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According and José
It is reflected in Martin Scorsese's film adaptation of Nikos Kazantzakis's novel The Last Temptation of Christ, in José Saramago's The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Jesus Christ Superstar, Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, Monty Python's The Life Of Brian, Jean-Claude La Marre's Color of the Cross and Hal Hartley's The Book of Life.
::: According to some authors, for instance José Mª Sbarbi, this proverb has its origin in an historical episode involving Sancho II of Castile.
According to the present-day Sephardi scholar José Faur, traditional Sephardic Talmud study could take place on any of three levels.
A similar interpretation is given in José Saramago's controversial The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, but there attributed to Joseph, Jesus ' father, rather than to Jesus himself.
According to José Pedro Machado ’ s Dicionário Etimológico da Língua Portuguesa, the oldest known document where this Portuguese word is to be found is Gil Vicente ’ s play Comédia de Rubena, written in 1521:
According to José P. Santos, throughout the existence of the secret chamber, about five katipuneros were convicted and sentenced to die by it.
According to the British historian Hugh Thomas in his magnum opus The Spanish Civil War ( 1961 ), the evening began with an impassioned speech by the Falangist writer José María Pemán.
According to Nicole Gaouette, in her report published in the Los Angeles Times on April 19, 2007, Juan José Daboub — the managing director whom Wolfowitz had appointed who has also been criticized for overly-conservative policies concerning climate change and " a Roman Catholic with ties to a conservative Salvadoran political party "— repeatedly deleted references to family planning from World Bank proposals.
According to Broadleft. org, the oldest communist party in Peru is the Partido Comunista Peruano ( PCP-Unidad ), founded in 1928, by José Carlos Mariátegui, under the name Partido Socialista del Perú.
According to the journalists José Pinto de Sá and Nélson Saúte in the Portuguese daily Público, Joana Simeão, the Reverend Uria Simango, Lázaro Nkavandame, Raul Casal Ribeiro, Arcanjo Kambeu, Júlio Nihia, Paulo Gumane and Father Mateus Gwengere were interned in the campo de reeducação ( re-education camp ) of M ’ telela, in the Northeastern province of Niassa, when, on 25 June 1977 ( the second anniversary of Mozambique's independence ), they were told that they would be taken to the capital, Maputo, where President Machel himself would discuss their liberation.
According to the 2010 constitution, this implies automatically that José Eduardo dos Santos, who has headed the list of MPLA candidates, is confirmed as State President.
According to published reports, Gerena was transported to Mexico, where he boarded a Cubana de Aviación jet at Mexico City International Airport in Mexico City, arriving at José Martí International Airport in Havana.
According to U. S. attorney José Pertierra, who acts for the Venezuelan government in its attempts to extradite Luis Posada Carriles, the crackdown was aided by the cooperation of the Cuban authorities with the FBI in 1997.
According to local sociologist José Oviedo, " The country trusts him with the economy, but he does not seem to pay that much attention to social issues.
According to former rector José María Tojeria, the jesuits and Universidad Centroamericana " José Simeón Cañas ", had nothing to do with this lawsuit.
According to the traditional account, on April 11, Salvadoran General José María Cañas suggested that one of the soldiers advance towards the hostel with a torch and set it on fire.
According to a 1999 UN study, São José dos Campos was rated one of the top 25 Brazilian cities for quality of life.
According to local folklore, Captiva got its name because the pirate captain José Gaspar ( Gasparilla ) held his female prisoners on the island for ransom or worse.
According to historians, the history of Barueri dates back to November 11, 1560 with the establishment of Nossa Senhora Da Escada Chapel by jesuit missionary José de Anchieta and his further settlement.
According to the diary of José Enrique de la Peña, after the Mexican victory at the Battle of the Alamo, Castrillón brought before Santa Anna six or seven Texians who he had taken prisoner during the final Alamo assault.
According to Peruvian researcher Guillermo Toro-Lira, among the notable individuals who attented Morris ' Bar were Elmer Faucett ( founder of the Faucett Perú airline ), José Lindley ( founder of the Corporación José R. Lindley S. A. and Inca Kola ), Alfred L. Kroeber ( notable cultural anthropologist ), and Richard Halliburton ( a notable adventurer and cultural ambassador to Peru ).
According to his autobiographic book " Esta es mi vida " ( This is my life ), the singing professor Guido Picco identifies José José in his prime as a Leggiero tenor or light lyric tenor.

According and Ortega
According to former President Ortega, " The conflict with the church was strong, and it costs us, but I don't think it was our fault ...
According to the Montecito Community Plan, Montecito is bounded on the north by East Camino Cielo Road ; on the east by Ortega Ridge Road and Ladera Lane ; on the South by the Pacific Ocean.
" According to Ortega y Gasset, "… the basic force behind their work was not strictly and exclusively the desire for truth ….
According to choreographer Kenny Ortega, on one day ten people passed out within 25 minutes of shooting.
According to Ortega, literally the last tape that they listened to had " The Time of My Life ", which they saw as the obvious choice.
According to reports by the EFE, Ortega Galicia was a dangerous hitman and high-ranking member of the Gulf cartel, and was on the list of the most-wanted drug traffickers by the United States, with $ 5 million U. S. dollars for his arrest.
According to the Governor Ivonne Ortega, the train must run on diesel at an average speed of 100 mph, for which Bombardier deemed suitable the use of The JetTrain.
According to Julio Ortega, one of the oldest members of the Cupeño tribe, Warner set aside about of land surrounding the hot springs as the private domain of the Indians.

According and y
According to the theorem, it is possible to expand the power ( x + y )< sup > n </ sup > into a sum involving terms of the form ax < sup > b </ sup > y < sup > c </ sup >, where the exponents b and c are nonnegative integers with, and the coefficient a of each term is a specific positive integer depending on n and b. When an exponent is zero, the corresponding power is usually omitted from the term.
According to the theorem, it is possible to expand any power of x + y into a sum of the form
According to British legend ( see: Historia Brittonum ) the territory known later as Essex was ceded by the Britons to the Saxons following the infamous Brad y Cyllyll Hirion event which occurred ca.
According to Leibniz, if some object x is identical to some object y, then any property that x has, y will have as well.
According to Bonedd Gwŷr y Gogledd Elidir's son, Llywarch Hen, was a ruler in North Britain in the 6th century.
According to Brut y Tywysogion:
According to the theory, a statement like " There is a man to my left " is made meaningful by analyzing it into: " There is some x such that x is a man and x is to my left, and for any y, if y is a man and y is to my left, y is identical to x ".
According to the chronicle Brut y Tywysogion, Godfrey Haroldson carried off two thousand captives from Anglesey in 987, and the king of Gwynedd, Maredudd ab Owain is reported to have redeemed many of his subjects from slavery by paying the Danes a large ransom.
According to this theory, the pairing wave function of the HTS should have a d < sub > x < sup > 2 </ sup >− y < sup > 2 </ sup ></ sub > symmetry.
According to Tweedy, " It was eye-opening that I wasn't the only person that felt like these worlds had a lot more in common than they'd been given credit for — that experimentation and avant-garde theory was not directly opposed to beauty, y ' know?
According to the NGO Memoria y Justicia, the squad killed 26 in the South and 71 in the North, making a total of 97 victims.
According to one standard definition, a set of properties A ( e. g. mental properties ) supervenes on a set of properties B ( e. g. neural properties ), if and only if any two objects x and y which share all properties in B ( are " B-indiscernible ") must also share all properties in A ( are " A-indiscernible ").
According to the official standardized orthography, Haitian Creole is composed of the following 32 sounds: a, an, b, ch, d, e, è, en, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, ng, o, ò, on, ou, oun, p, r, s, t, ui, v, w, y, z.
According to Fray Iñigo Abbad y Lasierra by the end of the 18th century, Cabo Rojo had a population of 1, 215 people.
According to Mahmud Kashgari the Kimeks and the Oghuz differed from the rest of the Turkic nations by the mutation of initial y to j ( dj ).
According to The Economist, the Ley Federal de Radio y Televisión " raced through Congress confirming the country's longstanding television duopoly " and constituted a " giveaway of radio spectrum and a provision that allows broadcasting licenses to be renewed more or less automatically ".
According to Agustin de la Cavada in his Historia Geografica, Geologica y Estadistica de Filipinas, this town started as a barrio of Imus and it was made into an independent municipality in 1867.
According to La Florida :, siglo XVI, descubrimiento y conquista, by María Antonia Sainz, Pedro Menéndez de Avilés was born to an ancient family of illustrious nobles in the old kingdom of Asturias.

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