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According and Mark
According to this view, though Mark has Jesus as the Son of God, references occurring at the strategic points in 1: 1 (" The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God ", but not in all versions, see Mark 1 ), 5: 7 (" What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?
According to Hippolytus of Rome, John Mark is not Mark the Cousin of Barnabas, and Barnabas did not dispute with Paul because of personal favor to a blood relative, but due to his character as his nickname Barnabas (" Son of Encouragement ") indicates.
According to Mark Bollman, a mathematics and calculator historian and associate professor of mathematics at Albion College, the " Construction Master is the first in a long and profitable line of CI construction calculators " which carried them through the 1980s, 1990s, and to the present.
The Gospel According to Mark (,, to euangelion kata Markon ), commonly shortened to the Gospel of Mark or simply Mark, is the second book of the New Testament.
According to tradition and some early church writers, the author is Mark the Evangelist, the companion of the apostle Peter.
The Gospel According to Mark does not name its author.
According to Mark Weisbrot, Aristide has accused the United States of backing the 1991 coup.
According to the American federal government statistics compiled by Mark Zandi, currently of " Moody's Economy. com ", back in 1985, the average inheritance was $ 39, 000.
According to Berry's biographer Mark A. Moore, " The song ( with backing vocals, plus additional instruments added by the Ernie Freeman combo ) had a raucous R & B flavor, with a bouncing bomp-bomp vocal hook that would become a signature from Jan on future recordings.
According to Mark Kurlansky, " Smoked foods almost always carry with them legends about their having been created by accident — usually the peasant hung the food too close to the fire, and then, imagine his surprise the next morning when …".
According to Mark Humphries, the deliberate concealment of Mithraic cult objects in some areas suggests that precautions were being taken against Christian attacks.
According to Mark Potok, director of Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, his organization tracked another 60 domestic smaller-scale terrorism plots from 1995 to 2005.
According to Matthew and John, Jesus actually appeared first to women ( in Mark 16: 9 and John 20: 14 to Mary Magdalene alone ).
According to former Libertarian National Committee Chairman Mark Hinkle, " Federal anti-obscenity laws are unconstitutional in two ways.
According to Mark Bonham-Carter, HH Asquith's grandson, Grace would have been one of the people to be appointed a peer had Asquith's plan to flood the House of Lords with Liberal peers come to fruition.
According to William Lane ( 1974 ), an " unbroken tradition " identifies Mark the Evangelist with John Mark, and John Mark as the cousin of Barnabas.
According to one of her biographers Mark Strage, Catherine was the most powerful woman in sixteenth-century Europe.
According to historian Mark Stegmaier, " The Fugitive Slave Act, the abolition of the slave trade in the District of Columbia, the admission of California as a free state, and even the application of the formula of popular sovereignty to the territories were all less important than the least remembered component of the Compromise of 1850 -- the statute by which Texas relinquished its claims to much of New Mexico in return for federal assumption of the debts.

According and Luke
According to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born from the Virgin Mary.
The Gospel According to Luke (, to kata Loukan euangelion ), commonly shortened to the Gospel of Luke or simply Luke, is the third and longest of the four canonical Gospels.
According to the preface the purpose of Luke is to write a historical account, while bringing out the theological significance of the history.
According to Raymond E. Brown, it is not impossible that Luke was the author.
Early on, the gospel was given the title Gospel According to Luke (, kata Loukan euangelion, or, to euangelion kata Loukan ).
According to Skarsaune, the harmonized gospel narratives of Matthew and Luke were part of a tradition already circulating within Justin's school that expounded on the life and work of Jesus as the Messiah and the apostolic mission.
In the last chapter of the Book of Acts, widely attributed to Luke, we find several accounts in the first person also affirming Luke's presence in Rome including Acts 28: 16: " And when we came to Rome ..." According to some accounts, Luke also contributed to authorship of the Epistle to the Hebrews.
In Luke, the author writes that Jesus “ took Peter, John and James .” According to Ricci, because Peter occupies the first position in the list, that place can be considered the position of highest importance.
According to Catholic tradition, 1 January is the day of the circumcision of Jesus ( on the eighth day from his birth ), when the name of Jesus was given to him ( Luke 2: 21 ).
According to the Gospel of Luke, Nazareth was the home village of Mary and also the site of the Annunciation ( when Mary was told by the Angel Gabriel that she would have Jesus as her son ).
* According to the Book of Luke, the ministries of John the Baptist and Jesus began in this year.
According to Hippolytus, they all belonged to the " Seventy Disciples " who were sent out by Jesus to saturate Judea with the gospel ( Luke 10: 1ff .).
According to the hypothesis of Markan priority, the Gospel of Mark was written first and then used as a source for the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.
According to William R. Farmer, it is in many cases easy to see how Mark, if he had access to both Luke and Matthew, could have written the precise verses that he did.
According to the City's 2008 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city are the City of Fortuna, Eel River Disposal, Fortuna Motors, Fortuna Union Elementary School District, Fortuna Union High School District, Redwood Memorial Hospital, Rohnerville School District, Safeway, St. Luke Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center and Wendt Construction.
One of the primary myths initially believed by communities facing environmental injustice is that the government is “ on our side .” According to Luke W. Cole, this myth is shared more widely among white Americans than among minorities, probably because minorities have historically faced several levels of governmental injustice.
According to this argument – which presupposes firstly the rectitude of the Two-Source Hypothesis ( widely held amongst current New Testament scholars ), in which the author of Luke is seen as having used the pre-existing gospel according to Mark plus a lost Q document to compose his gospel – if the author of Thomas did, as Saying 5 suggests – refer to a pre-existing gospel according to Luke, rather than Mark's vocabulary, then the gospel of Thomas must have been composed after both Mark and Luke ( the latter of which is dated to between 60 AD and 90 AD ).
According to Matthew, an unnamed angel informs Joseph of the virginal conception ; in Luke the angel Gabriel informs Mary before the conception occurs.
The Gospel According to Luke, X-XXIV, The Anchor Bible, Vol.

According and announcement
According to their initial announcement in 2008, PS 2. 0 is to exist in tandem with the printed version, while allowing more rapid updating of hosting information and networking features.
According to some of the actors, and confirmed in the writings of Godfrey Baseley, in its early days the show was used as a conduit for announcements from the Ministry of Agriculture, one actor reading an announcement almost verbatim to another.
According to a SourceForge. net announcement on their blog as a short term response, they have taken down services such as CVS Hosting, ViewVC ( web-based code browsing ), New Release upload capability, and Interactive Shell services.
According to statements on her official forum, Poe started work on a third album, but details are sketchy and several years have passed since the first announcement.
According to an internet announcement, the Raëlian leader and a group of investors founded a company in the Bahamas and called it Valiant Venture Ltd., whose project mission was named Clonaid.
According to the announcement, both companies will continue to run autonomously.
According to French journalist Robert Guillain, who was living in Tokyo at the time, upon the announcement's conclusion, most Japanese retreated into their homes or places of business for several hours to quietly absorb and contemplate the significance of the announcement.
According to the Centennial Conference's web site: " On June 4, 1981, Keith Spalding, then-president of Franklin & Marshall College, made the announcement that " eight private colleges found it timely and appropriate to form a round-robin football schedule among institutions with similar attitudes and practices in intercollegiate football competition.
According to a June 2009 magazine interview with More. com conducted prior to announcement of the divorce, she replied " That's a big no comment " when asked to sum up her love life.
According to the official announcement ( December 18 ), he had committed suicide in a nervous breakdown.
* On December 22, 2004,the Securities and Exchange Commission, NASD and the New York Stock Exchange announced .. enforcement proceedings against Edward D. Jones & Co., L. P., a registered broker-dealer headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri .” According to the announcement, “ Edward Jones failed to adequately disclose revenue sharing payments that it received from a select group of mutual fund families that Edward Jones recommended to its customers .” The company agreed to “ pay $ 75 million in disgorgement and civil penalties.
According to the announcement members may not have access to their Group Calendar ( for up to 24 hours ).
According to LucasArts, this announcement was " just the start of LucasArts ’ new mission to revitalize its deep portfolio of beloved gaming franchises ".
According to the announcement, copy editing and page production of the paper will be transferred to the Waterloo Region Record, reducing the editorial staff of the paper to two managers and 8 reporter – photographers.
According to Palmer, Vorilhon made an announcement in November 2001 that he intended to retire from professional auto racing.
According to the Mahima Prakash ( A. D. 1776 ), he set to work with the announcement: " As the Panth ( Community ) has been revealed unto the world, so there must be the Granth ( Book ), too.
According to the announcement, the three buildings would total and be on about.
According to the announcement of the feature, StumbleUpon plans on adding additional Web sites in the future.
According to his agent, Cassell had signed a contract with the Celtics on March 3, 2008, but the signing was pending an official league announcement.
According to the announcement, he was to be accompanied by various guest musicians as well as a 30 piece orchestra.
According to a June 22, 1945 announcement by the Allies, a total of 7, 614, 914 prisoners ( of all designations ) were held in British and American camps.
According to the Weavers, this was the first announcement of the source of the violence.
According to the announcement, Geneon USA would continue to acquire, license, and produce English subs and dubs of anime for release in North America.
According to the announcement from AJKF, the contract between AJKF, Fuji gym, and Masato was until for 2002.

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