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According and Gerald
According to Gerald Casale, the album's sound was inspired by reviewers calling them " fascist clowns " in articles.
According to Sabina Magliocco, Gerald Gardner says ( in 1959's The Meaning of Witchcraft ) that The Horned God is an Under-god, a mediator between an unknowable supreme deity and the people.
According to Gerald Donaldson, " some thought title owed more to stealth than skill, an opinion at least partly based on Brabham's low-key presence.
According to James Gerald Crowther,
According to Gerry / Gerald Butters, the former head of Lucent's Optical Networking Group at Bell Labs, there is another version, called Butter's Law of Photonics, a formulation which deliberately parallels Moore's law.
According to Gerald, the king said at the time: " It is neither necessary or expedient for king or archbishop that a man of great honesty or vigour should become Bishop of St. David's, for fear that the Crown and Canterbury should suffer thereby.
According to Gerald Warner, " Austrian Jews were among the strongest supporters of a Habsburg restoration, since they believed the dynasty would give the nation sufficient resolve to stand up to the Third Reich ".
According to Douglas Bailey, a Republican who had helped run Gerald Ford's 1976 presidential campaign, " It's no longer necessary for a political candidate to guess what an audience thinks.
According to Gerald M. Steinberg, Jordan ransacked 57 ancient synagogues, libraries and centers of religious study in the Old City Of Jerusalem, 12 were totally and deliberately destroyed.
According to British historian Gerald Brenan, " Spain needed radical reforms and he could only govern by the permission of the two most reactionary forces in the country — the Army and the Church.
According to Gerald M. Levine, chairman and CEO of Time Warner at the time, the FSN was part of the company ’ s strategy for driving the growth of its copyright businesses:
According to the article, the 8-year-old Gerald " Little Milton " Bostock is something of a literary prodigy who recently received an award for his epic poem (" Thick as a Brick ") from the Society of Literary Advancement and Gestation ( SLAG ).
According to British author, Gerald Reitlinger, the RSHA ' became a typical overblown bureaucracy ...
According to journalist Paul Glastris, " Carter fired Schlesinger in 1979 in part for the same reason Gerald Ford had — he was unbearably arrogant and impatient with lesser minds who disagreed with him, and hence inept at dealing with Congress.
According to John, the majority of English-speaking Little England natives today regard themselves as Welsh, as did Gerald, who was born on the south coast at Manorbier in 1146.
According to Gerald Howat, Jardine's marriage was the probable reason for his giving up playing first-class cricket.
According to Gerald Clarke in his biography, Capote, many of the pieces in the book were written during what was inarguably the author's last burst of productivity in 1979.
According to Gerald Carroll, Roberts was born in New York State on October 27, 1919 and died of lung cancer in San Francisco on July 16, 1976.
According to scholar Gerald Janecek, zaum can be defined as experimental poetic language characterized by indeterminacy in meaning.
According to Gerald these legends were not always discouraged by the Angevins.
According to the medieval chronicler Gerald of Wales, the first of this great family, Richard de Clare, was the eldest son of Gilbert, surnamed Crispin, Count of Brionne, in Normandy.
According to Gerald Casale on the Devo website:
According to Odo, Gerald suffered an illness as a child, sufficient in duration to advance his reading, and may have been disfigured by acne.
According to his own claims, in September 1939, a British occultist named Gerald Gardner was initiated into the coven, and subsequently used its beliefs and practices as a basis from which he formed the tradition of Gardnerian Wicca.

According and Wales
According to the Foundation for Women's Health, Research and Development, 66, 000 women in England and Wales have experienced FGM, with 7, 000 girls at risk.
According to Robert Hughes in The Fatal Shore, the population of England and Wales, which had remained steady at 6 million from 1700 to 1740, rose dramatically after 1740.
According to scholar Alan Dundes, who wrote extensively on the topic, the custom originated among Romani Gypsies in Wales ( Welsh Kale Gypsies ) and England ( English Romanichal Gypsies ).
According to Robert Hughes in The Fatal Shore, the population of England and Wales, which had remained steady at 6 million from 1700 to 1740, rose dramatically after 1740.
According to historian and Herald for Wales, Major Francis Jones, 1908 – 1993, the introduction of the recipe can be attributed to Captain Henry Lewis Edwardes 1788 – 1866.
According to the most recently available figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average income of the Albury area is $ 36K per year, below the $ 42K average for the state of New South Wales.
According to legend, the king had promised the Welsh that he would name " a prince born in Wales, who did not speak a word of English " and then produced his infant son to their surprise ( and presumable chagrin ).
According to the 2001 census, Monmouth had relatively high proportions of its population working in the retail and wholesale sectors of the economy ( 19. 5 %, compared with 16. 3 % for Wales as a whole ), education ( 11. 8 %, compared with 8. 1 % across Wales ), and property services ( 10. 8 %, compared with 8. 5 % across Wales ).
According to the 1911 census, out of a population of just under 2. 5 million, 43. 5 % of the total population of Wales spoke Welsh as a primary language.
According to Caroline's mother, who was British, all German princesses learned English in the hope that they would be chosen to marry George, Prince of Wales, George III's eldest son and heir apparent and Caroline's first cousin.
According to Asser, a monk from St David's, Dyfed, several kingdoms of Wales submitted ( including eventually those ruled by the sons of Rhodri Mawr ) to Alfred.
According to a count after the battle, the bodies of 1, 542 French knights and squires were found in front of where the lines commanded by Prince of Wales, and Sumption assumes another " few hundred " men-at-arms that were cut down in pursuit.
According to Koch, the name Arawn may be derived from the Biblical name Aaron, the name of Moses ’ s brother, and so is ultimately of Hebrew origin and meaning ‘ exalted .’ That the name ‘ Aaron ’ had currency in Wales as early as Roman times is shown by Gildas who wrote that ‘ Aaron and Iulianus were Christian martyrs at Urbs Legionis ( the ‘ city of the legion ,’ probably Caerllion-ar-Wysg ) in the time of the Emperor Diocletian .’ a cleric of the Old Welsh name Araun witnessed two charters of 860 preserved in the book of Llandaf.
According to these texts, Taliesin was the foster-son of Elffin ap Gwyddno, who gave him the name Taliesin, meaning " radiant brow ", and who later became a king in Ceredigion, Wales.
According to his Life of King Alfred, Asser was a monk at St David's in what was then the kingdom of Dyfed, in southwest Wales.
According to the Orkneyinga Saga, Magnus had a reputation for piety and gentleness, and was rejected by the Norwegians, refusing to fight in a Viking raid in Anglesey, Wales, because of his religious convictions, instead staying on board his ships during the Battle of Menai Strait, singing psalms.
* According to an anonymous rhyme, the bridge over the Dee is one of the Seven Wonders of Wales.
According to the UK National Archives, there is no single register of modern entitlements to hold markets and fairs although historical charters up to 1516 are listed in the Gazetter of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales.
According to the British Geological Survey, an earthquake was recorded on 11 September 1275, which was felt in London, Canterbury and Wales, and this quake destroyed the church .< ref >
According to legend, when Vortigern fled into Wales to escape the Anglo-Saxon invaders, he chose this lofty hillfort as the site for his royal retreat.
According to government officials, the virus was brought into the estate by an infected kidney patient ( type of kidney illness has not been specified ) who after he was discharged from Prince of Wales Hospital, visited and thus infected his elder brother living in a flat on the seventh floor.
According to the 2001 Census, Chepstow had relatively high proportions of its population working in the retail and wholesale sectors of the economy ( 19. 6 %, compared with 16. 3 % for Wales as a whole ), property services ( 11. 3 %, compared with 8. 5 % across Wales ), and transport and communications ( 9. 4 % compared with 5. 5 % across Wales ).

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