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According and Manuel
According to 2000 publishings by scholar Manuel Pedro Ferreira the models for the Cantigas might actually be something different than a traditional French rondeau.
According to the National Security Archive, Oliver North had been in contact with Manuel Noriega, the military leader of Panama later convicted on drug charges, whom he personally met.
According to a statement in July 2009 by a legal counsel of the Honduras military, Colonel Herberth Bayardo Inestroza, the Honduran military was opposed to President Manuel Zelaya, whom the military had removed from Honduras a few days earlier, because of his left-wing politics.
" According to the National Security Archive, Oliver North had been in contact with Manuel Noriega, the US-backed president of Panama.
According to the National Security Archive, in an August 23, 1986 e-mail to John Poindexter, Oliver North described a meeting with a representative of Panamanian President Manuel Noriega: " You will recall that over the years Manuel Noriega in Panama and I have developed a fairly good relationship ", North writes before explaining Noriega's proposal.
According to Levon Helm's autobiography, in the later stages of his illness, Manuel was consuming eight bottles of Grand Marnier per day.
According to journalist Manuel Abramowicz, of the Resistances network, the ultras of the radical right have always had as its aim to " infiltrate the state mechanisms ," including the army in the 1970s and the 1980s, through Westland New Post and the Front de la Jeunesse.
According to tradition, his tutors in arts and sciences included Fathers Manuel do Cenáculo
According to Manuel de Landa, " he put together his armies as a well-oiled clockwork mechanism whose components were robot-like warriors ".
According to the National Security Archive and Italian attorney general Giovanni Salvi, in charge of former DINA head Manuel Contreras ' prosecution, Stefano Delle Chiaie met with Michael Townley and Virgilio Paz Romero in Madrid in 1975 to plan the murder of Bernardo Leighton with the help of Franco's secret police.
According to Filipino writer and historian Nick Joaquin however, the main objective of the Americans was not to pursue Aguinaldo but to keep him away from linking up with the elite Tinio Brigade, which was under the command of Manuel Tinio.
According to Levon Helm, Hawkins remarked to him about Manuel: " See that kid playing piano?
According to Levon Helm, Manuel was now consuming eight bottles of Grand Marnier every day on top of a prodigious cocaine addiction.
According to Helm, at around 2: 30 Manuel said he needed to get something from his room.
According to some genealogies they had an only son, who inherited his mother's titles and / or representations and solely his father's Italian title, the one which could only be used through male line, named Manuel Luis.
According to Andres Manuel López Obrador and his supporters, El Yunque was specifically pointed as the mastermind behind the organization of the highly successful march against crime in Mexico City ( June 27, 2004 ); because of this supposed connection, the leftist mayor of Mexico City at the time, Lopez Obrador, saw the march as a political attack against him by El Yunque and downplayed its importance.
According to El Nuevo Herald, Sunday May 8 / 2012, Mr Manuel Pineiro didn't die as a result of the crash against the tree, as written here.
According to General Manuel Contreras, former head of the Chilean DINA, Chilean officers trained in Brazil under Aussaresses ' orders.
According to Manuel de Landa, after World War II the Command, Control and Communications ( C < sup > 3 </ sup >) was transferred from the military staff to the RAND Corporation, the first think tank.
According to Manuel de Almeida, stone for making lime had been found nearby along the tributary Alata, and a craftsman who had come from India with Afonso Mendes, the Catholic Patriarch of Ethiopia, supervised the construction.
According to Fallmerayer, the Mongol suzerainty accepted by Manuel I ended at the death of Hulagu Khan in 1265, but this theory is disputed and probably erroneous in view of subsequent events and the deposition of his successor George.
According to the account of Manuel de Almeida, Dembiya was " bounded on East by Begemder, on South by Gojjam, on West by Agaws of Achefer and Tangha.

According and Pedro
According to this story, Rodrigo's godfather, Pedro El Grande, was a monk at a Carthusian monastery.
According to the historian Pedro Barceló, it can be described as a private military-economic hegemony backed by the two independent powers, Carthage and Gades.
According to a list of Spanish and Mexican grants in Texas ( found in the Book, " With All Arms ," by Carl Laurence Duaine, New Santander Press, Edinberg, TX, 1987 ), Pedro Aguirre owned 51, 296 acres in Zavala County, while Antonio Aguirre had 34, 552.
According to Pedro, any mention of Castro in their home would result in a tirade from Hector, for which he earned a reputation with local informants, who as a result, made life difficult for the family.
* According to a letter passed by the King of Arms of Portugal in the name of King Pedro II of Portugal and registered in the books of the municipal chamber of São Paulo on the 17 of April 1683, the Alvarengas were recognized as members of the nobility of blood ( Portuguese: fidalgos de linhagem ), a condition that in Portugal passed to all descendants that could prove descent, regardless of gender.
According to José Pedro Machado ’ s Dicionário Etimológico da Língua Portuguesa, the oldest known document where this Portuguese word is to be found is Gil Vicente ’ s play Comédia de Rubena, written in 1521:
According to Pedro Humberto Allende, a Chilean composer, " neither the words nor the music obey any fixed rules ; various motives are freely intermingled.
According to the Kaqchikel annals, he was slain by Spanish Conquistador Don Pedro de Alvarado while waging battle against the Spaniards in the grasslands of El Pinal ( Valley of Olintepeque ) on February 20, 1524.
According to historical accounts, Abu Said wished to surrender to Don Pedro, but the conditions he offered were unclear.
According to Hernán Cortés, 170 people went with him, but according to Pedro Mártir, there were 300 people.
According to La Florida :, siglo XVI, descubrimiento y conquista, by María Antonia Sainz, Pedro Menéndez de Avilés was born to an ancient family of illustrious nobles in the old kingdom of Asturias.
According to a letter of Kongo's king Pedro II in 1624, it was destroyed by Jaga invaders that year, and in any case, there is no further mention of the region until the late nineteenth century.
According to Antonio Sacoto, professor at the City College of the City University of New York, One Hundred Years of Solitude is considered as one of the five key novels in Hispanic American literature ( together with El Señor Presidente, Pedro Páramo, La Muerte de Artemio Cruz, and La ciudad y los perros ).
According to the first tradition, the next holder of Beira would be Infanta Mariana Vitória of Portugal ( 1768 – 88 ), the eldest daughter of Maria I and Pedro III.
According to the first tradition, the next holder would be Infanta Maria da Glória Joana ( 1819 – 53 ), the eldest daughter of Pedro IV.
According to friend and fellow wrestler Frank Dusek, the company wanted to make Bruno Sammartino its champion again but did not want Sammartino to defeat current champion Pedro Morales in the process.
According to Diego Durán their subjugation was achieved only thanks to the intervention of María Estrada and her husband Pedro Sánchez Farfán, for which Cortés awarded the couple the lands of Tetela as an encomienda.
According to historian Bill James, Pellot was probably a main reason why San Pedro de Macoris became " the world's richest source of baseball talent ".
According to history, it was the first part of land viewed by Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral, allegedly the first European to arrive in Brazil, in 1500.
According the Köppen climate classification São Pedro has a tropical savanna climate.
According to the 2002 census of the National Statistics Institute, San Pedro de Atacama had 4, 969 inhabitants ( 2, 928 men and 2, 041 women ).
According to a local historian Pedro Manongdo, two tales have persisted on how the town got his name.
According to Native American lore they lived in the San Pedro Mountains in south central Wyoming and fought constantly with the average sized humans of the area using poisoned arrows.

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