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According and John
According to Friends, the unit was organized by John Snook, a former World War 2, commando who is vice president and general manager of the telephone company.
According to the Dictionary of American Hymnology, " Amazing Grace " is John Newton's spiritual autobiography in verse.
According to the medieval chronicler John of Worcester, Ealdred was given the see of Ramsbury to administer while Herman remained outside England.
According to John T. Townsend, " it is not before the last decades of the second century that one finds undisputed traces of the work.
According to John J. Collins in his 1993 commentary, Daniel, Hermeneia Commentary, the Aramaic in Daniel is of a later form than that used in the Samaria correspondence, but slightly earlier than the form used in the Dead Sea Scrolls, meaning that the Aramaic chapters 2-6 may have been written earlier in the Hellenistic period than the rest of the book, with the vision in chapter 7 being the only Aramaic portion dating to the time of Antiochus.
According to Hippolytus of Rome, John Mark is not Mark the Cousin of Barnabas, and Barnabas did not dispute with Paul because of personal favor to a blood relative, but due to his character as his nickname Barnabas (" Son of Encouragement ") indicates.
According to David Steel, curator of European art at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Erin Jones " brought that museum into the modern era ," employing " a top-notch curator, John Nolan ," and following " best practices in conservation and restoration.
According to John Gillespie, a former investment banker and co-author of a book critical of boards,: " Far too much of their time has been for check-the-box and cover-your-behind activities rather than real monitoring of executives and providing strategic advice on behalf of shareholders ".
According to Lycophron's Alexandra ( 808 ) and John Tzetzes ' scholia on the poem ( 795-808 ), however, Circe used magical herbs to bring Odysseus back to life after he had been killed by Telegonus.
According to Partridge ( 1972: 12 ), it dates from around 1840 and arose in the East End of London, however John Camden Hotten in his 1859 Dictionary of Modern Slang, Cant and Vulgar Words states that ( English ) rhyming slang originated " about twelve or fifteen years ago " ( i. e. in the 1840s ) with ' chaunters ' and ' patterers ' in the Seven Dials area of London.
According to scholars including Neil Forsyth and John L. McKenzie, the Old Testament incorporates stories, or fragments of stories, from extra-biblical mythology.
According to a 1965 deposition by Fausto Rodriguez, the Cuba Libre was first mixed at a Cuban bar in August 1900 by a member of the U. S. Signal Corps, referred to as " John Doe ".
According to US President John Adams, Ponet's work contained " all the essential principles of liberty, which were afterward dilated on by Sidney and Locke ", including the idea of a three-branched government.
According to the church historian Eusebius, the Quartodeciman Polycarp ( bishop of Smyrna, by tradition a disciple of John the Evangelist ) debated the question with Anicetus ( bishop of Rome ).
According to economist John Quiggin, the standard features of " economic fundamentalist rhetoric " are " dogmatic " assertions and the claim that anyone who holds contrary views is not a real economist.
According to Philip Schaff, " To the Greek acts was afterwards added a ( pretended ) letter of Pope John VIII.
According to David Biello and John Pavlus in Scientific American, Singer is best known for his denial of the health risks of passive smoking.
According to John Neubauer, the first writers on the Prague Golem were:
According to biographer John Newsinger,
" According to writer Philip Norman, when Groucho jokingly pointed his index fingers as if holding a pair of six-shooters, Elton John put up his hands and said, " Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player ," thereby naming the album he had just completed.
The Gospel According to John ( Greek τὸ κατὰ Ἰωάννην εὐαγγέλιον ), commonly referred to as the Gospel of John or simply John and often referred to in New Testament scholarship as the Fourth Gospel, is an account of the public ministry of Jesus.
According to the Church Fathers, the Bishops of Asia Minor requested John, in his old age, to write a gospel in response to Cerinthus, the Ebionites and other Hebrew groups which they deemed heretical.
According to scholar Ronald Cameron, it was originally composed some time between the middle of the 1st century and early in the 2nd century, and it was probably written shortly before the Gospel of John.

According and Tzetzes
According to John Tzetzes and Servius ' commentary on the Aeneid, Scylla was a beautiful naiad who was claimed by Poseidon, but the jealous Amphitrite turned her into a monster by poisoning the water of the spring where Scylla would bathe.
According to another legend reported by Tzetzes, he was slain by Herakles.
According to John Tzetzes, she accompanied Heracles on this expedition.
According to Tzetzes, Perieres was a son of Cynortas, king of Sparta, and father of Oebalus, who, in turn, became by Gorgophone father of Tyndareus and Icarius.
According to John Tzetzes, his mother Scamandrodice abandoned him on the seashore, but he was rescued by fishermen who named him Cycnus " swan " because they saw a swan flying over him.
According to John Tzetzes, Iodame became mother of Thebe with Zeus.

According and nurse
According to Pausanias, local inhabitants of Therapne, Sparta, recognized Thero " feral, savage " as a nurse of Ares.
According to a legend, 13-year-old Magritte was present when her body was retrieved from the water, but recent research has discredited this story, which may have originated with the family nurse.
According to a scholiast, commenting on the passage in Argonautica, the island was first of all called Macris after the nurse of Dionysus who fled there from Euboea.
According to Pindar, the young Orestes was saved by his nurse Arsinoe ( Laodamia ) or his sister Electra, who conveyed him out of the country when Clytemnestra wished to kill him.
According to the protagonist's nurse, he threw sand in the eyes of children who wouldn't sleep, with the result of those eyes falling out and being collected by the Sandman, who then takes the eyes to his iron nest on the moon, and uses them to feed his children.
According to Lisa Roberts, a registered nurse with the Portsmouth City Health Department, on top of the high death rates, Southern Ohio also distributes four times as many prescription drugs as Northern Ohio.
According to the documentary W. C. Fields Straight Up, his death occurred in this way: he winked and smiled at a nurse, put a finger to his lips, and died.
According to John Hollingshead, proprietor of the Gaiety Theatre, London ( originally the Strand Music Hall ), this establishment was " the father and mother, the dry and wet nurse of the Music Hall ".
According to Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk, the king instantly fell in love with the young man, even helping nurse him back to health all the while teaching him Latin.
According to a nurse in Eubulus ' Pamphilus, for the price of an obol, one could obtain a kantharos with a chous of wine, equivalent to about six ounces ( three liters ).
According to Haggard's daughter Lilias, the phrase " She-who-must-be-obeyed " originated from his childhood and " the particularly hideous aspect " of one rag-doll: " This doll was something of a fetish, and Rider, as a small child, was terrified of her, a fact soon discovered by an unscrupulous nurse who made full use of it to frighten him into obedience.
According to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, nurse anesthetists are the oldest nurse specialty group in the United States.
According to Bébé au Laits website, Ronnie's wife invented the Hooter Hiders nursing cover because she wanted to nurse her child discreetly, while attending Ronnie's football games.
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of mammy is " a black woman serving as a nurse to white children especially formerly in the southern United States ".
According to The Wall Street Journal ( February 19, 1999, p. A18 ), " Her friend Norma Rogers, a nurse who had accompanied her on the trip ", found Broaddrick distraught shortly after the time of the alleged attack.
According to Ford, the two have split and Harper has moved back to Windsor and works as a nurse at a local hospital.
According to Hanson ( 1984 ), when assessing this mode in families, the nurse tries to determine how successfully the family lives within a given community.
According to family legend, Reata was a nurse during World War I, working in a field hospital inside a bombed-out church in Belgium when a German shell hit.
According to the information as at June 2006, it is recorded that the island has one health centre, which is owned by the government, containing one doctor, one nurse, one community health worker, two family health workers and five midwives.
According to Berger & Montague's website, the plaintiffs charged that Hidden Lake Academy " employed a number of uncertified teachers and unqualified counseling staff ; did not employ at times any licensed learning disability specialist or a registered or properly licensed nurse ; allowed unlicensed staff such as secretaries to dispense to students prescription medication ; enrolled a number court-ordered, violent and severely disturbed children ; and overbilled families for a number of items and incidental charges, among other things.

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