrived in Britain as mercenaries serving Vortigern, King of the Britons.
According to the Talmud he was of the Davidic line, the royal line of King David, hence the title nasi, meaning prince.
According to a very common legend, Count Andrássy had a long lasting romance with Queen Elisabeth ( Sissy ), wife of Emperor and King Franz-Josef of Austria-Hungary, and fathered their only son, Archduke Rudolf.
According to, while Jeroboam was engaged in offering incense at Bethel, a " man of God " warned him that " a son named Josiah will be born to the house of David " who would destroy the altar ( referring to King Josiah of Judah who would rule approximately three hundred years later ).
According to Polish medieval chronicles, she was sent to Hungary as a bride of the son of King Béla II.
According to the legend, King Abenner or Avenier in India persecuted the Christian Church in his realm, founded by the Apostle Thomas.
According to legend, he called out from the flames that both Pope Clement and King Philip would soon meet him before God.
According to King Arthur, " Those who hear them seldom live to tell the tale!
According to Frankish custom, Louis had expected to share his inheritance with his brothers, Charles the Younger, King of Neustria, and Pepin, King of Italy.
According to later Greek mythology, Leda bore Helen and Polydeuces, children of Zeus, while at the same time bearing Castor and Clytemnestra, children of her husband Tyndareus, the King of Sparta.
According to many versions of the story, Zeus took the form of a swan and raped or seduced Leda on the same night she slept with her husband King Tyndareus.

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