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According and Harper's
According to Harper's New Monthly Magazine, towards the end of his career, he was present when an itinerant missionary was exhorting an open-air congregation in Mansfield, Ohio.
According to Douglas Harper's online etymology dictionary, fork in the meaning of " to divide in branches, go separate ways " has been used as early as 14th century.
According to some sources, hurt that she was passed over for promotion at Harper's Bazaar in 1957, she joined Vogue in 1962.
According to Matthieu Aikins, writing in Harper's magazine Karzai appointed a Mullah Naqib to the Governorship of Kandarhar.
According to Robert Gordon in Can't Be Satisfied: The Life and Times of Muddy Waters, the valet of Jimi Hendrix later told Pete Cosey that Hendrix would listen to " Herbert Harper's Free Press News " for inspiration before performing.
According to Jeff Sharlet, a contributing editor for Harper's, Pitts is a documented member of the Bible-oriented Christian group " The Fellowship ( Christian organization )" and the C Street group in Washington, D. C.
According to the Library of Congress, " It was filmed for publicity purposes as a series of still photographs to accompany an article in Harper's Weekly ".
According to Harper's Weekly, the indictments were thrown out.
According to Harper's magazine's October 2002 " Harper's Index ," Nixon masks were the best-selling political mask for the previous five years for top U. S. costume wholesaler Morris Costumes.
According to Harper's, the furor was in no small part due to an article in Life Advocate magazine by abortion opponent Jenny Westberg, who independently ordered National Abortion Federation literature containing Haskell's paper, wrote an article and illustrated the procedure with a series of pen-and-ink drawings.

According and New
According to the Gospel of Matthew, at the death of Jesus tombs were opened, and at his resurrection many saints who had died emerged from their tombs and went into " the holy city ", presumably New Jerusalem.
According to the historian David O. Stewart, Cornelius Wendell led an acquittal committee, which met in the Astor House in New York ; it collected a bribery fund of up to $ 150, 000 to influence Senators into voting for Johnson's acquittal.
According to the Christian doctrine of Universal Reconciliation, the Greek New Testament scriptures use the word " eon " to mean a long period ( perhaps 1000 years ) and the word " eonian " to mean " during a long period "; Thus there was a time before the eons, and the eonian period is finite.
According to FBI director Robert Mueller and the 9 / 11 Commission, Omari entered the United States through a Dubai flight on June 29, 2001, with Salem al-Hazmi, landing in New York.
According to Avedon, Chaplin telephoned him at his studio in New York while on a layover before the final leg of his travel to England.
According to the New Testament Jesus was crucified, died a physical death, was buried within a tomb, and rose from the dead three days later.
According to William J. Novak, however, liberalism in the United States shifted, " between 1877 and 1937 ... from laissez-faire constitutionalism to New Deal statism, from classical liberalism to democratic social-welfarism ".
According to The New York Times the system is called " shuanggui " and is greatly feared by corrupt party functionaries.
According to The New York Times suspects are subjected to severe physical and psychological pressure.
According to Bernal Díaz del Castillo, a conquistador serving under Cortés who recorded his experiences in his book The Conquest of New Spain, the supposed plot was revealed by two men, named Tapia and Juan Velásquez.
According to the New American Bible, a Catholic Bible translation produced by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, the story of the Nephilim in Genesis 6: 1-4 " is apparently a fragment of an old legend that had borrowed much from ancient mythology ", and the " sons of God " mentioned in that passage are " celestial beings of mythology ".
According to the New American Bible, the image in Revelation 12: 1-6 of a pregnant woman in the sky, threatened by a dragon, " corresponds to a widespread myth throughout the ancient world that a goddess pregnant with a savior was pursued by a horrible monster ; by miraculous intervention, she bore a son who then killed the monster ".
According to Christian writers, most notably Paul, the Bible teaches that people are, in their current state, sinful, and the New Testament reveals that Jesus is both the Son of man and the Son of God, united in the hypostatic union, God the Son, God made incarnate ; that Jesus ' death by crucifixion was a sacrifice to atone for all humanity's sins, and that acceptance of Jesus as Savior and Lord saves one from Divine Judgment, giving Eternal life.
According to a popular West Indian belief, Dominica is the only New World territory that Columbus would still recognize.
According to the New Testament, Jesus gave the Passover meal a new meaning, as he prepared himself and his disciples for his death in the upper room during the Last Supper.
According to a 2003 report in the New York Post, the Britannica management has eliminated employee 401 ( k ) accounts and encouraged the use of free images.
According to New Testament scholar Daniel Wallace, the theme may be stated pragmatically as “ Christians, get along with each other!
According to the Order of the Nazoreans Essenes, there are seven types of modern essenes: the Nazorean Essenes of the Order of O: N: E :, the Dead Sea Scroll Essenes, the Scholar Essenes, the New Age Essenes, the Szekely Essenes, the Rastafari Essenes and the Hippy Essenes.
According to Capra biographer Joseph McBride, Capra " obviously felt a strong identification with the story of a Jewish immigrant who grows up in the ghetto of New York ... and feels he has to deny his ethnic origins to rise to success in America.
According to an article in the New York Times, however, his actual height was.
According to the Julian calendar and Annunciation Style of enumerating years, then in use in the British Empire, Washington was born on February 11, 1731 ; when the Gregorian calendar was implemented in the British Empire in 1752, in accordance with the provisions of the Calendar ( New Style ) Act 1750, his birth date became February 22, 1732.
According to Dick Cavett's New York Times blog, when the elderly Groucho visited an old friend in the hospital, he said to the elevator attendant, as if in a department store, " Men's tonsils, please.
The Gospel According to Mark (,, to euangelion kata Markon ), commonly shortened to the Gospel of Mark or simply Mark, is the second book of the New Testament.
The Gospel According to Matthew (, to euangelion kata Matthaion ) ( Gospel of Matthew or simply Matthew ) is one of the four canonical gospels, one of the three synoptic gospels, and the first book of the New Testament.

According and Monthly
According to the December 1857 issue of Chess Monthly, " his genial disposition, his unaffected modesty and gentlemanly courtesy have endeared him to all his acquaintances.
According to the BFI's Monthly Film Bulletin, " there is something phantasmally absurd about this well-meaning, ambitious film .... It could well be that Pinter's brilliance is altogether the wrong kind of brilliance to let loose on the scripting of this already nerve-raw, nightmarish subject.
According to Electronic Gaming Monthly, Blood: The Last Vampire was one influence behind the " striking visuals " of the video game Crackdown.
According to an article in Art Monthly, Di Modica, " the authorities, and New York public, view it as a permanent feature of Lower Manhattan.
According to a Texas Monthly article about Houston gangs, many Hispanic street gang members call each other niggah.
According to a September 2004 article by Joshua Micah Marshall, Laura Rozen, and Paul Glastris in Washington Monthly:
According to a Washington Post article, Common Cause was considering acquiring the Washington Monthly magazine.
In fact, The Monthly Mirror of February 1796, a year before his death, stated that: " Macklin, according to this statement, must be in his hundred and sixth year, or thereabouts, whereas he is in fact no more than ninety-seven ". According to William Archer, author of Eminent Actors, there “ were no registers of births, deaths, and marriages kept in Ireland in 1690 ”.
According to Dorothy Rosenberg, who wrote the afterword for the 1987 Monthly Review Press edition, statistics indicate that 319, 000 copies of The Seventh Cross were sold in the first twelve days alone, and the novel was printed in German, Russian, Portuguese, Yiddish and Spanish by 1943.
According to Electronic Gaming Monthly, the video was booed by viewers, and EGM itself said the video was " remarkably unimpressive ".
According to Douglas Walk of CMJ New Music Monthly, " Elastica's best moments are all on its own, especially the astonishing single ' Stutter '".
According to B Movies by Don Miller ( Copyright 1973 by Film Fan Monthly under arrangement with Curtis Books.
According to notes on the Leigh Harline soundtrack CD released by Film Score Monthly, Pal's first choice for the role was Peter Sellers who was strongly interested in the role.
According to Texas Monthly, seven females ( five black, two white ), and one black male were murdered.
According to Texas Monthly, all of the victims were posed in a similar manner.
According to Texas Monthly, powerful elected officials refused to believe that one man or one group of men was responsible for all of the murders.
According to a June 2000 article appearing in the Texas Monthly about the murders, there was an eyewitness who claimed to have seen the murderer ( s ) but reported contradictory information to police and detectives.
According to the " 2005 Report Card " published in Portland Monthly ( September 2005 ), the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics was rated ( within the Vancouver School District ) with the best 2007-2008 graduation rate ( 100 %), the best 2003-2004 Grade 10 WASL Reading ( 89 ), Writing ( 87 ) and Math ( 71 ) scores, the lowest student / teacher ratio ( 13: 1, respectively ), and was the only school in Clark County serving grades 6 to 12.

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