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According and Gildas
According to the Life of Saint Gildas, written in the early 12th century by Caradoc of Llancarfan, Arthur is said to have killed Gildas ' brother Hueil and to have rescued his wife Gwenhwyfar from Glastonbury.
According to Gildas, the consequences of Badon had been to halt Anglo-Saxon expansion up to the time of his writing, but the battle and its aftermath had not restored the Britons to their earlier prominence.
According to Geoffrey Ashe, Gildas may have been referring to Aurelius ' first victories as occurring near the time of his birth, which Ashe suggests was around 473, while Mons Badonicus may have occurred much later.
According to hagiographies written some centuries later, Illtud and his pupils David, Gildas, Paul Aurelian, Samson and Deiniol from the next generation, were leading figures in sixth-century Britain.
According to the dates in the Annales Cambriae, Gildas would have been a contemporary of King Arthur.
According to Koch, the name Arawn may be derived from the Biblical name Aaron, the name of Moses ’ s brother, and so is ultimately of Hebrew origin and meaning ‘ exalted .’ That the name ‘ Aaron ’ had currency in Wales as early as Roman times is shown by Gildas who wrote that ‘ Aaron and Iulianus were Christian martyrs at Urbs Legionis ( the ‘ city of the legion ,’ probably Caerllion-ar-Wysg ) in the time of the Emperor Diocletian .’ a cleric of the Old Welsh name Araun witnessed two charters of 860 preserved in the book of Llandaf.
According to Gildas, apparently, a small group came at first and was settled " on the eastern side of the island, by the invitation of the unlucky usurper ".
According to Gildas, followed by Bede, Roman Caerleon was the site of two early Christian martyrdoms, those of Julius and Aaron.
According to early historians such as the Venerable Bede and Gildas, whose writings were later brought together in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, in 449 Angles, Saxons and Jutes were invited to Britain by King Vortigern as mercenaries to help defend Britain against Picts and Scots.
According to legend in the 6th century Saint Gildas lived on Steep Holm visiting his friend Saint Cadoc, who lived on Flat Holm as a hermit.
According to Gildas Aurelianus was stayed calm despite the fact that his parents had been killed in the attacks and became leader of the remaining British, organised them, and led them in their first victory against the Saxons, although subsequent battles went both ways.
According to Gildas, the message was addressed to the general Flavius Aetius and requested his aid in defending formerly Roman Britain from the Picts and Scots.
According to Gildas and various later medieval sources, the failure of the Roman armies to secure the Britain led the Britons to invite Anglo-Saxon mercenaries to the island, precipitating the Anglo-Saxon invasion.
According to Gildas, " The Romans, however, could not assist them ", and the Britons were left to their own devices.
According to Gildas, Cadwallon's son, Maelgwn Gwynedd, murdered his uncle to ascend to the throne, which suggests that someone other than Cadwallon himself inherited the kingdom upon Einion's death.
According to Gildas, initial vigorous British resistance was led by a man called Ambrosius Aurelianus, from which time victory fluctuated between the two nations.

According and Ambrosius
According to Nennius, Ambrosius was discovered when the British king Vortigern was trying to erect a tower.
According to the Grail cycle, it was Uther's older brother ( elsewhere called Ambrosius Aurelianus ) who saw the comet and received the name " Pendragon ", Uther taking his epithet after his death.
According to the RKD, his pupils were Joos de Beer ( later teacher of Abraham Bloemaert ), George Boba, Hendrick van den Broeck, Marten van Cleve, Ambrosius Francken, Frans Francken I, Frans Menton ( known for schutterstukken in Alkmaar ), and Isaac Claesz van Swanenburg.
According to John Morris's textual analysis of the Historia, this tale derived from a north Welsh narrative which was mainly about Emrys ( Ambrosius Aurelianus ), which the compiler of the Historia incorporated into a framework drawn from a Kentish chronicle, together with details from a Life of Saint Germanus.

According and organised
According to the final page of the 2007 Propædia, the staff are organised into ten departments:
According to the Treaty of Versailles after World War I the Upper Silesia plebiscite was organised by the League of Nations.
According to records of the Führer Conferences on Naval Affairs, 4, 980 of these were executed, resulting in the destruction of the organised resistance movement in Germany for the remainder of World War II.
According to Coleman and Simmons, p 32 the content of the encyclopedia was organised as follows:
According to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association ( ISDA ), who organised them, auctions have recently proved an effective way of settling the very large volume of outstanding CDS contracts written on companies such as Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual.
According to Polish sources ( published in 1969 ) The area remained the main centre of activity by Polish minority in the region and in 1923 Związek Polaków na obszar Kaszubski was founded in the city In 1928 Jan Bauer, a Polish teacher organised Polish language lessons, and reinvigorated the Polish movement in the city, which resulted in repressions by German state, and his eventual conviction and exile from Germany in 1932, founding himself at the outbreak of Second World War in Berlin he was arrested and murdered by Germans in 1940.
According to Home Office figures organised crime costs the UK around £ 20 billion each year, with some estimates putting the figure as high as £ 40 billion.
According to the Treaty of Trianon in 1920, Felsőőr was annexed by Austria, but the Hungarian population opposed the decision and organised a movement to establish the autonomous province of Lajtabánság.
According to the Institute of National Remembrance, at the beginning of 1942 Salomon Morel and his brother Izaak organised a criminal band to commit robberies in the surrounding villages.
According to Suetonius ( Domitian, IV, 6-7 ), Domitian organised a naumachia inside the Colosseum, undoubtedly circa 85 CE, and another one in the year 89 CE in a new basin dug beyond the Tiber ; with the stone removed serving to repair the Circus Maximus, which had burnt on two sides.
According to the ABC, " When Graham Richardson resigned from the Ministry over the Marshall Islands affair before the 1993 election, left-wing power-broker Anthony Albanese organised for Jeannette McHugh to replace him in the Ministry.
According to German statistics Poles constituted 72 % of population in 1825 and 62 % in 1861 ; Gerard Labuda gives the number of 1500 Poles and 590 Germans living in the city in 1825 During the January Uprising in Russian Empire, Barczewo was the local centre of supplying medicine, food and even firearms to Polish rebels, with the Polish society in the city becoming active in war effort and led by August Sokołowski In 1885 a mass rally was organised by Poles, demanding among others that Polish children should be allowed to use their language in education
According to the Al-Ahram, the conference was organised by Alkarama ( Dignity ), Al-Ishtirakyin Al-Sawryin ( Socialist Revolutionary Party ), Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimin ( Muslim Brotherhood ) and Al -' Amal ( Labour ), and was held at the Egyptian Press Syndicate, with close to 600 participants and observers from around the world, including a delegation of 80 South Koreans and 20 Canadians.
According to Brian de Garis ( Stannage, p. 348 ), Leake and his supporters set about " the best organised campaigning the state had ever witnessed " for the by-elections, and three of the ministers — Frank Wilson, Matthew Moss and Frederick Moorhead were defeated.
According to local historian Les Wright, in July 1866 Fox organised a prospecting voyage to what was later named Fox River but didn't find gold there.
According to one of its organisers " Our aim was to announce ourselves and let Birmingham know gay people were here: ‘ Here we are and here we ’ ll stay ’" Two or three further such events were organised by Birmingham Gay Liberation Front until the organisation declined in the mid 1970s.
According to the legend, the conspirators organised their meetings in a secluded small balcony room in the Rákóczi castle at Sárospatak.
According to the Laws of the Game, " up to a maximum of six substitutes may be used in any match played in an official competition organised under the auspices of FIFA, the confederations or the member associations.
According to a telephone poll conducted by Taiwan's top-selling Apple Daily newspaper on 7 November 2008 on the subject of a series of anti-Chen protests organised by the DPP, 62. 12 % of the respondents considered it bad for DPP's image, describing it as a " violent party ", 31. 13 % of the respondents considered it good for the DPP's image, as it demonstrated Taiwan's democracy, while 6. 75 % of the respondents did not express an opinion.
According to McDougall a Judy Hill Memorial Fund was organised and contributions was made from around the world.

According and survivors
According to the Aeneid, the survivors from the fallen city of Troy banded together under Aeneas, underwent a series of adventures around the Mediterranean Sea, including a stop at newly founded Carthage under the rule of Queen Dido, and eventually reached the Italian coast.
According to a report prepared by Illinois State University, on the Fox River and Des Plaines River watershed, " The rusty crayfish ( used as bait ) has been dumped into the water and its survivors outcompete the native clearwater crayfish ".
According to the Gylfaginning section of the Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson, Bergelmir and his wife alone among the giants were the only survivors of the enormous deluge of blood which flowed from Ymir's wounds when he was killed by Odin and his brothers Vili and Ve.
According to the 1379 Poll tax records, the nearby town of Boulton had no survivors worth taxing.
" According to the survivors that he interviewed, " a small group of men dressed all in black and wearing gloves and balaclavas ... co-ordinated the attack on the village and the subsequent executions.
According to the accounts of some survivors, Filipović continued to act as a chaplain while commanding the camp and sometimes wore his Franciscan robes while carrying out his crimes.
According to his analysis of thousands of captured Iraqi secret police documents and declassified U. S. government documents, as well as interviews with scores of Kurdish survivors, senior Iraqi defectors and retired U. S. intelligence officers, it is clear that Iraq carried out the attack on Halabja, and that the United States, fully aware of this, accused Iran, Iraq's enemy in a fierce war, of being partly responsible for the attack.
According to the 4th century writer Eumenius " the ships reached London, found survivors of the barbarian mercenaries plundering the city, and when these began to seek flight, landed and slew them in the street ".
According to a 2012 Economist article, a group of ten anonymous Tzotzil people claiming to be survivors of the Acteal Massacre have taken an opportunity to sue former President Zedillo in a civil court in Connecticut, " seeking about $ 50 million and a declaration of guilt against Mr Zedillo.
" According to MindFreedom International, an association of survivors of psychiatric treatment opposed to involuntary treatment, NAMI severed its relationship with TAC because of pressure from groups opposed to Torrey both from within NAMI and outside NAMI.
According to the Claims Conference, more than 278, 000 Jewish Holocaust survivors received lifetime pensions under the German Federal Indemnification Laws.
According to Nafez Nazzal, who interviewed survivors in Ain al-Hilweh camp in 1973, witnesses spoke of four rapes and the murder of about 70 men.
According to one of the Jewish survivors of Šiauliai, Nesse Godin, some 700 people were shot in nearby woods during the first weeks of occupation after having been forced to dig their own graves.
According to some reports, survivors could hear different languages mixed in the prayers of the chaplains, including Jewish prayers in Hebrew and Catholic prayers in Latin.
According to the survivors ' eyewitness testimony, the gang was composed of three recurring gangleaders, assisted by a larger group of changing people.
According to the historian Joseph J. Ellis, the concept of the Founding Fathers of the U. S. emerged in the 1820s as the last survivors died out.
According to critic Jonathan Miles, the raft carried the survivors " to the frontiers of human experience.
According to international law, survivors of a shipwreck are to be taken to the closest suitable port for medical treatment.
According to Korean Official history record, " Kojong-silrok " ( Vol. 3 ), there were two survivors ( Robert Thomas and Cho Neung-bong ) who had dived into the river from the prow of ship but they were beaten to death.
According to the few remaining survivors, Dubnow repeated to ghetto inhabitants: " Yidn, shraybt un farshraybt "' ( Yiddish: " Jews, write and record ").
According to the survivors and other witnesses, many hostages were seriously wounded and could not possibly escape by themselves, while others were kept by the militants as human shields and moved through the building.
According to the book, four survivors of the 11-month trek reached British India around March 1942 and stumbled upon a Gurkha patrol.
According to extensive statistical records kept by Herman Kruk at the Vilna ghetto library, this book was the most popular among ghetto readership, as is recounted in memoirs by survivors who worked at the library.
According to survivors, the vessel received no warning of the developing typhoon.

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