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According and Margaret
However, Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Sussex said Kanzō Umehara considered the Ainu and some Ryukyuans to have " preserved their proto-Mongoloid traits " According to anthropologist Elsie Clews Parsons physical features of the Proto-Mongoloid were characterized as, " a straight-haired type, medium in complexion, jaw protrusion, nose-breadth, and inclining probably to round-headedness ".
According to Margaret Bent ( 1997 ), " a piece of music in several parts with words " is as precise a definition of the motet as will serve from the 13th to the late 16th century and beyond.
According to Lloyd, Owain and Margaret had five sons and four ( p. 211 ) or five ( p. 199 ) daughters:
According to Margaret Bent ( 1998 ), " Renaissance notation is under-prescriptive by our standards ; when translated into modern form it acquires a prescriptive weight that overspecifies and distorts its original openness.
According to an historical narrative on the event titled " Chief Left Hand ", by Margaret Coel, contributing factors that led to the massacre were: Governor Evans ' desire to hold title to the resource rich Denver-Boulder area ; government trust officials ' avoidance of Chief Left Hand ( a linguistically gifted Southern Arapaho chief ), when executing a legal treaty that transferred title of the area away from Indian Trust ; a local cavalry stretched thin by the demands of the Civil War ; the hijacking of their supplies by a few stray Indian warriors who had lost respect for their chiefs and followers of Chief Left Hand ( including a group of Cheyenne and Arapaho elders, a few well behaved warriors, and mostly women and children ), who had received a message to report to Fort Lyon with the promise of safety and food at the Fort, or risk being considered " hostile " and ordered killed by the cavalry.
" According to those accounts, Senator Margaret Guilfoyle laughed and said to a colleague, " That's all he knows.
According to anthropologist Margaret Mead, the turmoil found in adolescence in Western society has a cultural rather than a physical cause ; they reported that societies where young women engaged in free sexual activity had no such adolescent turmoil.
According to comedy folklore, after a reviewer once criticised his act for its lack of jokes, Bailey returned the following night, at Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh, to perform a set composed entirely of punchlines.
According to McKinley biographer Margaret Leech:
According to many academics, the Court of Chancery really began to expand its caseload during the 15th century ; Margaret Avery reports a massive increase in cases during the 1440s, while Nicholas Pronay suggests that the real expansion came during Yorkist rule ( 1461 – 85 ), when the number of cases submitted each year quadrupled.
According to the fourteenth-century chronicler, John of Fordun, Malcolm III, King of Scotland ( reign 1058 – 93 ) married his second bride, the Anglo-Hungarian princess, Saint Margaret, at the church in Dunfermline between 1068 and 1070 ; the ceremony was performed by Forhad, the last Celtic bishop of St Andrews.
According to the Life of Saint Margaret, attributed to Turgot of Durham, she died at Edinburgh Castle in 1093, just days after receiving the news of her husband's death in battle.
According to Margaret Thatcher, her husband Denis responded to seeing his children for the first time: " My god, they look like rabbits.
According to legend, Queen Margaret of Anjou is said to have watched the defeat of her forces from the church tower, before fleeing on horse-back.
According to Margaret Toscano, whose husband was among the September Six and who would also later be excommunicated, Gileadi's " books interpreting Mormon scripture challenged the exclusive right of leaders to define doctrine.
According to Margaret Murray, the figure in Oxford at the church of St Michael at the North Gate has the tradition of being shown to brides on their wedding day.
According to government publicity this closure was part of Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Government's strategy to revitalise UK industry, following the industrial action that had taken place in the UK in the 1970s.
According to Margaret Ross Sammons, Kerry's campaign was sufficiently damaged by the threat to withhold communion that it may have cost him the election.
According to an authorized 1993 biography of the author and playwright by Margaret Forster, Lawrence and du Maurier became close friends during the London production of September Tide.
According to Margaret Mead, it was used as such by South Pacific natives such as the Samoan Islanders where she did much of her research.
According to Guizot, her father had not wished her to marry a Frenchman, being more friendly to England ; he was persuaded to agree to the marriage by his mother, Margaret of France.
According to New York University ’ s website,Margaret Naumburg, an eminent pioneer in the field, offered courses and training seminars on the graduate level in New York University ’ s Department of Art and Art Professions.
According to the McFarland Dianic Homepage, " It was Mark who pointed out to Morgan the reference to " Dianic cults " in Margaret Murray's The Witch Cult in Western Europe.
According to McCoy and script editor Andrew Cartmel, a number of Seventh Doctor stories were intended to satirise or protest the rule of then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

According and Bent
According to Bent Corydon, Hubbard created the illusion that Dianetics was the first psychotherapy to address traumatic experiences in their own time, but others had done so as standard procedure.
According to Ian Bent ( Bent, 1987 ), analysis is " an approach and method can be traced back to the 1750s ... it existed as a scholarly tool, albeit an auxiliary one, from the Middle Ages onwards.
According to the RKD his Bent nickname was ' Afdruk ' or ' Copia ', and he was registered in Rome in 1686, 1691 and 1692.

According and Renaissance
According to traditional accounts, the scientific revolution began in Europe towards the end of the Renaissance era and continued through the late 18th century, the later period known as The Enlightenment.
According to scholars, these encode enigmatic references to learning, religion, mortality, and illusion in the tradition of the Northern Renaissance.
According to Charles Kaiser ’ s The Gay Metropolis, there were already semi-public gay-themed gatherings by the mid-1930s in the United States ( such as the annual drag balls held during the Harlem Renaissance ).
According to historian Sorin Antohi, Eliade may have actually encouraged Protochronists such as Edgar Papu to carry out research which resulted in the claim that medieval Romanians had anticipated the Renaissance.
According to late Renaissance art biographer Giorgio Vasari, Simone was instead a pupil of Giotto di Bondone, with whom he went to Rome to paint at the Old St. Peter's Basilica, Giotto also executing a mosaic there.
According to Encyclopædia Britannica, the Italian Renaissance inventor Leonardo da Vinci may have been influenced by the classic automata of al-Jazari.
According to George Makdisi, certain aspects of Renaissance humanism has its roots in the medieval Islamic world, including the " art of dictation, called in Latin, ars dictaminis ,"
According to Ann Sutherland Harris, " The Galleria frescoes make even more extensive use of ancient sculptural and architectural sources, and in addition take their basic structure from two ceilings by the most prestigious artists of the High Renaissance in Rome, the Loggia of Psyche by Raphael and Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling ".
According to Ronald M. Kreitner, executive director of West Side Renaissance Inc., the " Convention Center will help contribute to the success of the theatres and the retail ," referring to the development of the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center / Hippodrome Theatre, as well as new retail ventures in the area.
According to Renaissance accounts, gigantic, triangular fossil teeth often found embedded in rocky formations were once believed to be the petrified tongues, or glossopetrae, of dragons and snakes.
* According to Harvard University, Harvard's Archimedes Project, a scholarly research on the " history of mechanics and engineering from antiquity to the Renaissance " ( Harvard ), quotes etymological roots of Heredia from Latin as having various meanings including:
According to Driskell in an essay for Harlem Renaissance Art of Black America, " It was Douglas's own strength of character and inventive artistry that enabled him to have a lasting impact on the future course of black expression in art.
* According to the 1983 scholarly work, The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and in Modern Oblivion by art historian and critic Leo Steinberg, a number of Renaissance era artists depicted Jesus Christ after the crucifixion with a post-mortem erection.
According to Darby, it was also seen as a serious loss of erogenous tissue: " During the Renaissance and 18th century the centrality of the foreskin to male sexual function and the pleasure of both partners was recognised by anatomists Berengario da Carpi, Gabriello Fallopio and William Harvey, in popular sex manuals like Aristotle's master-piece, and by physicians like John Hunter, who also appreciated the importance of the foreskin in providing the slack tissue needed to accommodate an erection.
According to Debray, art is a product of the Renaissance with the invention of the artist as producer of images, in contrast with previous acheiropoieta icons or other types of so-called " art ," where these " works of art " did not fulfil an artistic function but rather a religious one.
According to an August 10 article in Bloomberg by Katherine Burton, " James Simons's $ 29 billion Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund fell 8. 7 % in August 2007 when his computer models used to buy and sell stocks were overwhelmed by securities ' price swings.
According to Pietro Aron, Busnois may have been the composer of the famous tune L ' homme armé, one of the most widely distributed melodies of the Renaissance, and the one more often used than any other as a cantus firmus for mass composition.
According to Colton Booth ( Origin and Authority in Seventeenth-Century England ( 1994 ) p. 174 ) " The Renaissance had no single view of Adamic language and its relation to human understanding.
According to the Renaissance custom of handfast, Sebastian regards Isabella as his wife in the sight of Heaven.
According to Greenblatt, during the Renaissance the upper class practiced self-fashioning.
Another researcher summarizes it as " the most thorough exposition of celestial magic in Arabic ", indicating the sources for the work as " Arabic texts on Hermeticism, Sabianism, Ismailism, astrology, alchemy and magic produced in the Near East in the ninth and tenth centuries A. D ." According to Eugenio Garin " In reality the Latin version of the Picatrix is as indispensable as the Corpus Hermeticum or the writings of Albumasar for understanding a conspicuous part of the production of the Renaissance, including the figurative arts.
According to the Michelin Guide of Italy, the name of Montepulciano derives from Poliziano ( Agnolo Ambrogini, 1454-1494 ), a local exquisite poet from the Renaissance period.

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