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According and Kendall
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term ' frequentist ' was first used by M. G. Kendall in 1949, to contrast with Bayesians, whom he called " non-frequentists " ( he cites Harold Jeffreys ).
" According to the British newspaper The Guardian, "... the October 1970 plot against Chile's President-elect Salvador Allende ... was the direct result of a plea for action a month earlier by Donald Kendall, chairman of PepsiCo, in two telephone calls to the company's former lawyer, President Richard Nixon.
According to Kendall, new social movement theory focuses on movement culture ; it also pays attention to their identity and on their relations to culture, ideology and politics.
According to an earlier script, Kendall was supposed to join them.
According to former first lady Grace Coolidge, Jane Kendall was " the most beautiful debutante who ever entered the White House ".
According to the ACT ’ s Planning and Land Authority, the suburb is named after George Kendall Kinlyside.

According and Bennett
According to Try and Stop Me by Bennett Cerf, LaGuardia often officiated in municipal court.
According to Stanley's account, he asked James Gordon Bennett, Jr. ( 1841 – 1918 ), who had succeeded to the paper's management after his father's retirement in 1867, how much he could spend.
According to Bennett:
" According to singer Tony Bennett who sang with it while in the service, the 314 was the immediate successor to the Glenn Miller led AAF orchestra.
According to Lamar County Administrator Chuck Bennett on December 30, 2008, the courthouse is slated for a complete renovation that could cost up to 4 million dollars and could take up to four years to complete.
According to the NP's construction records at the University of Montana's K. Ross Toole Archives, the primary contractors were banker Horace C. Henry of Seattle, Washington, and long-time railroad contractor Nelson Bennett of Tacoma, Washington, the NP's prime contractor for Stampede Tunnel, which he completed in 1888.
According to the official site of Bennett, "... In 1973, Bennett ’ s publisher Alick Bartholomew commissioned a book which was originally to be entitled “ Gurdjieff and the Masters of Wisdom ” and was to be co-authored by Bennett and Shushud.
According to Bennett ( 1834 ), the name Blakang Mati was only given to the hill on the island by the Malay villagers on the island.
According to set designer Robin Wagner, as interviewed for the book Set Design, by author Lynn Pecktal, the original Bennett version was to be a " multimedia " show, with an elaborate tilting floor, banks of television monitors, and other technological touches.
According to the bill's CRS Summary, " New York City Natural Gas Supply Enhancement Act-Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to: ( 1 ) issue permits to allow the planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of natural gas pipeline facilities in the Gateway National Recreation Area ( New Jersey-New York ); and ( 2 ) enter into a lease agreement to allow the occupancy and use of an aircraft hanger building on Floyd Bennett Field ( Brooklyn, New York ) to house facilities associated with the operation of natural gas pipeline facilities.
According to Paddick's autobiography, he had initially contacted Urban75 as part of an Internet campaign against the Brixton-based Movement For Justice By Any Means Necessary ( MFJ ), which was campaigning for justice after the police killing of local Derek Bennett.
According to researchers Miles and Bennett, just knowing these common pitfalls can help a COO “ heir ” better prepare for the transition, thereby avoiding them in totality and / or ensuring that at least they do not evolve into full derailers once they are in the CEO seat.
According to Bennett, despite most of these claims being obviously absurd, the memorandum was merely one of several similar polemics published at the time.
According to Bennett, Milošević used a rigid control of the media to organize a propaganda campaign in which the Serbs were the victims and stressed the need to readjust Yugoslavia due to the alleged bias against Serbia.
According to researcher Gordon Bennett, the conspiracy theory that the FSB was behind the bombings is kept alive by the Russian oligarch and Kremlin-critic Boris Berezovsky.
According to Bennett Cerf, Untermeyer would sign virtually any piece of paper that someone placed in front of him, and Untermeyer inadvertently signed a few Communist proclamations.
According to Alekseev, Anisimov and Tumskoy, and Makeyev and others, the glaciers found on Bennett and other islands of the De Long Islands are remnants of small passive ice caps formed during the Last Glacial Maximum ( Late Weichselian Epoch ) about 17, 000 to 24, 000 BP.
According to Robert Bennett Bean ( 1932 ) the skin pigmentation of the Alpine is an ' intermediate white ', a colour in-between the lighter skinned Nordic and the darker skinned Mediterranean.
According to Ruth Bennett in the Naudain Family of Delaware, Mary Schee Naudain is described as " an accomplished and religious woman, a devoted and loving wife and mother.
According to the authors Bennett, Finn, and Cribb of The Educated Child: A Parent's Guide from Preschool Through Eighth Grade, the first three to five years of an individual ’ s life can be the most critical period of their education.
According to Charles Bennett, the title was changed as the studio didn't want it confused with the similarly titled story of The Night of the Iguana.
According to his tombstone, he was named for two World War II heroes, Walter Bennett and Elmer Fox.

According and developer
According to Stallman, " The only thing in the software field that is worse than an unauthorised copy of a proprietary program, is an authorised copy of the proprietary program because this does the same harm to its whole community of users, and in addition, usually the developer, the perpetrator of this evil, profits from it.
According to Troy Dunniway, former Westwood developer who has also worked on Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, " A player controls hundreds of units, dozens of buildings and many different events that are all happening simultaneously.
" According to a regional historian of note, Lillian Burns, the daughter of the early land developer, Owen Burns, the correct pronunciation of the name of the island by its early settlers was, an-na ma-rye-a, since it was named for the strong winds occurring in the area, using the German term for the wind, Maria.
According to developer Eric Sink, the differences between system design, software development and programming are more apparent.
According to John Carmack, the lead graphics engine developer at id Software, the technology of Doom 3 was supported by three primary features: unified lighting and shadowing, complex animations and scripting that showed real-time with fully dynamic per-pixel lighting and stencil shadowing, and GUI surfaces that add extra interactivity to the game.
According to head developer David Fox, this shock moment made Rescue on Fractalus!
According to Windows developer Raymond Chen, " MS-DOS was just an extremely elaborate decoy.
According to Jaguar developer Andrew Whittaker, two other Sinclair employees, Bruce Gordon and Alan Miles, who went on to form Miles Gordon Technology, also used some of the designs in the SAM Coupé.
According to the main OFX site: " The specification is freely licensed, allowing any software developer to design an interface that will be supported on the front-end.
According to Mauro Marinillia of developer. com, " whenever one needs a tight integration with the native platform, SWT can be a plus ".
According to the documentation included in the developer release, Copland supported the following hardware configurations:
According to one story, James A. Moore, the real estate developer who platted much of the area, named it thus in the hope that the Washington government would move to Seattle from Olympia.
According to Creative's OpenAL 1. 1 specification, EAX should be considered deprecated as a developer interface.
According to Julian Gollop, developer of X-COM and Rebelstar: Tactical Command, Advance Wars, besides being influential, opened up the market for similar games on handheld video game systems.
According to its lead developer Makoto Kinoshita, the goal of Shiira was " to create a browser that is better and more useful than Safari ".
According to Andria Hayday, the boxed set's developer, " TSR's classic AD & D adventure, I6 Ravenloft, inspired this world's creation.
According to a statement from developer Adam Stiles, NetCaptor was one of the first browsers to feature a tabbed browsing interface ; while similarities were found in other browsers of the era ( such as Booklink's Internetworks or Opera ), NetCaptor's tabs were closest in form and function to the tabs found in modern browsers.
According to former Peter Norton Group developer Mark Lowlier, after Symantec had acquired Peter Norton Computing, Symantec had speculated Microsoft Windows would be a success, so the key PNC resources had been diverted, while new programmers for Windows platform were hired.
According to her obituary, real estate developer Donald Trump bought the building and threatened to tear it down to build something more lucrative.
According to Pacific Biosciences, the SMRT technology developer, this methodology allows detection of nucleotide modifications ( such as cytosine methylation ).
According to court documents filed by the FBI, Johnson is accused of taking kickbacks and bribes in exchange for helping a developer secure federal funding for housing developments in Prince George's County.
According to developer Randel B. Reiss, this version was a huge commercial success: two thirds of all Mega Drive owners at the time also bought the game, and single-handedly convinced Marvel Comics not to cancel the licensing deal they had with Sega.
According to an interview between the Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo and developer Team Mercury, the main goal for the first closed beta was to test characters.
According to the developer, Landcom, 19 NSW Heritage Registered buildings and features have been preserved.

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