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According and Gardner
According to Gardner's first biographer, Jack Bracelin, Com was very flirtatious and " clearly looked on these trips as mainly manhunts ", viewing Gardner as a nuisance.
According to Gardner, the Surgenesons readily talked about the paranormal with him ; the patriarch of the family, Ted Surgeneson, believed that fairies were living in his garden and would say " I can often feel they're there, and sometimes I've seen them ", though he readily admitted the possibility that it was all in his imagination.
According to Marshall Gardner both the Eskimo and Mongolian peoples had come from the interior of the earth from an entrance located at the North pole.
According to Gardner, this hypothesis posits that light rays travel in circular paths, and slow as they approach the center of the spherical star-filled cavern.
According to Sabina Magliocco, Gerald Gardner says ( in 1959's The Meaning of Witchcraft ) that The Horned God is an Under-god, a mediator between an unknowable supreme deity and the people.
According to recollections by publisher Gardner Cowles, Willkie's visit to China involved an episode where Soong May-ling seduced Willkie and took him to one of her hideaway apartments in Chungking.
According to recollections by newspaper publisher Gardner Cowles, Willkie's visit to China involved a bizarre episode in which Soong May-ling, wife of Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek allegedly seduced Willkie.
According to Martin Gardner, some of the Princeton University students also referred to the game as John ( according to some sources this was because they played the game using the mosaic of the bathroom floor ).
According to art critic James Gardner of the National Review, Viola's conceptual work is forgettable just like most video art.
According to Martin Gardner, at school Diaconis supported himself by playing poker on ships between New York and South America.
According to tradition, Gardner claimed, the book was burned after a person died, so that it would not be discovered that they had been a witch.
According to the study, each of the domains proposed by Gardner involved a blend of g, of cognitive abilities other than g, and, in some cases, of non-cognitive abilities or of personality characteristics.
According to Wilbur Hardee, Gardner and Rawls won a controlling share of the company from him in a game of poker.
According to a 1987 article in the New York Review of Books by Martin Gardner, the " most accurate and best documented biography is Oral Roberts: An American Life, an objective study by David Edwin Harrell Jr., a historian at Auburn University.
According to Martin Gardner, this particular puzzle was invented by a New York City amateur magician, Paul Curry, in 1953.
According to historian Robert G. Gardner of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, these three Holiness Baptist bodies currently have about 50 churches with about 1, 582 members.
According to author David Gardner, who discovered the " Hitler family " in the United States, Adolf Hitler visited the Dowling family in Dublin, presumably in Fenian St. Gardner was unable to find any other living relations willing to admit a direct relation to Adolf Hitler.
According to Bunk Gardner, " Cruising with Ruben & the Jets was an easy album to record.
According to Dr G. Gardner, in his Travels in the Interior of Brazil ( 1846 ), he was murdered in 1837 on the banks of the São Francisco River for charging too high for his medical assistance.
According to sceptical commentators, such as Martin Gardner, Rhine's results have never been duplicated.
According to Gardner this work is " unperformable ", which fact was quickly grasped by Barbirolli ; however, when Barbirolli asked to see other works, Gardner showed him the Symphony.
According to Gardner, PAS is characterized by a cluster of eight symptoms that appear in the child.

According and unlike
According to David Robinson, unlike in more conventional slapstick comedies, the comic moments in Chaplin's films centred on the Tramp's attitude to the things happening to him: the humour did not come from the Tramp bumping into a tree but from his lifting of his hat to the tree in apology.
According to Johann Gottfried Walther, writing in 1732, the reason for the name is that " it sounded from far off not unlike a trumpet ".
According to Tracey R. Rich of the website " Judaism 101 ", Judaism, unlike other world-religions, is not focused on the quest of getting into heaven but on life and how to live it.
According to many accounts of Aggadah, unlike the Bible, it is Satan who is testing Isaac and not God.
According to a International Committee of the Red Cross review of the Biological Weapons Convention, " Toxins are poisonous products of organisms ; unlike biological agents, they are inanimate and not capable of reproducing themselves.
According to most traditions, no blessing is recited at this point in the Seder, unlike the blessing recited over the washing of the hands before eating bread at any other time.
According to Blattberg, a border assumes a significantly sharper contrast between the civilized and the uncivilized since, unlike a frontier process, the civilizing force is not supposed to be shaped by that which it is civilizing.
According to the series bible, Xon was to be a full Vulcan, and unlike Spock, fresh out of the Academy at 22.
" According to Jim Babka, " As Harry explained to me, the book was unlike any other he had ever written.
According to one interpretation, a person's ability to think ( unlike his other psychological abilities ) belongs to some incorporeal organ distinct from his body.
According to critic Gill Gregory, Procter " does not overtly ponder the vexed question of the poet, particularly the woman poet and her accession to fame ", unlike many other women poets of the time, such as Felicia Hemans and Letitia Elizabeth Landon.
According to Kevin C. Johnson, Post-Dispatch Pop Music Critic ," What stood out about Mecca's two-hour, 50-song set was her song choices, full of selections music fans don't necessarily hear every weekend at the clubs ( unlike, say, DJ Solange, who totally pandered to the crowd at the gig at Exo earlier this year ).
According to him, people from the Western pluralistic civilization are more prone to this fallacy because they used to resolve problems by making compromises and accept alternative interpretations, unlike Russians who are looking for the absolute truth.
According to the records of the time, they would appear in numerous guises, often as an animal, but also at times as a human or humanoid figure, and were described as " clearly defined, three-dimensional … forms, vivid with colour and animated with movement and sound " by those alleging to have come into contact with them, unlike later descriptions of ghosts with their " smoky, undefined form ".
According to historian John D. Winters, " Port Hudson, unlike Baton Rouge, was one of the strongest points on the river, and batteries placed upon the bluffs could command the entire river front.
According to an autosomal DNA study ( the autosomal study is about the sum of the ancestors of a person, unlike mtDNA or yDNA haplogroup studies, who cover only one single line ), the " pardos " in Rio de Janeiro were found to be predominantly European, at roughly 70 % ( see table ).
Despite the criticism, The World According to Smith & Jones returned for a second series in 1988, and then, disappeared from the schedules without a repeat ( unlike Series 1, which was repeated in battle against the BBC in late 1987 ).
According to, a professor of crop physiology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, corn requires more nitrogen-based fertilizer because it produces a higher grain per unit area than other crops and, unlike other crops, corn is completely dependent on available nitrogen in soil.
According to lead vocalist Brian Vollmer, there are currently no plans to re-release this rare version which, unlike the B-Sides version, includes a performance by late guitarist Paul Hackman.
According to a BBC program on the group's activities in Indonesia, " unlike many other Islamist movements here, Hizb ut-Tahrir seems less interested in a broad mass following than a smaller more committed core of members, many of them drawn from Indonesia's educated middle classes.
" According to Levy, " Isis " began life as a " slow dirge ", unlike anything he had ever heard before, which he felt gave the appearance of setting the listener up " for a long story ".
According to Flemish newspapers, this sentence was taken out of context, because Leterme was talking about the creation of Flemish statutes ( decrees ): legislation approved by the Flemish parliament, unlike federal legislation, does not need the king's signature in order to become law.
According to Geoffrey, Gorbonianus was unlike many kings in that he loved equity and ruled frugally.
According to book fair founder Max Rodriguez, Book TV was honored for giving a voice to African-American literature in a manner unlike other television media outlets.

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