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According and German
According to Olga Ivinskaya, he repeatedly helped to dispose of German bombs which fell on it.
According to some researchers, despite the significant differences between the writing systems, Italian, German and English populations suffer similarly from dyslexia.
According to old German literature, dragoons were invented by Count Ernst von Mansfeld, one of the greatest German military commanders, in the early 1620s.
According to German and Danish folklore, the Erlkönig appears as an omen of death, much like the banshee in Irish mythology.
According to Plenge, the " ideas of 1789 " that included rights of man, democracy, individualism and liberalism were being rejected in favour of " the ideas of 1914 " that included " German values " of duty, discipline, law, and order.
According to Lang, propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels called Lang to his offices to inform him that The Testament of Dr Mabuse was being banned but that he was nevertheless so impressed by Lang's abilities as a filmmaker ( especially Metropolis ), he was offering Lang a position as the head of German film studio UFA.
According to Wilhelm Raabe, " down into the eighteenth century no German guild accepted a Wend.
According to Eutropius and Aurelius Victor, he was particularly energetic and successful in keeping off the Germanic invaders from the German provinces and Gaul, after the weakness caused by Valerian's march on Italy against Aemilianus in 253.
According to German historian Jürgen Kocka ( 2010 ):
According to Lee ( 1985 ), most historians have judged the Confederation to be weak and ineffective, as well as an obstacle to German nationalist aspirations.
According to German historian Jürgen Kocka ( 2010 ):
According to German government estimates, " 65, 000 people died in those Soviet-run camps or in transportation to them.
According to files declassified by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mrs. Simpson was believed to be a regular guest at Ribbentrop's social gatherings at the German Embassy in London where it was thought the two struck up a romantic relationship.
According to his classmate Klepetař, like most residents of the predominantly German Sudetenlaender, " Gödel considered himself always Austrian and an exile in Czechoslovakia " (" ein Österreicher im Exil in der Tschechoslowakei ").
According to her memoir, Riefenstahl tried to intervene but a furious German soldier held her at gunpoint and threatened to shoot her on the spot.
According to a study in August 2007 by GfK, 61 % of German households have a Payback card.
After 1871 Masurians who expressed sympathy for Poland were deemed " national traitors " by German nationalists ( this increased especially after 1918 ) According to Stefan Berger after 1871 the Masurians in the German Empire were seen in a view that while acknowledging their " objective " Polishness ( in terms of culture and language ) they felt " subjectively " German and thus should be tightly integrated into German nation-state ; to Berger this argument went directly against the German nationalist demands in Alsace where Alsatians were declared German despite their " subjective " choice.
According to the Rybno administration most active Poles during that region included Jóżwiakowscy, Wojnowscy, Grzeszczowscy families working under the guidance of politician Leon Wojnowski who protested German attempts to remain Działdowo a part of Germany after the war ; other local pro-Polish activists were Alfred Wellenger, Paczyński, Tadeusz Bogdański, Jóźwiakowski.
The historian Andreas Kossert describes that the incorporation happened despite protests of the local populace, the municipal authorities and the German Government, According to Kossert 6, 000 inhabitants of the region soon left the area.

According and philologist
According to English philologist Walter William Skeat ( 1835-1912 ), the origin is to be found in the name for a cask or liquid measure appearing in various forms in several Teutonic languages, in Dutch oxhooft ( modern okshoofd ), Danish oxehoved, Old Swedish oxhufvod, etc.
According to Joseph Anglade, a philologist and specialist of medieval literature who helped impose the then archaic term Occitan as the sole correct name, the word Lemosin was first used to designate the language at the beginning of the 13th century by Catalan troubadour Raimon Vidal de Besalú in his Razós de trobar
According to the philologist Max Müller, the root of the English word " religion ", the Latin religio, was originally used to mean only " reverence for God or the gods, careful pondering of divine things, piety " ( which Cicero further derived to mean " diligence ").
According to Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philologist and philosopher, and Constantine Paparrigopoulos, a major Greek historian, Demosthenes was a student of Isocrates ; according to Cicero, Quintillian and the Roman biographer Hermippus, he was a student of Plato.
According to the philologist Irmeli Valtonen, the Ohthere " text does not give us a clear picture where the Cwenas are to be located though it seems a reasonable conclusion that they lived or stayed somewhere in northern Sweden or northern Finland ".
According to philologist J. A. W.
According to the philologist and lawyer Cecilio A. Róbelo, it means " in where gives the scabies "; according to the Dr. " Don " Antonio Peñafiel, the word is made up of two elements: tzacual-ayotl, where tzacual ( vessel ) is one formed by a half coconut and " ayotl ," which translates to " turtle "; hence ( vessel turtle ) or vessel that has the aspect of a turtle.

According and Maximilian
According to Giovanni Michieli, the Venetian ambassador, Philip may have planned to marry Elizabeth in the event of Mary's death in childbirth, but in a letter to his brother-in-law, Maximilian of Austria, Philip expressed uncertainty as to whether his wife was pregnant.
According to St. Maximilian, They placed the black standard of the " Giordano Brunisti " under the windows of the Vatican.
According to Maximilian Hartmuth an academician at Sabanci University, " the church was turned into a museum rather than re-opened as a place of worship following the restoration was, for example, claimed to be a wedge separating the monument from Turkey ’ s Armenian community.
According to the legend, she was briefly a mistress of Maximilian Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria.

According and 1863
According to the historian John D. Winters in his The Civil War in Louisiana ( 1863 ), Concordia, " a planter-dominated parish, displayed unusual Confederate patriotism in early March.
According to the historian John D. Winters in The Civil War in Louisiana ( 1863 ), the Union " burned a railroad depot, a warehouse containing several hundred hides, a small supply of corn, a machine shop, a locomotive, a crude woolen mill, a cartridge factory, a supply of ammunition, and several barrels of Louisiana rum.
According to Romig's Michigan Place Names, the community was first settled by lumbermen in about 1863 and was first known as Grand Forks, after the confluence of the Tobacco and Cedar rivers.
According to the Ogemaw County Genealogical and Historical Society, West Branch was previously known as Logan's Mills in 1863.
According to his own words, his only failure was on the west ridge of the Dent d ' Hérens in 1863.
According to the 1853 Act of Succession, the throne passed to those descended from duke, now King Christian IX of Denmark ( having ascended the throne in 1863 ) who was the grandfather of King Christian X.
According to the writings of H. M. King Rama IV in 1863, the originally Brahmanical festival was adapted by Buddhists in Thailand as a ceremony to honour the original Buddha, Siddhartha Guatama.
According to Grace's Guide, G R Turner was established in 1863 ; it became a Limited Company in 1902, and was registered on 29 January 1903 as acquiring T N Turner's business of " engineer, wheel and wagon maker "; in 1914 it was described as " Colliery Engineers " as well as making rolling stock, with 800 engineers.
( According to Continental Magazine, April 1863, the unit refused to attack a group of rebels.
According to Joseph Barnett, the man she had most recently lived with, Kelly had told him she was born in Limerick, Ireland — although whether it was the county or the city is not known — around 1863, and her family moved to Wales when she was young.
According to Pevsner, it has a Norman west tower, with the main body 1825 ( chancel 1863 ).
According to a view expressed for the first time in 1863 AD, and then adopted in the following years, this word was taken metaphorically from a cloth woven with linen and cotton and which had two different sides corresponding thus to the two aspects of their faith.
According to the January 23, 1863 Humboldt Times account they were being escorted to the Round Valley Reservation:
According to the Biographical data on Kozma Prutkov, Prutkov was born on April 11, 1803 and died on January 13, 1863.
According to Sakir Sevket, in 1863 the Muslim preacher Seyh Haci Hakkı Efendi claimed that he was charged by God and had a place built near Ahi Evren Dede ’ s grave.
According to CW Alcock, Sheffield provided the first evidence of the modern passing style In October 1863, Sheffield declared that it would only play 11 a side matches.

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