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According and Craig
According to Craig A. Evans " The Cynic hypothesis will in time assuredly be consigned to the dustbin of ill-conceived hypotheses, but it will be useful nonetheless to appeal to it as our point of departure.
" According to Grove's successor at Intel, Craig Barrett, " It's give and take, and anyone in the company can yell at him.
According to communication theorist Robert T. Craig in his essay ' Communication Theory as a Field ' ( 1999 ), " despite the ancient roots and growing profusion of theories about communication ," there is not a field of study that can be identified as ' communication theory '.
According to Craig Miller, the GeoNet Volcano Network Coordinator, the environment around the volcano has been relatively benign, even to the point that vegetation has been regrowing since the last eruptions in 2000, which may explain why the toy is still in good condition.
According to Craig Etcheson, an authority on Democratic Kampuchea, members of the revolutionary army lived in self-contained colonies, and they had a " distinctive warrior-caste ethos.
According to Craig Melchert, the current tendency is to suppose that Proto-Indo-European evolved, and that the " prehistoric speakers " of Anatolian became isolated " from the rest of the PIE speech community, so as not to share in some common innovations.
According to author Craig Werner, as quoted in the British newspaper The Independent, the " anti-disco movement represented an unholy alliance of funkateers and feminists, progressives and puritans, rockers and reactionaries.
According to a Craig Silverman article in the Columbia Journalism Review, " It ’ s the kind of quote that makes readers sit up and pay attention ," but " Yaalon never uttered those words.
According to Helen Craig McCullough, she references the unique disposition of Minamoto choosing his chief warrior.
According to the Princeton Review, Craig School ( MBA ) is a top-45 business school nationwide, based on annual rankings.
According to Craig Unger, " With Ronald Reagan newly installed in the White House, the so-called Bulgarian Connection made perfect Cold War propaganda.
According to the DJ and producer Carl Craig, the term " progressive " was used in Detroit in the early 80s in reference to Italo Disco.
According to an article about Craig, " Of this group, Craig was often recognised as being the most artful and the most willing to engage the rapidly growing shape of techno outside Detroit.
" According to Craig: " I used to think the reason they hired me was because they knew I could ride my own motorcycle ...
" According to Craig: " I used to think the reason they hired me was because they knew I could ride my own motorcycle ...
A telegram in August 1915 from Edward Gordon Craig inviting him to Florence to discuss a possible staging of Johann Sebastian Bach's The Passion According to Saint Matthew was greeted with enthusiasm.
According to Father Gerard Patterson, Karen later took a position at Our Lady of Dolours School for Ridiculously Slow Learners, in South Sydney, while her brother Craig was employed for the Australian Wheat Board, where, in 2008, his work had “ recently attracted unfair publicity ”.
According to Craig, the Kalām cosmological argument is predicated upon the A-Theory of time, though the B-Theory is obviously amenable to the argument, since there is no logical emergence of properties in the space-time object posited by B-Theory that would cause the Kalām cosmological argument to fail ( though the argument may fail due to objections common to both the A and B theories of time ).
According to Vice President in Charge of Franchise Development, Gary Rudsinski, “ If it hadn ’ t been Craig ’ s sister, we wouldn ’ t have gone into Texas like we did .” This quote belies the current franchising strategy of contiguous growth at a pace of about 40 new stores per year as is evidenced by the concentrically expanding swath of ‘ blue states ’.
According to the book Representing: Hip hop culture and the production of black cinema by S. Craig Watkins:
According to the historical information on the official Boomwhackers ' site, American Craig Ramsell first came up for the idea for his boomwhackers in 1994 while cutting cardboard tubes into shorter lengths for recycling.
According to Stone, one of his earliest duties was acting as a bodyguard to Vanguard Unionist Progressive Party leader Bill Craig.

According and 2005
According to the Central Bank of Armenia, in 2005, cash remittances from Armenians working abroad reached a record-high level of $ 1 billion, which is worth more than one fifth of the country ’ s 2005 Gross Domestic Product.
According to research commissioned by the Yerevan office of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe ( OSCE ), at least one in three working-age Armenians was unemployed as of February 2005 despite several consecutive years of double-digit economic growth.
According to Strmiska and Sigurvinsson ( 2005 ), American Asatruar tend to prefer a more devotional form of worship and a more emotional conception of the Nordic gods than Scandinavian practitioner, reflecting the parallel tendency of highly emotional forms of Christianity prevalent in the United States.
According to Gelder, Mayou &* Geddes ( 2005 ) people with a depressive illness will experience a therapeutic effect to their mood ; however, this will not be experienced in healthy individuals.
According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research ( CEPR ), the period from 1980 – 2005 has seen diminished progress in terms of economic growth, life expectancy, infant and child mortality, and to a lesser extent education.
According to estimates of the Word Religion Database 2005 the share of Muslims is 1. 2 %.
According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service USDA report, " All sheep and lamb inventory in the United States on July 1, 2005, totaled 7. 80 million head, 2 % above July 1, 2004.
According to BIS, the combined turnover in the world's derivatives exchanges totaled USD 344 trillion during Q4 2005.
According to one estimate made in 2005, 99. 82 % of all deceased Japanese are cremated.
According to a 2005 report issued by the university, enrollment is expected to reach 35, 000 students by 2011 with more than 7, 000 resident students.
According to the U. S. National Transportation Safety Board, in 2005 general aviation in the United States ( excluding charter ) suffered 1. 31 fatal accidents for every 100, 000 hours of flying in that country, compared to 0. 016 for scheduled airline flights.
According to Fisher in the 2005 biography Grievous Angel: An Intimate Biography of Gram Parsons, the amount of morphine consumed by Parsons would be lethal to three regular users and thus he had likely overestimated his tolerance considering his experience with opiates.
According to a 2005 poll, most of Finns at that point were reluctant to join NATO.
According to the WMUR / Granite State Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire, just three months after taking office in January of 2005, Lynch's approval rating surpassed 50 % and has stayed upwards of 55 % throughout his tenure.
Demographics of Mauritania, Data of FAO, year 2005 ; Number of inhabitants in thousands. According to the 2010 revison of the World Population Prospects the total population was 3 460 000 in 2010, compared to only 657 000 in 1950.
According to the management guru Peter Drucker ( 1909 – 2005 ), the basic task of a management is twofold: marketing and innovation.
According to Myricom, 141 ( 28. 2 %) of the June 2005 TOP500 supercomputers used Myrinet technology.
According to Mark Potok, director of Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, his organization tracked another 60 domestic smaller-scale terrorism plots from 1995 to 2005.
According to OHCHR, the Oromia Support Group ( OSG ) recorded 594 extra-judicial killings of Oromos by Ethiopian government security forces and 43 disappearances in custody between 2005 and August 2008.
According to the data of the China Bicycle Association, a government-chartered industry group, in 2004 China's manufacturers sold 7. 5 million electric bicycles nationwide, which was almost twice 2003 sales ; domestic sales reached 10 million in 2005, and 16 to 18 million in 2006.
According to Encyclopædia Britannica estimates ( as of 2005 ), adherents of Chinese folk religion account for some 6. 3 % of world population, and adherents of tribal religions (" ethnoreligionists ") for another 4. 0 %.
According to a December 2005, report by the President's Task Force on Puerto Rico's Status, it is not possible " to bind future ( U. S .) Congresses to any particular arrangement for Puerto Rico as a Commonwealth ".

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