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According and MSDN
According to MSDN, " the combination of the left and right triggers in DirectInput is by design.
According to Microsoft's MSDN website, the default timing in Windows is 500ms ( one half second ).

According and website
According to the original press release from Colangelo's group ( which remained posted on the team website during the first few seasons ) the chosen team colors were Arizona turquoise, copper, black and purple.
According to the show's website, it is scheduled to reopen for an open-ended commercial run in the Fall of 2011.
According to the band's website, although the group admired Holly ( and years later produced an album covering some of his songs ), their name was inspired primarily by the sprigs of holly in evidence around Christmas of 1962.
According to his website, three extended periods of his fasting have been observed under control of scientific and medical teams, the first lasting 211 days in 1995 – 96, in Calicut, India, under the direction of Dr C. K. Ramachandran.
According to their website, one of the reasons for transitioning from COCU to CUIC is so that member churches " stop ' consulting ' and start living their unity in Christ more fully.
According to the project's Facebook group, the English-language DVD has been released in Denmark on April 16, 2011 and is available internationally through the website forlaget-afart. dk /.
According to its website, the US National Security Agency ( NSA ) is " a high technology organization ... on the frontiers of communications and data processing ".
According to one Britannica website, 46 % of its articles were revised over the past three years ; however, according to another Britannica web-site, only 35 % of the articles were revised.
According to their website, Ceres Power, a UK SOFC fuel cell manufacturer, has developed a method of reducing the operating temperature of their SOFC system to 500-600 degrees Celsius.
According to the GÉANT website its core objective is to deliver real value and benefit to society by enabling research communities across Europe, and the world, to transform the way they collaborate on ground-breaking research.
According to Tracey R. Rich of the website " Judaism 101 ", Judaism, unlike other world-religions, is not focused on the quest of getting into heaven but on life and how to live it.
According to Paul Ehrlich's website:
According to the Hermitage website, this was the largest private contribution to state art museums since the October Revolution.
According to the canal's website, it is the busiest artificial waterway in the world ; over 43, 000 vessels passed through in 2007, excluding small craft.
According to Gasztold ( 1975 ) and the city website, first Slavic settlements in the vicinity of Kołobrzeg were centered around nearby deposits of salt and date to 6th and 7th century.
According to the city's website, the Slavs in the city were discriminated, and their rights in trade and crafts were limited, with bans on performing certain types of professions and taking certain positions in the city
According to the official Formula One website he is " statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen ".
According to the newly released website, pottermore, Merlin was described with deeper biographical background.
According to the " Mad Magazine Contributor Appearances " website, more than 700 contributors have received bylines in at least one issue of Mad, but fewer than three dozen of those have contributed to 100 issues or more.
According to the band's official website, this was intended as part of a tongue-in-cheek album called Nirvana Sings Nirvana that was aborted when Cobain died.
According to the current definition of open content on the OpenContent website, any general, royalty-free copyright license would qualify as an open license because it ' provides users with the right to make more kinds of uses than those normally permitted under the law-at no cost to the user.
According to the website of the Archives, the oldest surviving document dates back to the end of the eighth century.
According to its website, the restaurant is now open for lunch and dinner as well as a full night club downstairs on the weekends.
According to the Apogee website the original storyline was the following: After the fall of Hitler, the true powers behind him have drawn into seclusion, planning their next strategy for world domination.

According and Microsoft
According to Hayes, Microsoft and Blizzard helped themselves through their licenses because fan creations provide free publicity and are unlikely to harm sales.
According to the Microsoft Developer Network the patterns & practices of Security Engineering consists of the following activities:
According to the Microsoft Developer Network the Performance Testing Methodology consists of the following activities:
According to Cormac Herley, a researcher for Microsoft, " By sending an email that repels all but the most gullible, the scammer gets the most promising marks to self-select.
According to Microsoft, the Pocket PC is " a handheld device that enables users to store and retrieve e-mail, contacts, appointments, tasks, play multimedia files, games, exchange text messages with Windows Live Messenger ( formerly known as MSN Messenger ), browse the Web, and more.
According to Unicode Microsoft protocol for txt files use UTF-8.
According to Lee Nackman, Chief Technology Officer of IBM's Rational division ( originating in 2003 ) at that time, the name " Eclipse " ( dating from at least 2001 ) was not a wordplay on Sun Microsystems, as the product's primary competition at the time of naming was Microsoft Visual Studio.
According to Intel documentation: " Intel and Microsoft assemblers will not generate the CD03 opcode from any mnemonic " and < tt > 0xCC </ tt > has some special features, which are not shared by " the normal 2-byte opcode for INT 3 ( CD03 )" Arch.
According to Microsoft, the WinHEC conference is aimed at:
" According to Microsoft's Justice and Public Safety Division ( Microsoft ) Marketing Manager Ken Reeves, over 2, 000 ( international ) law enforcement organizations had connected to the internet by 1996.
According to Microsoft support:
* According to Jonathan Zittrain, the online applications like Facebook and Google Apps have made the Internet become far more proprietary than early versions of Microsoft Windows.
According to Microsoft, the change in extensions was made to make it easier for an application to identify the content of a media file ( see Q284094 ).
According to Himanen, the social hackerism begins from such things as vegetarianism, whereas the opposite of it is represented by Microsoft and the licensing of computer programs.
According to court papers, the original Blaster was created after a Chinese cracking collective called Xfocus reverse engineered the original Microsoft patch that allowed for execution of the attack.
According to Geoff Chappell, Microsoft limits 32-bit versions of Windows to 4 GB as a matter of its licensing policy, and Microsoft Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich says that some drivers were found to be unstable when encountering physical addresses above 4 GB.
According to Microsoft, MS-DOS served two purposes in Windows 95: as the boot loader, and as the 16-bit legacy device driver layer.
According to project director Clint Keith, the idea behind the game came to two Microsoft employees while they were " trying to cross a busy Paris street ".
According to the vendors, LocoScript 4 adds a wider range of fonts, support for colour printing and ( with the optional extra Printer Support Pack ) hundreds of printers ( excluding those that require Microsoft Windows ), and a label-printing facility.
According to many Free Software advocates, Microsoft founded ISC in reaction to the call for the adoption of Free Software by politicians in many countries.
According to former Peter Norton Group developer Mark Lowlier, after Symantec had acquired Peter Norton Computing, Symantec had speculated Microsoft Windows would be a success, so the key PNC resources had been diverted, while new programmers for Windows platform were hired.
According to a 2010 study by Microsoft and Cross-Tab Market Research, 70 percent of companies have rejected candidates based on their online reputation, but only 7 percet of Americans believe it affects their job search.
According to Microsoft, people who operate SQL Server 2005 should apply for other certifications such as the MCITP-Microsoft Certified I. T.

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