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According and Isaiah
According to Howard Schwartz, " the myth of the fall of Lucifer " existed in fragmentary form in Isaiah 14: 12 and other ancient Jewish literature ; Schwartz claims that the myth originated from " the ancient Canaanite myth of Athtar, who attempted to rule the throne of Ba ' al, but was forced to descend and rule the underworld instead ".
According to Christian theologian Alister McGrath, the Jewish Christians affirmed every aspect of then contemporary Second Temple Judaism with the addition of the belief that Jesus was the messiah, with Isaiah 49: 6, " an explicit parallel to 42: 6 " quoted by Paul in Acts 13: 47 and reinterpreted by Justin the Martyr.
According to the Rabbinic literature, Isaiah was a descendant of the royal house of Judah and Tamar ( Sotah 10b ).
According to Brichtothe, other Biblical names for Sheol were: Abaddon ( ruin ), found in Psalm 88: 11, Job 28: 22 and Proverbs 15: 11 ; Bor ( the pit ), found in Isaiah 14: 15, 24: 22, Ezekiel 26: 20 ; and Shakhat ( corruption ), found in Isaiah 38: 17, Ezekiel 28: 8.
According to Isaiah, the Messiah will be a paternal descendant of King David via King Solomon.
According to Isaiah 63: 1-6, the Lord will come from Edom ( modern-day Jordan ) and Bozrah on the day of vengeance and the year of redemption ( cf.
According to R. Ammi, the secret doctrine might be entrusted only to one who possessed the five qualities enumerated in Isaiah iii.
According to Biblical tradition, the prophet Isaiah prophesied about the looming destruction of the first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and the subsequent punishment that God would mete out to the Jewish people, mainly their exiles in the Jewish diaspora.
According to a prophecy in the writings of Isaiah ( chapter 17, verse 2 ), Aroer will become either forsaken, forsaken and desolate, or forsaken forever, depending on which manuscript is used to derive the English translation.

According and Friedman
Likewise, Joseph E. Stiglitz, speaking not only on China but East Asia in general, comments " The countries that have managed globalization ... such as those in East Asia, have, by and large, ensured that they reaped huge benefits ..." According to The Heritage Foundation, development in China was anticipated by Milton Friedman, who predicted that even a small progress towards economic liberalization would produce dramatic and positive effects.
According to Friedman, " these two rejections were devastating to the man who had made a career of demonstrating American ideals in film ", along with his directing award-winning documentary films for the Army.
According to his critics, Friedman did not criticize Pinochet's dictatorship at the time, nor the assassinations, illegal imprisonments, torture, or other atrocities that were well known by then.
According to a 2007 article in Commentary magazine, his " parents were moderately observant, but Friedman, after an intense burst of childhood piety, rejected religion altogether.
According to Friedman, Israel should make significant territorial concessions, withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories and cede these territories to the Palestinian Authority.
According to later allegations made by the State Duma member and journalist Aleksandr Khinshtein, Kasyanov bought the company that owns one of the houses using a loan given to him by Friedman, and one of Friedman's companies won the government-conducted tender to manage the Sheremetyevo International Airport a week after the houses auction, allegedly with some Kasyanov's involvement.
" According to Keynesian economist, Paul Krugman, the work of Friedman and Schwartz became dominant among mainstream economists by the 1980s but should be reconsidered in light of Japan's Lost Decade of the 1990s.
According to rumor, the original lyrics by Ruthann Friedman were about a man and The Association changed them to be about a woman.
According to Friedman and Phelps, the Phillips curve was therefore vertical in the long run, and expansive demand policies would only be a cause of inflation, not a cause of permanently lower unemployment.
According to the Friedman family, he confessed in the hopes that his son would be spared prison time.
According to Friedman, Stigler " essentially created a new area of study for economists.
According to several issues of the Star Trek comic books released by DC Comics in the 1990s ( written by Howard Weinstein and Michael Jan Friedman ), Gary Seven and Isis were sent by a force known as the Aegis, who took individuals from many worlds to selectively alter historical events.
According to the logic of the Friedman rule, the opportunity cost of holding money faced by private agents should equal the social cost of creating additional fiat money.
According to economist Milton Friedman " The loss part is just as important as the profit part.
According to Friedman, the self ' is not singular, it is multiple '.
According to Thomas L. Friedman, the Phalangist Damouri Brigade, which carried out the Sabra and Shatila massacre during the 1982 Lebanon War sought revenge not only for the assassination of Bashir Gemayel, but also for what he describes as past tribal killings of their own people by Palestinians, including those at Damour.
According to Milton Friedman, UFM is " one of the leading universities in Latin America.
" According to Friedman, Babb's midnight presentation of the film twice a week made more money than any other film at the same theater would earn over a full run ; Friedman proceeded to use the film in his own roadshow double features.
According to Milton Friedman, " the stock market in 1929 played a role in the initial depression.

According and Hussein
According to Jordanian government sources, Hussein stated that:
" According to an unnamed Pentagon source quoted by Hersh, the OSP " was created in order to find evidence of what Wolfowitz and his boss, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, believed to be true — that Saddam Hussein had close ties to Al Qaeda, and that Iraq had an enormous arsenal of chemical, biological, and possibly even nuclear weapons that threatened the region and, potentially, the United States.
According to the London Sunday Times on March 20, 2005, despite their cultural differences, " Riza, an Arab feminist who confounds portrayals of Wolfowitz as a leader of a ' Zionist conspiracy ' of Jewish neoconservatives in Washington ... who works as the bank ’ s senior gender co-ordinator for the Middle East and north Africa ... not only shares Wolfowitz ’ s passion for spreading democracy in the Arab world, but is said to have reinforced his determination to remove Saddam Hussein ’ s oppressive regime.
* According to Arab media, Saddam Hussein has opened training camps in Iraq for Arab volunteers willing to carry out suicide bombings against U. S. forces, if an attack on Iraq takes place.
According to a CBS 60 Minutes segment in late January 2008, Saddam Hussein denied to an American interrogator that he had employed doubles.
According to the minutes Lord Curzon explained the Hussein, Sykes-Picot, and Balfour commitments:
According to most reports, Hussein was born on 8 January 626 CE ( 3 Sha ' aban 4 AH ).
" According to Said Abu Rish's biography of Yasser Arafat, Arafat had used the fact Abu Iyad negotiated with King Hussein of Jordan to deflect criticism from himself over the conduct of the fighting between Palestinian guerrillas and the Jordanian army in 1970-71, portraying Khalaf as weak.
According to King Hussein, the Palestinian problem spelled " life or death " for Jordan and would remain the country's overriding national security issue.
According to the U. S. administration, the judiciary in Iraq operates under the primacy of rule of law, so those convicted of war crimes from the former regime of Saddam Hussein will get an open trial, in which their rights will be subjected to due process and be protected by the scrutiny of a free press, the requirements of modern court proceedings.
According to Al-Ahram Weekly, German journalist and author Harald Schuman attracted the ire of Nabil Negm, the chief political adviser to the Iraqi president, after comments he made insisting that claims that all the problems of the Arab world could be laid at the door of the US were only half-true and that the conference was not meant to " defend the Iraqi regime and Saddam Hussein in any shape or form ".
According to Long, the writing staff had a " passionate " discussion about whether the duo would be attacking Hussein or Iranian religious leader and politician Ruhollah Khomeini during the sequence.
According to some, he was brought in because, with a mustache, he bore a striking resemblance to Saddam Hussein.
According to Rushdy Hussein, Indonesian historian, this record was made in 1951, not 1945.

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