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According and Juliet
According to the memoirs of Juliet Thompson, ` Abdu ' l-Bahá also compared Mary to Juliet, one of his most devoted followers, claiming that she even physically resembled her and that Mary Magdalene was Juliet Thompson's " correspondence in heaven.
* According to John Madden's 1998 film Shakespeare in Love, the play that became Romeo and Juliet was originally intended as a comedy, but developed into the tragic play we know due to a doomed love affair which Shakespeare himself underwent at the time.
According to Beethoven's friend Karl Amenda, the second movement was inspired by the tomb scene from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

According and Thompson's
According to this account, the 1974 variant of the text, which was published by one of Thompson's former initiates, may represent one of the earlier drafts.
According to Thompson's obituary of Acosta, titled " Fear and Loathing in the Graveyard of the Weird: The Banshee Screams for Buffalo Meat ," Acosta was a powerful attorney and preacher but suffered from an addiction to amphetamines, as well as a predilection for LSD.
According to the entries Thompson made in his journal concerning her, one in July 1809 and the second in July 1811, she spent time as a sort of second wife to a man named Boisverd, who was one of Thompson's men.
According to Hynd, " The story of Thompson's arrest broke in the newspapers on March 5, 1936.

According and diary
" According to the BBC, Verity Linn's " diary mentioned the teachings of self-proclaimed prophet Jasmuheen who believes people can draw nourishment from the ' divine life force in the form of liquid light '.
" According to Michael Palin's published diary, Palin changed his response in order to throw Cleese off.
According to the diary of the German attache in Sofia at the time, Colonel von Schoenebeck, the two German doctors who attended the king – Sajitz and Hans Eppinger – both believed that the king had died from the same poison that Dr. Eppinger had allegedly found two years earlier in the postmortem examination of the Greek prime minister Ioannis Metaxas, a slow poison which takes weeks to do its work, and which causes the appearance of blotches on the skin of its victim before death.
According to sources, including the diary of Liang Qichao and contemporary Chinese news sources, Yuan Shikai arrived in Tianjin on 20 September 1898 by train.
" According to a 29 May 1897 diary entry written by her father's distant cousin, Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia, she was given the name " Tatiana " as an homage to the heroine in Alexander Pushkin's novel in verse Eugene Onegin.
According to his diary, Sergeant York also used a. 45 Colt automatic pistol on that fateful day.
According to a diary of Sanford C. Cox, one of the first schoolmasters in the area, in 1824: " Crawfordsville is the only town between Terre Haute and Fort Wayne ... Maj. Ristine keeps tavern in a two-story log house and Jonathan Powers has a little grocery.
According to the diary of Colonel B. R.
According to Warren Vaughan's diary, Farwell, a deckhand on the " Calumet ", agreed with Captain Fishnor to be placed ashore before the " Calumet " returned to the Pacific.
According to the press release by Sean Kelly, the work is a diary of dreams and their literal recreation as works of art.
According to writer and director Garson Kanin, she said that the diary was " a great historical work which will probably live forever, but I couldn't be more wrong as the adapter.
According to Lattimore's diary, caravan travel in Inner Mongolia did not always follow a regular schedule.
According to the diary of Narcissus Luttrell, Primrose Hill was once known as " Greenberry Hill " after the execution of Messrs. Green, Berry and Hill for the murder of Edmund Godfrey, but there is no trace of such a name before 1679.
According to Lambert in his diary, Howe wanted a guaranteed Cabinet position were he to run in the new riding of Port Arthur.
According to Rudolph Apponyi's diary, Thalberg made a profit of 10, 000 Francs, a sum which no virtuoso had gained before from a single concert.
According to Schumann's diary, Thalberg played from memory etudes by Chopin, Joseph Christoph Kessler and Ferdinand Hiller.
According to his diary Edward had a lot of fun ; he watched mock battles, masques, and there was " a fair dinner made ", a great banquet.
According to the diary of the Singapore garrison commander, Major General Kawamura Saburo, the total number reported to him as killed by the various Kempeitai section commanders on 23 February was five thousand.
According to prosecutors, the sample showed the presence of cocaine in her blood, and her diary reportedly contradicted her claim that her relationship with Sabich had not soured.
According to the diary of José Enrique de la Peña, after the Mexican victory at the Battle of the Alamo, Castrillón brought before Santa Anna six or seven Texians who he had taken prisoner during the final Alamo assault.
According to his diary, " those called war criminals by the enemy's standards, especially those in responsible positions, were all performing loyal duties, and to punish them in the name of the emperor would be unbearable " ( Dower 477 ).
According to Graham Gooch's published tour diary, Emburey had dressed up as a member of the Ku Klux Klan at a fancy dress party on tour just before the news of the first rebel tour broke.
According to Daniel Kahneman, a Princeton University psychologist, happiness can be measured using the day reconstruction method, which consists in recollecting memories of the previous working day by writing a short diary.
According to a leaked diary, he received one vote on the fourth ballot.

According and `
According to her later memoirs, Fátimih fell in love with ` Abdu ' l-Bahá on seeing him.
According to Genesis 25: 25, Isaac and Rebekah named the first son עשו, Esau (` Esav or ` Esaw, meaning " hairy " or " rough ", from, ` asah, " do " or " make "; or " completely developed ", from, ` assui ).
According to scripture, Nineveh was also the place where Sennacherib died at the hands of his two sons, who then fled to the land of ` rrt Urartu.
According to the framework of the Will and Testament of ` Abdu ' l-Bahá, it was not possible to appoint a successor, and the legislative body " possessing the exclusive right to legislate on matters not explicitly revealed " was not yet established in the world.
According to its constitution, the Universal House of Justice itself states that " The provenance, the authority, the duties, the sphere of action of the Universal House of Justice all derive from the revealed Word of Bahá ' u ' lláh which, together with the interpretations and expositions of ` Abdu ' l-Bahá and of Shoghi Effendi ... constitute the binding terms of reference of the Universal House of Justice and are its bedrock foundation.
According to Henry Bradley, ` Totila ' and ` Baduila ' are diminutives of ` Totabadws '.
According to mythology, the meaning of the name is ` Mythical father of Rhiannon ` and does not appear anywhere else.
According to a curriculum vitae written and signed in his own hand, in 1922 he graduated from the liberal arts ` Gymnasium ' in Dubno.
According to the Qur ' an, Tawhid, meaning literally unification or asserting the oneness of Allah ( to be the only God who deserves to be worshiped in truth and confirming all attributes with which He has qualified Himself or that are attributed to Him by His Messenger ), can be categorised into three tenets of theology ; Tawhid al Rubu ` biya, Tawhid al ` Uluhiyya and Tawheed-al-Asma was-Sifaat.
According to Arts and Crafts of Hawai ` i by Te Rangi Hiroa, old flutes in the Bishop Museum collection have a hole at the node area for the breath, and two or three fingering holes.
According to a 1965 NSA report, " RYE has made it possible for the agency to locate many more potentially exploitable cryptographic systems and ` bust ' situations.
According to Christopher de Bellaigue of the New York Review of Books, Ledeen has purveyed a " distorted analysis of events in Iran " to his readers, claiming, for example, in National Review online that there were ` something like a half a million ` Iranians demonstrating the death sentence of Hashem Aghajari on November 22, 2002 when in fact Bellaigue, in Iran on that date, observed only about 5000 students in the biggest demonstration.
According to Shuaib Afandi Bagini ad-Daghestani, ` Abdurrahman as-Sughuri had two ma ' zuns, i. e. Muhammad Haji ` Obodi ad-Daghestani and Ilyas Tsudakhari ad-Daghestani ( d1312 AH ).
According to Piffany, Elonan " Smells like the lead electric mandolinist for ` Crossbows and Roses `".
According to various sources Velasco's government bought between 600 to 1200 T-55 Main Battle Tanks, APC ` s, 60 to 90 Sukhoi 22 warplanes, 500, 000 assault rifles, and even considered the purchase of a British carrier Centaur-class light fleet carrier HMS Bulwark.

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