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According and Merritt
According to Jerry Merritt, both he and Roger tried to attract investors to help further fund his bigfoot movie.
According to an article: " To celebrate the release of Distortion, Merritt and The Magnetic Fields played mini-residencies in cities around the country, culminating with six shows at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music.
According to the New York Times review, Merritt had " the night's purest voice.
According to Denver criminal defense attorney Jeralyn Merritt, a press-accredited blogger who attended the trial, " After Judith Miller's testimony, Libby lawyer Ted Wells told the judge he would be moving for a judgment of acquittal on a count pertaining to her.

According and Ruhlen
According to Ruhlen, this pattern is not found in language families or languages outside Eurasiatic.

According and 1971
According to Moore's own letter he applied to the already existing organization in March 1971.
According to Brown ( 1971 ), the increased professionalization of tax collection did much to destroy the traditional structures of provincial life, as it weakened the autonomy of the town councils in the Greek towns.
According to his son, Mehmood, along with other scientists and engineers, eye-witnessed the Indo-Pak War of 1971, and had locked himself in his room where he cried for two days over the loss of East Pakistan.
According to a 1971 documentary on the History of Alcatraz, the island measures by and is at highest point during mean tide.
During this period Norman wrote at least three comedies: X-Mass ( 1971 ), Also Sprach Kazoostra ( 1972 ) and The Gospel According To Moresell, Moresold ( 1973 ).
According to Professor Stephen Tierney, perhaps the earliest notable example of academic interest in the deliberative aspects of democracy occurred in John Rawls 1971 work A Theory of Justice.
According to Simmons, nearly every seat was too far from the field even before the 1971 expansion.
According to the 1971 census, Westmorland was the second least populated administrative county in England, after Rutland.
According to Anna Smith in her book " Johannesburg Street Names " ( Juta, 1971 ), Sturdee Avenue in Rosebank, Johannesburg ( South Africa ), is " believed that it commemorates Admiral Sir Frederick Charles Doveton Sturdee ( 1859 1925 ) of World Ward 1 fame.
According to the Ramsar Wetland Convention 1971, parts of Moreton Bay are listed as a wetland of international importance.
According to a 1998 interview with Hinderaker, the city of Riverside received negative press coverage for smog after the mayor asked Governor Ronald Reagan to declare the South Coast Air Basin a disaster area in 1971 ; subsequent student enrollment declined by up to 25 % through 1979.
Madow goes on to point out “ fame is often conferred or withheld, just as love is, for reasons and on grounds other than ‘ merit ’.” According to Sofia Johansson the “ canonical texts on stardom ” include articles by Boorstin ( 1971 ), Alberoni ( 1972 ) and Dyer ( 1979 ) that examined the “ representations of stars and on aspects of the Hollywood star system ”.
According to his website, he created the Spiritual Revolution through Christ Inc. which was honored in a " Spiritual Revolution Day " by then Governor Ronald Reagan in 1971.
According to Brazil's national act number 5, 700 of 1 September 1971, the flag portrays the stars as they would be seen by an imaginary observer an infinite distance above Rio de Janeiro standing outside the firmament in which the stars are meant to be placed.
According to Zhang, Lin Biao had become extremely passive and inactive by 1971.
According to Albert Rose in his study of Metro from 1953 1971, the cancellation of the project raised four issues that would affect Metro Council afterwards:
According to Statistics Canada, up to 244, 000 English-speaking people have emigrated from Quebec to other provinces since the 1970s, and the Quebec population of those whose mother tongue is English had dropped from 789, 000 in 1971 to 575, 555 in 2006.
According to the October 6, 1971, edition of Variety, it was the first off-network series to best network competition in the ratings: " The big switch no doubt representing the first time in rating history that indies ( local stations ) have knocked over the network stations in a primetime slot was promoted by WPIX's premiere of the off-web Jeannie reruns back to back from 7 to 8 p. m ."
According to Schevill & Watkins ( 1971 ), Peale's Dolphin and the Cephalorhynchus species are the only dolphins that do not whistle ( no acoustic data are available for the Hourglass Dolphin ).
According to the 1971 Comprehensive Program, joint planning — multilateral or bilateral — was to be limited to " interested countries and was " not to interfere with the autonomy of internal planning.
According to Schevill & Watkins ( 1971 ), Peale's dolphin and the Cephalorhynchus species are the only dolphins that do not whistle.
According to Schevill & Watkins ( 1971 ), Peale's Dolphin and the Cephalorhynchus species are the only dolphins that do not whistle.
According to data recorded in 1971, more than one million Americans underwent tonsillectomies or adenoidectomies, combined or alone, of which 50, 000 consisted of adenoidectomy alone.
According to M. B. Emeneau, the successive decennial Census of India figures for the Toda are: 1871 ( 693 ), 1881 ( 675 ), 1891 ( 739 ), 1901 ( 807 ), 1911 ( 676 ) ( corrected from 748 ), 1951 ( 879 ), 1961 ( 759 ), 1971 ( 812 ).
According to the 1971 census, their population was 51. 54 lakhs.

According and Greenberg
According to Greenberg, Eurasiatic and Amerind form a genetic node, being more closely related to each other than either is to " the other families of the Old World ".
According to Greenberg Modern art followed a process of progressive reduction and refinement toward the goal of defining the essential, formal nature of each medium.
According to Greenberg ( 1999 ) and others, the simplest 2-dimensional projective geometry is the Fano plane, which has 3 points on every line, with 7 points and lines in all arranged with the following schedule of collinearities:
( According to Baseball Almanac, Hank Greenberg was the first with Pittsburgh in 1947.
According to Greenberg, Indo-Pacific consists of fourteen families.
According to Greenberg:
According to Brian " Small Bird " Fox, Through 2010, Lieberthal may have hit the 5th-most career home runs of any Jewish major league baseball player, behind Hank Greenberg, Shawn Green, Sid Gordon, and Al Rosen, and was 7th on the all-time list in hits ( behind Gordon ) and RBIs ( behind Rosen ).
According to Greenberg, contracts appeared " generally structured in a way to provide for appropriate risk transfer and accounted for properly.
According to Greenberg, the language family that Eurasiatic is most closely connected to is Amerind.
According to Keith Richards, " Finally someone has captured the central feel of this master musician and his times, and that man is Alan Greenberg.
" According to the suit, internal Greenberg e-mails showed that Abramoff associate Michael Scanlon, although not a member of the firm, " billed hours to tribal clients through Greenberg and that members of the law firm, including attorneys Kevin Ring, Shawn Vasell, Stephanie Leger, Todd Boulanger and others, fabricated hours and time entries for Scanlon.
According to the sign, the plaque was erected by Boy Scout Troop 249 in remembrance of David Greenberg ( age 12 ), Mike Early ( age 16 ), and Michael J. Lanoue ( age 13 ).
According to Bulldogs CEO Todd Greenberg, Williams was " our best player " before he " walked out ".

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