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According and Koch
According to John Koch, Cunliffe, Karl, Wodtko and other scholars, Celtic culture may have developed first in far Southern Portugal and Southwestern Spain, approximately 500 years prior to anything recorded in Central Europe.
According to Bloomberg News, ALEC is funded by, among others, Koch Industries Inc. and Exxon Mobil.
According to the report, there were aircraft components factories ; a poison gas factory ( Chemische Fabrik Goye and Company ); an anti-aircraft and field gun factory ( Lehman ); an optical goods factory ( Zeiss Ikon AG ); as well as factories producing electrical and X-ray apparatus ( Koch & Sterzel AG ); gears and differentials ( Saxoniswerke ); and electric gauges ( Gebrüder Bassler ).
According to Koch, the name Arawn may be derived from the Biblical name Aaron, the name of Moses ’ s brother, and so is ultimately of Hebrew origin and meaning ‘ exalted .’ That the name ‘ Aaron ’ had currency in Wales as early as Roman times is shown by Gildas who wrote that ‘ Aaron and Iulianus were Christian martyrs at Urbs Legionis ( the ‘ city of the legion ,’ probably Caerllion-ar-Wysg ) in the time of the Emperor Diocletian .’ a cleric of the Old Welsh name Araun witnessed two charters of 860 preserved in the book of Llandaf.
" According to Charles G. Koch, " Virtually every engineer he worked with was purged.
According to the Center for Responsive Politics, many of Koch Industries ' contributions have gone toward achieving legislation on energy issues, defense appropriations and financial regulatory reform.
According to Chairman and Founder Lew Rockwell and others, the institute was met with strong opposition from interests of the Koch Family Foundations during its development throughout the 1980s.
According to historian Jonathan Mahler, the blackout that happened in July of that year, and the subsequent rioting, helped catapult Koch and his message of restoring public safety to front-runner status.
According to Hackenschmidt, his sparring partners were Americus ( Gus Schoenlein ), Jacobus Koch, Wladek Zbyszko and Dr. Roller.
According to Hackenschmidt, his sparring partners for this match were Americus ( Gus Schoenlein ), Jacobus Koch, Wladek Zbyszko and Dr. Roller.
According to John Koch and several other historians, the Latin name " Venedotia " from whence the Welsh name " Gwynedd " comes is derived from the Irish word " Feni ", referring at one time to a specific group on the island and later broadening to become a general reference to the Irish people as a whole, the free, nonslave people in particular.
According to the sources Koch did use the anabolic steroid Oral-Turinabol from 1981 to 1984 with dosages ranging from 530 to 1460 mg / year.
According to Greenpeace, the NCPA received at least USD 570, 000 from Koch Industries in the eleven-year period ending in 2008.
According to Koch he had tested tuberculin on animals, but he could not later produce the guinea pigs which had allegedly been cured He was not worried about the fact that people had a much stronger reaction to tuberculin than his laboratory animals, with fever, pains in their joints, and nausea.
According to one theory given by John T. Koch, these changes coincide with the conversion to Christianity and the introduction of Latin learning.
According to a legend the Koch Bihar royal family was banned by Devi herself from offering puja at the temple.
According to Koch at the University of Wales, the various alternations of the name Moguns derive from the Romano-Celtic dialectal reflexes of Proto-Celtic * mogont-s, an Indo-European *- nt-- stem cognate with Sanskrit mahānt and Avestan mazant ‘ great ’.

According and Industries
According to Afghanistan's Chamber of Commerce and Industries deputy head, Khan Jan Alokozai, about 500 shipping containers of trade goods enter Afghanistan via Pakistan on a daily basis.
According to the Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture, the most significant businesses in 2000 were: Webco Industries, Sheffield Steel Corporation, Rader Diagnostic Center, Smith-Fibercast, Cust-O-Fab, Piping Companies Incorporated, and Baker Petrolite.
According to Cellular Operators Association of India ( COAI ) director general Rajan S. Mathews, Reliance Industries is expected to launch 4G services in December 2011.
According to a few sources, however, it was sketched by Johnson, based on an idea utilized by the War Industries Board during World War I.
According to the ATF, George Jennings ' son-in-law, Jim Davis, founded Davis Industries, and Lorcin Engineering was launched by Jim Waldorf, one of Bruce Jennings ' old high school friends.
According to an article in the 28 April 2008 issue of Fortune Magazine, the world-class Reliance Industries oil refinery at Jamnagar will output of petroleum, or 5 % of the world's capacity, after an expansion is completed in December 2008.
According to Union Minister for Commerce and Industries Kamal Nath, only during 2008 – 2009 fiscal year ( which ends 31 March ) textile and clothing industry will be forced to cut about 800 thousand new jobs – nearly half of the rate of two million, which will have to go all the export-oriented sectors of Indian economy to soften the impact of the global crisis.
According to report by Undersecretariat for Defense Industries of Turkey, MBDA and Turkey signed a memorandum of understanding on to acquire 632 Eryx launchers, 3920 missiles and modification systems for a total package of 404m €.
According to the Census of Manufacturing Industries of 1987-1988, the value-added generated in large-scale industries was higher in Sheikhupura than in Lahore.
According to Yamanami-san, Match is also a Jack-of-all-Trades in the professional world and considers her as the greatest bane of the Yamanami Industries.
According to the credits on the soundtrack CD, additional soundscapes were provided on this track by Bronnt Industries Kapital collaborator Guy Bartell.

According and would
According to Steven H Silver, alternate history requires three things: 1 ) the story must have a point of divergence from the history of our world prior to the time at which the author is writing, 2 ) a change that would alter history as it is known, and 3 ) an examination of the ramifications of that change.
According to the teaching of Arius, the preexistent Logos and thus the incarnate Jesus Christ was a created being ; that only the Son was directly created and begotten by God the Father, before ages, but was of a distinct, though similar, essence or substance from the Creator ; his opponents argued that this would make Jesus less than God, and that this was heretical.
According to the Bibliotheca, no one had realised that Ajax had raped Cassandra until Calchas, the Greek seer, warned the Greeks that Athena was furious at the treatment of her priestess and she would destroy the Greek ships if they didn't kill him immediately.
According to Edward Gibbon in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, during the shifting of offices that took place at the beginning of the new reigns, Alaric apparently hoped he would be promoted from a mere commander to the rank of general in one of the regular armies.
According to the Lanercost Chronicle, Alexander did not spend his decade as a widower alone: " he used never to forbear on account of season nor storm, nor for perils of flood or rocky cliffs, but would visit none too creditably nuns or matrons, virgins or widows as the fancy seized him, sometimes in disguise.
According to Hosea Ballou, then Pierre Batiffol ( 1911 ) and George T. Knight ( 1914 ) Amalric was a believer that all people would eventually be saved and this was one of the counts upon which he was declared a heretic by Pope Innocent III.
According to the Septuagint, Amram's family tree would be as follows:
According to Livy the war was commenced by the Latins who anticipated Ancus would follow the pious pursuit of peace adopted by his grandfather, Numa Pompilius.
According to Berkman, "... with the elimination of Frick, responsibility for Homestead conditions would rest with Carnegie.
According to mission rules, Orion would have then re-docked with Casper, in case mission control decided to abort the landing and use the Lunar Module's engines for the return trip to Earth.
Likewise, Joseph E. Stiglitz, speaking not only on China but East Asia in general, comments " The countries that have managed globalization ... such as those in East Asia, have, by and large, ensured that they reaped huge benefits ..." According to The Heritage Foundation, development in China was anticipated by Milton Friedman, who predicted that even a small progress towards economic liberalization would produce dramatic and positive effects.
According to these, the SI prefixes would only be used in the decimal sense, even when referring to data storage capacities: kilobyte and megabyte would denote one thousand bytes and one million bytes respectively ( consistent with SI ), while new terms such as kibibyte, mebibyte and gibibyte,
According to this pact, the Liberals would support the government in crucial votes in exchange for some influence over policy.
According to Ivinskaya, " If ever the conversation turned to Mandelstam, Leonidovich would always hark back to the same thing: that he was not to blame for his misfortunes, and that if he had not written to Bukharin and in general made a great fuss about his arrest, then perhaps Mandelstam would not even have had the respite, brief as it was, which was granted to him -- with the result that the Voronezh Notebooks might never have been written.
According to Ivinskaya, " He did not believe that we would ever publish the manuscript here and felt he had no right to withhold a masterpiece from the world -- this would be an even greater crime.
According to Yevgenii Pasternak, his father would have been exiled had it not been for Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who telephoned Khrushchev and threatened to found a Committee for Pasternak ’ s protection.
According to Okrent ( 2009, p. 190 ), there was a final period of conflict, as Bliss would make continuous criticisms to McNaughton often followed by apologies.
According to one historical account, aboriginal tribes of Australia were " most certainly cannibals ", and would willingly eat anyone who was killed in a fight ; they would also eat men famed for their fighting ability who had died natural deaths "... out of pity and consideration for the body ".
According to tradition, a claim was once made that the shattering of a pumpkin frozen in liquid nitrogen and dropped from a sufficient height would produce a triboluminescent spark.
According to, the attackers retreated after realizing that they would have to become rebels against the state and against their own lord.
According to biographer Ray Spangenburg, these early years as Sagan tried to understand the mysteries of the planets, became a " driving force in his life, a continual spark to his intellect, and a quest that would never be forgotten.

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