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According and Plus
According to the complaint, the advertisements for HeightMax Concentrate and HeightMax Plus misrepresented that:
According to an article by Eva Mihočková published in major Slovak weekly Plus 7 Dní on October 7, 2010, there is proof that Matica slovenská lost almost all of the money ( 23-28 million Slovak crowns ) of the so-called Slovak national treasure, by investing it through a now-bankrupt company Capital Invest, into the Podielové družstvo Slovenské investície ( PDSI ), a Non-bank financial institution.
* According to Gary Furr, Atari sold over 800, 000 cartridges, not including Atariwriter Plus.

According and use
According to Carytius of Pergamum, Alexis was the first to use the part of the parasite.
According to Hume, the creative faculty makes use of ( at least ) four mental operations which produce imaginings out of sense-impressions.
According to Steven J. Brams and Peter C. Fishburn, the IEEE board in 2002 rescinded its decision to use approval voting.
According to the Christian doctrine of Universal Reconciliation, the Greek New Testament scriptures use the word " eon " to mean a long period ( perhaps 1000 years ) and the word " eonian " to mean " during a long period "; Thus there was a time before the eons, and the eonian period is finite.
According to mission rules, Orion would have then re-docked with Casper, in case mission control decided to abort the landing and use the Lunar Module's engines for the return trip to Earth.
According to The Guardian newspaper: " At the heart of years of dissent against psychiatry through the ages has been its use of drugs, particularly antipsychotics, to treat distress.
Meteorologists ( and most of the temperate countries in the southern hemisphere ) use a definition based on months, with autumn being September, October and November in the northern hemisphere, According to United States tradition, autumn runs from the day after Labor Day ( i. e. the Tuesday following the first Monday of September ) through Thanksgiving ( i. e. the fourth Thursday in November ), after which the holiday season that demarcates the unofficial beginning of winter begins.
* According to a 2006 survey of 1, 500 adults by Satio, a third of Belarusians use the Internet — 38 % of the urban population and 16 % of the rural population.
According to Montgomery and Hammer Daniel's use of the word ' Chaldean ' to refer to astrologers in general is an anachronism, as during the Neo-Babylonian and early Persian periods ( when Daniel is said to have lived ), it referred only to an ethnicity.
According to these critics who use data from the 1997 poll, the poverty rate rises to 29 %.
According to Professor Gilles Brassard, an expert in quantum computing: " The time needed to factor an RSA integer is the same order as the time needed to use that same integer as modulus for a single RSA encryption.
According to a tweet by Industry Minister Tony Clement, unless the CRTC reverses this decision, the government will use its override power to reverse the decision.
According to one argument, the " receiving " culture does not necessarily perceive this link, but instead absorbs the foreign culture passively through the use of the foreign goods and services.
According to traditional texts, some form of the calendar has been in use for almost five millennia.
According to her, noble women did not use such language.
According to him, the ' Committee's use of Orwell is both confused and confusing '.
According to a report in the British Medical Journal, use of DDT in Mozambique " was stopped several decades ago, because 80 % of the country's health budget came from donor funds, and donors refused to allow the use of DDT.
According to theory, this may give a comparative advantage in production of goods that make more intensive use of the relatively more abundant, thus relatively cheaper, input.
According to a 2003 report in the New York Post, the Britannica management has eliminated employee 401 ( k ) accounts and encouraged the use of free images.
The following arguments have been based on the content: ( 1 ) It is perceived to be theologically incompatible with Paul's other epistles: elsewhere Paul attributed Jesus's death to the " rulers of this age " ( 1 Cor 2: 8 ) rather than to the Jews, and elsewhere Paul writes that the Jews have not been abandoned by God for " all Israel will be saved " ( Rom 11: 26 ); According to 1 Thes 1: 10, the wrath of God is still to come, it is not something that has already shown itself ( 2 ) There were no extensive historical persecutions of Christians by Jews in Palestine prior to the first Jewish war ( 3 ) The use of the concept of imitation in 1 Thes.
According to Ministry of Education guidelines, and the opinions of educators, the use of Japanese furigana should be avoided in English teaching due to the differences in pronunciation between English and Japanese.
According to the Julian calendar and Annunciation Style of enumerating years, then in use in the British Empire, Washington was born on February 11, 1731 ; when the Gregorian calendar was implemented in the British Empire in 1752, in accordance with the provisions of the Calendar ( New Style ) Act 1750, his birth date became February 22, 1732.
* Category 4: Civil firearms ; According to French law, a civil firearm is a semi automatic long gun with more of 2 rounds in magazine which don't use a military gauge, or a handgun ( pistol or revolver, including all magazine capacities ) which doesn't have a gauge used by the army.
According to Alex Dupuy, Chair of African American Studies and John E. Andrus Professor of Sociology at Wesleyan University the ability of Haiti to adequately manage the mining operations or to obtain and use funds obtained from the operations for the benefit of its people is untested and seriously questioned.

According and preparations
According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, preparations that include more than five percent of crude coal tar are Group 1 carcinogen.
According to Said Aburish, the government of Jordan and a number of Fatah commandos informed Arafat that large-scale Israeli military preparations for an attack on the town were underway, prompting fedayeen groups, such as George Habash's newly formed group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine ( PFLP ) and Nayef Hawatmeh's breakaway organization the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine ( DFLP ), to withdraw their forces from the town.
According to the Professor and Historian Oswald Balzer, shortly before began the preparations to the First Coalition of Piast Dukes formed by Leszek II the Black, Henry IV, Przemysł II and Henry III of Głogow, which had the intention to make the unification of Poland.
According to William of Newburgh, King Stephen was " grieved beyond measure by the death of the son who he hoped would succeed him ; he pursued warlike preparations less vigorously, and listened more patiently than usual to the voices of those urging peace.
According to Lansdown, the risk expected due to clinical exposure to silver is " minimal ", as only chronic ingestion or inhalation of silver preparations leads to an accumulation of silver in the human body that can cause argyria, argyrosis ( accumulation of silver in the eye ), and other conditions.
According Yanguas ( historian of that time ) was at 8 when the city was the first warning of the approach of the French and the preparations for the fight.
According to the story, Krishna saw preparations for an annual offering to Lord Indra and asked his father Nanda about it.
According to the Franco-Polish military convention, the French Army was to start preparations for the major offensive three days after mobilization started.
According to investigative journalist Linda Melvern, Boutros-Ghali approved a secret $ 26 million arms sale to the government of Rwanda in 1990 when he was Egyptian Foreign Minister, the weapons stockpiled by the Hutu regime as part of the fairly public, long-term preparations for the subsequent genocide.
According to information from Seymour M. Hersh, author of The Dark Side of Camelot during early preparations to the Bay of Pigs Invasion, President Dwight D. Eisenhower personally asked then-Governor of Alabama John Malcolm Patterson ( who served as a lieutenant in Eisenhower's staff during the World War II ) to use the aircraft of Air National Guard of Alabama ( Patterson, as Governor, was commander-in-chief of the guard ) by Cuban émigrés to attack and pilots to train them in deep secret in Nicaragua.
According to the Pentagon this new strategy followed the so-called dual-basing principle which meant that the squadrons in the US were held in such a state of readiness that they could return to their European bases at any given moment without lengthy preparations being necessary.
According to de la Vega, the Chachapoyas anticipated an Inca incursion and began preparations to withstand it at least two years earlier.
According to the recent revision of the Constitution of Finland (), the power over foreign affairs is retained by the president, as it also is in France, although with a narrow definition of foreign affairs that excludes influence over preparations of decisions within the European Union.
According to the arrangement and authorization of the State Council, the office takes charge of relevant preparations for negotiations and agreements with what the PRC calls the " Taiwan authorities " ( i. e., the government of the Republic of China and its authorized government organizations ).
According to Code of Federal Regulations ( CFR ) Title 21 Section 201. 305, use of isoprenaline has been regulated by mandating the inclusion of the following warning label: " Occasional patients have been reported to develop severe paradoxical airway resistance with repeated, excessive use of isoprenaline inhalation preparations.
According to Gen. Michael Repass, who conducted it in the Iraq War and was very familiar with its use in Afghanistan, " AFO consists of United States Secretary of Defense-approved military operations such as clandestine operations, source operations, and deployment of enabling forces and capabilities to conduct target-specific preparations prior to the conduct of an actual operation It is logically part of Operational Preparation of the Battlespace ( OPB ), which follows the Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace, a concept well-known in US and NATO doctrine, OPB is seldom used outside of Special Operations Forces channels.
According to Monzat, investigations also discovered that the military attaché at the US embassy was tightly connected with the coup organizers and that one of the main accused declared to the magistrate that US President Richard Nixon had followed the preparations for the coup, of which he was personally informed by two CIA officers.

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