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According and Hesiod
According to Hesiod by Tithonus Eos had two sons, Memnon and Emathion.
According to Aristotle's Constitution of Orchomenus, when the Thespians ravaged Ascra, the villagers sought refuge at Orchomenus, where, following the advice of an oracle, they collected the ashes of Hesiod and set them in a place of honour in their agora, next to the tomb of Minyas, their eponymous founder.
According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar ( pithos ), in modern accounts sometimes mistranslated as " Pandora's box " ( see below ), releasing all the evils of mankind — although the particular evils, aside from plagues and diseases, are not specified in detail by Hesiod — leaving only Hope inside once she had closed it again.
According to Hesiod, they were strong, stubborn, and " abrupt of emotion ".
According to pseudo-Apollodorus ' Bibliotheke, Hesiod, in an unknown work that does not survive, made of him the son of Phoenix and the otherwise unidentified Alphesiboea.
According to Hesiod, by Perses she had a daughter Hecate.
According to Apollodorus, Echidna was the daughter of Tartarus and Gaia, while according to Hesiod, either Ceto and Phorcys or Chrysaor and the naiad Callirhoe were her parents.
According to Hesiod, Pleisthenes married Cleolla, daughter of Dias, and is the father of Agamemnon, Menelaus, and Anaxibia.
According to Hesiod Geryon had one body and three heads, whereas the tradition followed by Aeschylus gave him three bodies.
According to some sources, it was he rather than Typhon that sired, with Echidna, further chthonic monstrous creatures: the Chimera, the Sphinx, the Lernaean Hydra, and even, Hesiod says, the Nemean lion, and Cerberus.
According to Herodotus and Pausanias ( vi. 17. 6 ), on the authority of Hesiod, his father was Amythaon, whose name implies the " ineffable " or " unspeakably great "; Melampus and his heirs were thus Amythaides of the " House of Amythaon ".
According to Hesiod, he was the son of Orthrus and Echidna.
According to Hesiod, Ladon was the son of Phorcys and Ceto, instead of Typhon and Echidna.
According to Hesiod, Phobetor is the son of Nyx, the primordial goddess of the Night, produced parthenogenetically, or as Cicero claims, with Erebus, the embodiment of Darkness.
According to Hesiod in the Theogony, Peitho was the daughter of the Titans Tethys and Oceanus, which would make her an Oceanid and therefore sister of such notable goddesses as Tyche, Doris, Metis, and Calypso.
According to Hesiod, Gēras was a son of Nyx.
According to Hesiod, this union resulted in two sons, named Nausinous and Nausithous.
According to the Archaic Greek poet Hesiod, Hecate originally had power over the heavens, land, and sea, not as in the later tradition heaven, earth, and underworld.
According to Hesiod, who related the tale twice ( Theogony, 527ff ; Works and Days 57ff ), Epimetheus was the one who accepted the gift of Pandora from the gods.
According to Diogenes Laërtius, Xenophanes wrote in hexameters and also composed elegies and iambics against Homer and Hesiod.
According to Hesiod, she was the personification of misery and sadness, and as such she was represented on the shield of Heracles: pale, emaciated, and weeping, with chattering teeth, swollen knees, long nails on her fingers, bloody cheeks, and her shoulders thickly covered with dust.

According and Nyx
According to variant accounts, they emerged from an even more primordial level — from Nyx, " Night ".
According to Hesiod's Theogony, Atropos and her sisters ( Clotho and Lachesis ) were the daughters of Nyx ( Night ), though later in the same work ( ll.
According to the Greek oral poet Hesiod's Theogony, Erebus is the offspring of Chaos, and brother to Nyx.
According to Hesiod's Theogony, Hemera left Tartarus just as Nyx entered it ; when Hemera returned, Nyx left:
According to some scholars, he was the son of Nyx and / or Dionysus.
According to Hesiod's Theogony, she and her sisters ( Atropos and Clotho ) are the daughters of Nyx ( Night ) and Erebus.

According and primordial
According to Bernard McGinn, " mythic patterns " such as " the primordial struggle between good and evil " appear in passages throughout the Hebrew Bible, including passages that describe historical events.
According to Merleau-Ponty, perception has an active dimension, in that it is a primordial openness to the life world ( to the ' Lebenswelt ')
According to Gylfaginning, it was one of the two primordial realms, the other one being Muspelheim, the realm of fire.
According to this ideology, races are primordial, natural, enduring and distinct.
According to one myth, Vari-Ma-Te-Takere ( The primordial mother ) created six children from her body.
According to the myths, this was the time when the Sacred first appeared, establishing the world's structure — myths claim to describe the primordial events that made society and the natural world be that which they are.
According to Tibetan Buddhism and Bön, Dzogchen ( Rdzogs chen or Atiyoga ) is the natural, primordial state or natural condition of the mind, and a body of teachings and meditation practices aimed at realizing that condition.
According to Evola, the more recent Northern, White and Indo-European peoples ( despite racial mixing ) implicitly preserved more of the primordial Arctic Hyperborean blood-memory and are objectively spiritually superior to the archaic, matter-obsessed degenerate remnants of the races of the South.
According to the core sourcebooks and the supplementary materials, the history of the setting begins with " Time Before ", where there were the Primordials: vast, unfathomably multifarious eternals similar to the Greek primordial deities or the Outer Gods of H. P.
According to the Confucian thought every culture should carry on its own primordial ethnic religion, which two main aspects are reverence for nature and for the ancient fathers ; in the case of the Chinese it is the Chinese folk religion and Taoism compound, which pivotal element is the worship of ancestor gods.
According to the Dark Tower comics, the Crimson King was the bastard offspring of Arthur Eld, a legendary gunslinger, and the Crimson Queen, a demonic creature of the Prim – the chaotic primordial void from which the Dark Tower, and all universes, arose.
According to Galambos, all forms of property came from a combination of " primordial property " ( a person's life ) and " primary property " ( a person's own ideas ).
According to the best-selling PC-game The Longest Journey, Arcadia was divided from the primordial original world, and represents fantasy, dreams and magic, while our world, Stark, is the world of science and technology.
According to Plato, and later esoteric systems such as Theosophy, primordial humans had once been hermaphrodites.
According to Zhang, all things of the world are composed of a primordial substance called qi.

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