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According and Father
According to the teaching of Arius, the preexistent Logos and thus the incarnate Jesus Christ was a created being ; that only the Son was directly created and begotten by God the Father, before ages, but was of a distinct, though similar, essence or substance from the Creator ; his opponents argued that this would make Jesus less than God, and that this was heretical.
According to the Bible, " God raised him from the dead ", he ascended to heaven, is " seated at the right hand of the Father " and will ultimately return to fulfill the rest of Messianic prophecy such as the Resurrection of the dead, the Last Judgment and final establishment of the Kingdom of God.
According to Clement, there is no way of empirically testing the existence of God the Father, because the Logos has revelatory, not analysable meaning, although Christ was an object of the senses.
According to the LDS church, Christ's unwavering ability to obey truth, perceive light, and act in perfect love and faith, distinguishes his pre-mortal existence from the pre-mortal existence of the other spirit beings who were in the presence of the " Eternal Father ".
According to Irenaeus, a 2nd century Church Father, the church at Rome was founded directly by the apostles Peter and Paul.
According to Māori legend, Aoraki was a young boy who, along with his three brothers, were the sons of Rakinui, the Sky Father.
" According to this belief, these purposes were explained and discussed in " councils in heaven ," followed by the War in Heaven where Satan rebelled against the plan of Heavenly Father.
According to Tom Jr .: This anecdote never made it into IBM lore, which is too bad, because it would have helped explain Father to the tens of thousands of people who had to follow his rules.
According to Eunapius, the very last Hierophant was a usurper, " the man from Thespiae who held the rank of Father in the mysteries of Mithras.
According to Father Duffy: “ A bullet had pierced his brain.
According to the 17th-century antiquarian Father Richard Hay, the " maidens " were a group of nuns, who were ejected from the castle and replaced by canons, considered " fitter to live among soldiers ".
According to Father Bernabé Cobo, writing in the mid-sixteenth century, the moon was worshipped because of her " admirable beauty " and the " benefits she bestows upon the world ".
According to Norman, the record company dropped several Christian songs, including " Butterfly ," " If God Is My Father ," " Kulderachna ", and " I Hope I'll See You In Heaven ", in favor of more lightweight love songs like " Fly, Fly, Fly ," the album's opening track ", and " Christmastime ', both previously released as singles.
According to Jesuit Father John Hardon, S. J.
According to the historian Carleton Mabee, " Among those who piloted planes for Father Divine were ...
According to Young, he was taught by Joseph Smith that: Adam is " our Father and our God, and the only God with whom we have to do ".
According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this doxology takes up " the first three petitions to our Father: the glorification of his name, the coming of his reign, and the power of his saving will.
According to Father Timothy Johnson, a Roman Catholic Priest in the Diocese of Fargo, North Dakota ( USA ), " the Act of Contrition ," strictly speaking, is not part of the Roman Missal itself ," while translations of certain snippets or segments of the latin text ( see below ) exist in wide variation, as published in the numerous distinct handheld missals that are distributed for reading and recitation by parishioners of Roman Catholic Churches throughout the English-speaking world.
According to official Latter-day Saint teaching, the Father, Son, and Spirit are three distinct " Gods " joined in purpose as " one Godhead ".
" According to Smith, God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit appeared to him and instructed him that the creeds of the churches of the day " were an abomination in his sight ", and that, through him, God would establish the true church, which had fallen into complete apostasy.
According to the teaching of Father Richard Rohr, the concept of the third eye is a metaphor for non-dualistic thinking ; the way the mystics see.
According to the LDS Church, the vision teaches that God the Father and Jesus Christ are separate beings with glorified bodies of flesh and bone ; that mankind was literally created in the image of God ; that Satan is real but God infinitely greater ; that God hears and answers prayer ; that no other contemporary church had the fullness of Christ's gospel ; and that revelation has not ceased.
According to the journalists José Pinto de Sá and Nélson Saúte in the Portuguese daily Público, Joana Simeão, the Reverend Uria Simango, Lázaro Nkavandame, Raul Casal Ribeiro, Arcanjo Kambeu, Júlio Nihia, Paulo Gumane and Father Mateus Gwengere were interned in the campo de reeducação ( re-education camp ) of M ’ telela, in the Northeastern province of Niassa, when, on 25 June 1977 ( the second anniversary of Mozambique's independence ), they were told that they would be taken to the capital, Maputo, where President Machel himself would discuss their liberation.
According to Mormon beliefs, Jesus Christ was the Only Begotten Son of God the Father.

According and Ted
According to a controversial essay titled " The Death of Environmentalism " ( Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus, 2004 ) American environmentalism has been remarkably successful in protecting the air, water, and large stretches of wilderness in North America and Europe, but these environmentalists have stagnated as a vital force for cultural and political change.
According to Gardner, the Surgenesons readily talked about the paranormal with him ; the patriarch of the family, Ted Surgeneson, believed that fairies were living in his garden and would say " I can often feel they're there, and sometimes I've seen them ", though he readily admitted the possibility that it was all in his imagination.
According to Moe Howard's autobiography, the Stooges split with Ted Healy in 1934 once and for all because of Healy's alcoholism and abrasiveness.
According to Ted Conover in Rolling Nowhere ( 1984 ), as many as 20, 000 people were living a hobo life in North America.
According to Special Counsel Ted Sorensen, Kennedy regarded McNamara as the " star of his team, calling upon him for advice on a wide range of issues beyond national security, including business and economic matters.
According to Ted Morgan, " Paul Touvier was assigned to expedite packages for prisoners of war, which got him into a spot of trouble, for he was caught removing the chocolate and the cigarettes from some of the packages.
According to Ted Morgan, " He knew he couldn't stay in the Lyons area, so he went to Montpellier, in the south of France, and bought a boarding house.
According to Ted Morgan, " Shortly after 8 A. M., with gendarmes stationed around the priory walls, Recordon knocked and showed his search warrant.
According to On the Issues and NARAL, Ted Stevens had a mildly pro-life voting record, despite some notable pro-choice votes.
According to former Voice of America Polish service director Ted Lipien, " Czechowicz is perhaps the most well known communist-era Polish spy who was still an active agent while working at RFE in the late 1960s.
According to translator Ted Woolsey, a large portion of the game's script was cut out in the English localization due to space limitations and a lack of sequential text.
" According to the Associated Press, Murkowski bought the land from two developers tied to the Ted Stevens probe.
According to author and journalist Ted Conover, a large percentage of modern-day hobos are ex-cons, and violence is not uncommon among the transient population.
According to Howard, even in the heyday of his stage career, Ted refused to save money and spent every dime of his salary as fast as he earned it.
According to Chuck Neubauer and Ted Rohrlich writing in the LA Times in 2004, Maxine Waters ' relatives had made more than $ 1 million during the preceding eight years by doing business with companies, candidates and causes that Waters had helped.
According to Ted Blackman, Canadian fans were basically understanding of Team Canada's actions as being provoked while the team was under duress.
According to an April 1 – 4, 1993, telephone survey of 1, 011 people by the Times Mirror Center for the People and the Press ( now Pew Research Center ), before the Frasier premiere and the Cheers finale, Sam Malone ( Ted Danson ) was voted a favorite character by 26 percent, and Frasier Crane and Lilith Sternin were voted favorites by 1 percent each.
According to Ted, she finds pleasure in sex only with Benny, because of his large penis.
According to Filmways Publicist Ted Switzer, series creator and producer Paul Henning had decided to cast Bea Benaderet as Granny ; however, when Ryan read for the role, “ with her hair tied back in a bun and feisty as all get out, she just blew everyone away .” Al Simon ( executive producer ) and Henning immediately said: “ That ’ s Granny .” Later when Benaderet saw Ryan's tryout, she agreed.
According to McNamara, the duties performed by O ' Donnell in the film are closer to the role Sorensen played during the actual crisis: " It was not Kenny O ' Donnell who pulled us all together — it was Ted Sorensen.
According to Dr. Ted Worley, author of A History of The Arkansas State Teachers College, the UCA teams from 1908-1919 were referred to by many names, including: Tutors, Teachers, Pedagogues, Pea-Pickers, and Normalites.
According to the stipulations, Austin's manager Ted DiBiase had to leave the WWF.
According to network general manager Ted Bergmann, WDTV brought in $ 4 million a year, which was more than enough to keep the network afloat.
According to historical journalist Jonathan King, " Ted Smout's legacy is in the hundreds of newspaper articles written about him, the book he wrote Three Centuries Spanned, hours and hours of video footage instructing Australians not to get involved in conflicts like Iraq or Afghanistan.

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