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According and Grove
In his book " The Meaning of Trees: botany, history, healing, lore " Fred Hageneder writes on page 149, " According to Breton legend, the legendary wise man Merlin climbed the Pine of Barenton ( from bel nemeton, " Sacred Grove of Bel "), just as shamans climb the World Tree.
According to Grove Music Online, " Western-derived pop styles, whether coexisting with or marginalizing distinctively local genres, have spread throughout the world and have come to constitute stylistic common denominators in global commercial music cultures ".
According to the Redwood Gazette, the newspaper in the nearby town of Redwood Falls, Walnut Grove gained more than 250 new residents between 2001 and 2006.
According to the United States Census Bureau, Linden Grove Township has a total area of, all of it land.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, the name Forest Grove was selected on January 10, 1851, at a meeting of the trustees of Tualatin Academy ( later known as Pacific University ).
According to the biography by Oberholtzer ( who Cooke and his family assisted ), Jay Cooke visited Pine Grove Furnace repeatedly.
According to the United States Census Bureau, Walnut Grove had a total area of, all of it land.
According to one account, " Haydn, on his visit to London in 1791, folksong arrangements, including The Ash Grove, set to words by Mrs Hunter.
According to Grove, " Business success contains the seeds of its own destruction ," explaining that " Success breeds complacency.
" According to Industry Week magazine, Grove feared that the " brilliance that sparked the creation of Intel " during its early years, " might come to nothing if somebody didn't pay attention to details.
According to The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, " the terms " bağlama " and " saz " are used somewhat interchangeably in Turkey.
According to the Eastern Han scholar Zheng Xuan, the latest material in the Shijing was the song " Tree-stump Grove " ( 株林 ) in the " Odes of Chen ", dated to the middle of the Spring and Autumn Period ( c. 700 BC ).
According to the Grove Dictionary of Music this version premiered in Moscow in 1968, presumably in Georgiy Kirkor's edition.
( According to the 1954 Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, the opera grew from an 1844 ballet-pantomime, " Lady Henriette ," for which Flotow wrote the music to Act One.
According to Grove, Arriaga's death " before he was 20 was a sad loss to Basque music.
According to legend, the gay population began to concentrate in Cherry Grove at Duffy's Hotel with Christopher Isherwood and W. H. Auden dressed as Dionysus and Ganymede and carried aloft on a gilded litter by a group of singing followers.
According to the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, " Recordings capture the brilliance of conducting.
The American Grove, or an Alphabetical Catalogue of Forest Trees and Shrubs, Natives of the American United States, Arranged According to the Linnaean System …, Joseph Cruikshank: Philadelphia.
According to the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, although " an almost indispensable element of burlesque was the display of attractive women dressed in tights, often in travesty roles ... the plays themselves did not normally tend to indecency.
According to the club's records, it has played at The Grove since its formation in 1873.
According to New Grove, " from 1769 onwards she was no longer permitted to show her artistic talent on travels with her brother, as she had reached a marriageable age.
According to New Grove, Wolfgang " remained closely attached to her.
According to the New Grove, the Theater an der Wien was " the most lavishly equipped and one of the largest theatres of its age ".
According to Paul Warde,the increasingly sophisticated history of colonization and migration can take on an environmental aspect, tracing the pathways of ideas and species around the globe and indeed is bringing about an increased use of such analogies and ‘ colonial ’ understandings of processes within European history .” The importance of the colonial enterprise in Africa, the Caribbean and Indian Ocean has been detailed by Richard Grove.

According and Music
According to the European Music Office's report on Music in Europe, this was the first of many pop acts that helped inspire a backlash and the creation of an underground hip hop scene.
According to Handel's first biographer, John Mainwaring, he " had discovered such a strong propensity to Music, that his father who always intended him for the study of the Civil Law, had reason to be alarmed.
Ashcroft has penned and sung a number of other songs and created compilation tapes, including In the Spirit of Life and Liberty and Gospel ( Music ) According to John.
According to Guinness World Records 2009, Led Zeppelin hold the world record for the " Highest Demand for Tickets for One Music Concert " as 20 million requests for the reunion show were rendered online.
According to the book The History of Rap Music by Cookie Lommel, " Stephney thought it was time to mesh the hard-hitting style of Run DMC with politics that addressed black youth.
According to Motion Picture Daily, " opening day business at the Music Hall was close to capacity.
According to an article: " To celebrate the release of Distortion, Merritt and The Magnetic Fields played mini-residencies in cities around the country, culminating with six shows at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music.
According to Jay R. Howard and John M. Streck, by 1981 Stonehill ( like many other Contemporary Christian Music artists ) had transitioned from an evangelistic focus to one of " encouragement, exhortation, and Christian accountability ".
According to the orchestra's website: " Among ongoing projects are the BBC SO Family Music Intro scheme, introducing families to live classical music, BBC SO Student Zone and the highly successful BBC SO Family Orchestra, alongside work in local schools.
According to Apter, Bowie also paved the way for Smith's love of Glam rock bands such as Slade, Sweet and T. Rex, and during the same period, Robert also became a fan of Roxy Music.
* Riccardo Scivales ( 1998 ) The Right Hand According to Tatum, Ekay Music, Inc. ISBN 0-943748-85-2
According to Cliff White, " Recording again in the south, Memphis and Music Shoals, he did a superb job on several well known perennials, including " That Lucky Old Sun ", " What Am I Living For ", and " Please Send Me Someone to Love.
According to Lewis Porter in John Coltrane: His Life and Music ( 1999 ), " Margie " was also a " specialty " of John Coltrane.
According to Nathaniel Shilkret, director of Light Music for Victor at the time, Autry asked to speak to Shilkret when Autry found that he had been turned down.
According to Dunn, " Music was as natural as breathing in our house.
According to Antheil's autobiography The Bad Boy of Music ( 1945 ), he was " so crazy about music ", that his mother sent him to the countryside where no pianos were available.
According to Sony Music Entertainment, Dion has sold over 200 million albums worldwide.
According to the official World Music Awards website, the award is rare ; it is " not presented every year " and an artist can only be presented with the award for selling " over 100 million albums during their career.
According to Kevin C. Johnson, Post-Dispatch Pop Music Critic ," What stood out about Mecca's two-hour, 50-song set was her song choices, full of selections music fans don't necessarily hear every weekend at the clubs ( unlike, say, DJ Solange, who totally pandered to the crowd at the gig at Exo earlier this year ).
According to Hayao Miyazaki, " Music and study are his hobbies ".
According to the American Music Therapy Association Standards of Clinical Practice assessments should include the “ general categories of psychological, cognitive, communicative, social, and physiological functioning focusing on the client ’ s needs and strengths … and will also determine the client ’ s response to music, music skills, and musical preferences ” The result of the assessment is used to create an individualized music therapy intervention plan.

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