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According and Mel
It is reflected in Martin Scorsese's film adaptation of Nikos Kazantzakis's novel The Last Temptation of Christ, in José Saramago's The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Jesus Christ Superstar, Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, Monty Python's The Life Of Brian, Jean-Claude La Marre's Color of the Cross and Hal Hartley's The Book of Life.
According to Dusted Magazine, Sakamoto's use of squelching bounce sounds and mechanical beats was later incorporated in early electro and hip hop music productions such as “ Message II ( Survival )” ( 1982 ) by Melle Mel and Duke Bootee, “ Magic ’ s Wand ” ( 1982 ) by Whodini and Thomas Dolby, Twilight 22 ’ s “ Electric Kingdom ” ( 1983 ), and Kurt Mantronik's Mantronix: The Album ( 1985 ).
According to critic David Ehrenstein, the term " Creative Accounting " was first used in 1968 in the film The Producers by Mel Brooks.
According to director Mel Gibson, the primary source material for The Passion of the Christ is the four Gospel narratives of Christ's passion.
According to Mel Davis of the National Basketball Retired Players Union, this battle kept him going, because Mikan hoped to be alive when a new collective bargaining agreement would finally vindicate his generation.
According to Mel Welles, Corman was not impressed by the box office performance of A Bucket of Blood, and had to be persuaded to direct another comedy.
" According to Dick Miller, all of the dialogue between his character and Mel Welles was ad-libbed.
Actors who have portrayed Caiaphas include Guy Rolfe in Nicholas Ray's film King of Kings ( 1961 ), Juan Rodolfo Wilcock in Pier Paolo Pasolini's film The Gospel According to St. Matthew ( 1964 ), Martin Landau in George Stevens ' film The Greatest Story Ever Told ( 1965 ), Bob Bingham in Norman Jewison's film Jesus Christ Superstar ( 1973 ), Anthony Quinn in Franco Zeffirelli's television miniseries Jesus of Nazareth ( 1977 ), and Mattia Sbragia in Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ ( 2004 ).
He must somehow be able to convince himself of the rightness of what he is doing in order to do things fully on the stage. According to film critic / author Mel Gussow, Strasberg required that an actor, when preparing for a role, delve not only into the character's life in the play, but also, " ar more importantly, into the character's life before the curtain rises.
* According to Mel Blanc, the character's original voice actor, Bugs Bunny has a Flatbush accent.
According to Pesky, former teammate and Sox broadcaster Mel Parnell named the pole after Pesky won a game for Parnell in with a home run down the short right field line, just around the pole.
According to Lieutenant Colonel Mel Gordon the 27th Tank Regiment had lost 28 Sherman tanks and the North Nova Scotia Highlanders 245 men on June 7.
According to one theory, prominently held by Otto von Friesen and Elena Mel ' nikova, Ingvar's saga has transmitted his origin correctly, and so he was the son of the Varangian Eymundr, who in turn was the son of a Swedish chieftain named Áki and the daughter of the Swedish king Eric the Victorious.
According to pages 222-223 of Curt Smith's biography on Mel Allen entitled The Voice: Mel Allen's Untold Story, when NBC lost the rights to the Game of the Week to CBS ( who unlike NBC, didn't broadcast regular season games for all 26 weeks of the season ) after the season, TWIB, sans a strong anchor, proceeded to either lose markets or move to weaker ( often independent ) stations.

According and If
According to adventurer André Malraux, in his La Condition Humaine ( 1933 ), " If a man is not ready to risk his life, where is his dignity ?".
According to Ivinskaya, " If ever the conversation turned to Mandelstam, Leonidovich would always hark back to the same thing: that he was not to blame for his misfortunes, and that if he had not written to Bukharin and in general made a great fuss about his arrest, then perhaps Mandelstam would not even have had the respite, brief as it was, which was granted to him -- with the result that the Voronezh Notebooks might never have been written.
According to Bruce Campbell's autobiography, If Chins Could Kill, Richard acquired his stage name by combining his short name with his roommates ' names, Hal and Del.
According to the Ruby FAQ, " If you like Perl, you will like Ruby and be right at home with its syntax.
According to Marie Dowling " Anne tried to educate her waiting-women in scriptural piety ” and is believed to have reproved her cousin, Mary Shelton, for “ having ‘ idle poesies ’ written in her prayer book .” If Cavendish is to be believed, Anne's outrage at Wolsey may have personalized whatever philosophical defiance she brought with her from France.
According to Robert Murphy's account, his father's statement was along the lines of " If there's more than one way to do a job, and one of those ways will result in disaster, then somebody will do it that way.
According to Jewish legend, Balaam was made this powerful in order to prevent the non-Jewish tribes from saying: " If we had only had our own Moses, we would be as pious as the Jews.
According to the tale, Clark said, " If you can show low, you win.
According to Peel, " If there has ever been such a thing as a genius in the history of popular music, it's Beefheart ...
According to Iran's first Vice-President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi " If all the potential of the country's transit sector is tapped, it can bring in as much revenues as oil ".
According to Mark Weber, associate editor of the IHR's Journal of Historical Review Director of the IHR, " If by the ' Holocaust ' you mean the political persecution of Jews, some scattered killings, if you mean a cruel thing that happened, no one denies that.
According to Dr. Gill who conducted the tests, " If you accept that these samples came from Anna Anderson, then Anna Anderson could not be related to Tsar Nicholas or Tsarina Alexandra.
According to the historian Robin Storey, " If Henry's insanity was a tragedy, his recovery was a national disaster ".
According to an article posted on his official website, Sting entered the studio in early February 2009 to begin work on a new album If on a Winter's Night ..., released on October 2009.
According to Norman, the record company dropped several Christian songs, including " Butterfly ," " If God Is My Father ," " Kulderachna ", and " I Hope I'll See You In Heaven ", in favor of more lightweight love songs like " Fly, Fly, Fly ," the album's opening track ", and " Christmastime ', both previously released as singles.
According to Spinrad: If there's one gaping void in the story of American literary history in the second half of the twentieth century as currently promulgated, it's the influence of grass and psychedelic drugs, not only on the lives of writers, but on the content of what's been written, and on the form and style too.
According to Entertainment Weekly, Leonard spoke these words as the show opened: " If you're a fan, what you will see in the next minutes, hours, and days to follow may convince you that you've gone to sports heaven.
According to Snell,If some important point is disregarded by common law court, then equity interferes .”
According to Oxfam, " If developed nations eliminated subsidy programs, the export value of agriculture in lesser developed nations would increase by 24 %, plus a further 5. 5 % from tariff equilibrium.
According to Charles Duelfer, after the bombing the Iraqi ambassador to the UN told him, " If we had known that was all you would do, we would have ended the inspections long ago.
" According to Merenstein, before he cut it, the coda " was a long, long ending that went nowhere, that just carried on from minute to minute ... If it had relativity to the tune itself, I would have left it there.
According to this story, ( the accuracy of which has never been verified ), in 1936 Hitler requested that Spare travel to Berlin to produce a portrait of the Nazi leader, but that Spare refused, remarking that " If you are a superman, let me be forever animal.
According to one author, Spare's magical rationale was as follows, " If the psyche represses certain impulses, desires, fears, and so on, and these then have the power to become so effective that they can mold or even determine entirely the entire conscious personality of a person right down to the most subtle detail, this means nothing more than the fact that through repression (" forgetting ") many impulses, desires, etc.
According to Williams, he speculated that the world was an unchanging entity that was interpreted by the brain through the senses, and, writes Muir, " If the creator were to bestow a new set of senses upon us.

According and hadn't
According to Lerner, " he kept the boat from rocking, and Camelot might never have reached New York if it hadn't been for him.
According to the Dallas Times Herald, it took Vaughan an hour just to walk from the bar to the table across the room where his parents were sitting ; the article also said, " Stevie Ray found his father, a retired asbestos worker who hadn't taken a plane ride since the Korean War, and hugged him until they both cried.
According to Rosenbaum, past research findings that virginity pledgers delayed sex may have been affected by their statistical method's inability to adjust fully for pre-existing differences between pledgers and non-pledgers: pledgers are much more negative towards premarital sex prior to even taking the pledge, so would be predicted to delay sex even if they hadn't taken the pledge.
According to the actress, " I hadn't been close to my mom for a long time, so we had a lot of homework to do.
According to Houseman, " he hadn't the faintest idea what the effect would be ".
According to Nicholson, " I went in to the shoot knowing I had to be very quirky because Roger originally hadn't wanted me.
According to Alberta in 1984, the couple hadn't shared the same bed in nearly ten years, with Gay and Alberta sleeping in separate bedrooms.
According to Caine, he was extremely nervous during his screen test for the part of Bromhead, and director Cy Endfield told him that it was the worst screen test he had ever seen, but they were casting Caine in the part anyway because the production was leaving for South Africa shortly and they hadn't found anyone else for the role.
According to Huey, the band was influential to the development of emo even though the style's later sound was quite different from Drive Like Jehu's: " The term ' emo ' hadn't yet come into wider use, and while Drive Like Jehu didn't much resemble the sound that word would later come to signify, they exerted a powerful pull on its development.
According to David Richards of The Washington Post, Tunick had auditioned a number of potential hosts, but hadn't yet found the right one.
According to Leviticus, anyone who comes into contact with or carries any creature that hadn't been deliberately killed by shechita was regarded by the biblical regulations as having made themselves unclean by doing so, and therefore was compelled to immerse their entire body.
According to the DVD commentary for the final episode of Babylon 5, " Sleeping in Light ," Straczynski decided not to have David Sheridan appear in that episode, partly because he hadn't figured out how he wanted David to look, and partly because he feared that debuting an important character would detract from the story he wanted to tell in that episode.
According to Dave Thompson, " For many Americans, they were the first to actually bother with the backwoods, playing places which other Brit bands hadn't heard of, and returning to them again and again.
According to record producers, Terrell was a little nervous and intimidated during recording because she hadn't rehearsed the lyrics.
According to a police officer standing near the affected area, the seats hadn't been installed in time for the fire marshal to inspect them.
According to a 2008 article by children's literature expert Anita Silvey in the School Library Journal, one member of the Newbery committee stated that she voted for Secret of the Andes rather than Charlotte's Web " because she hadn't seen any good books about South America.

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