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According and associate
According to Mark Bollman, a mathematics and calculator historian and associate professor of mathematics at Albion College, the " Construction Master is the first in a long and profitable line of CI construction calculators " which carried them through the 1980s, 1990s, and to the present.
According to Dr. Bianchi, associate curator of the Brooklyn Museum " In tomb 15, the prince is looking on to things he enjoyed in life that he wishes to take to the next world.
According to Mark Weber, associate editor of the IHR's Journal of Historical Review Director of the IHR, " If by the ' Holocaust ' you mean the political persecution of Jews, some scattered killings, if you mean a cruel thing that happened, no one denies that.
According to Dennis Showalter, " a major challenge of political anti-Semitism involves overcoming the images of the ' Jew next door ' — the living, breathing acquaintance or associate whose simple existence appears to deny the validity of that negative stereotype.
According to the Census Bureau, Maumelle is the best educated city in Arkansas, proportionately, with 51. 7 % of adult residents ( 25 and older ) holding an associate degree or higher, and 45. 7 % of adults possessing a baccalaureate degree or higher.
According to Shri Sankara Menon ( 1907 – 2007 ), who was her associate from Kalakshetra s beginnings, Rukmini Devi raised Bharatanatyam to a puritan art form, divorced from its recently controversial past by " removing objectionable elements " ( mostly, the Sringara, certain emotional elements evocative of the erotic, such as hip, neck, lip and chest movements ) from the Pandanallur style, which was publicly criticized by Balasaraswati and other representatives of the traditional devadasi culture.
According to the Irish Annals of Tigernach, Magnus's goal was to seize power in England, whereas the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle appears to associate the Norwegian fleet with the return to power of Earl Ælfgār.
According to Keith Roberts, associate dean,
According to Le Figaro, Paul Desmarais Sr. is a close associate of ex-president of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy.
According to the GNS construction, for each state, we can associate a Hilbert space representation of Pure states correspond to irreducible representations and mixed states correspond to reducible representations.
According to " Dr. Richard Rawson, associate director of UCLA's Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, ... is popular with workers in overachieving, highly productive economies such as those in Japan and South Korea.
According to Maria Zawadzka of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Henryk Sławik was posthumously awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem Commemorative Authority already on 26 January 1977, but achieved wide recognition only after Zvi Henryk Zimmerman, his wartime associate and a distinguished Israeli politician, popularized his efforts in the 1990s.
According to Kevin Cook in his book Titanic Thompson ( 2010 ), the poker game was fixed by a gambler, Titanic Thompson ( real name Alvin Clarence Thomas ) and his associate, Nate Raymond.
According to Dr. Robert Bruce Ware, an associate professor of Southern Illinois University, the best explanation for the apartment block blasts is that they were perpetrated by Wahhabis under the leadership of Khattab, as retribution for the federal attacks on Karamachi, Chabanmakhi, and Kadar.
According to a close associate quoted in the Washington Post, England's time in the United States Department of Homeland Security had " expanded view of the administration's war on terrorism ", which lead to a number of initiatives that he pursued in his second term at the Pentagon including ;
According to associate producer Mike Kaplan, the screenplay was first written in 1989.
According to an FBI interrogation report, an associate of Mohammed confessed that the militant trained with al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.
According to the New York Post, Cutler was a friend and business associate of the madam of an escort agency where Eliot Spitzer was a client.
According to Samten Karmay, Gesar arose as the hero of a society still thinly permeated by Buddhism, and the earlier myths associate him with pre-Buddhist beliefs like the mountain cult.
According to Richard Brookhiser, an associate of Buckley's, the host commented that it was " the most unharried Krishna I've ever heard.
According to Houbraken ( who used his Teutsche Academie as a primary source ), he learned to read and write from the son of Theodor de Bry, Johann Theodoor de Brie and his associate Matthäus Merian, but at age 15 was so eager to learn more of the art of engraving, that he walked from Frankfurt to Prague to become a pupil of Gillis Sadelaar ( also known as Aegidius Sadeler of the Sadeler family ).
" According to Leigh, Geffcken identifies Cicero with “ the wiles and verbal ingenuity of the comic hero ” and in effect “ the jury becomes complicit in his successful bid to talk his young associate Caelius out of a distinctly tricky situation .” Leigh postulates that Cicero in Pro Caelio attempts to make the jury study what he claims to be the central issues in the case, as if they were watching a comedy.
According to the biography on his official website ( http :// www. shoebat. com / bio. php ), Shoebat was born in Bethlehem, the grandson of the Mukhtar of Beit Sahour, whom Shoebat describes as an associate of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammad Amin al-Husayni.
According to Haggard, in November 1984, when he was an associate pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, his confidant and mentor Danny Ost, a missionary to Mexico City, had a vision of Haggard founding his church in Colorado Springs.

According and
According to Vahram Nercissiantz, President Serzh Sargsyan's chief economic adviser, " Businessmen holding state positions have turned into oligarchs who have avoided paying sufficient taxes by abusing their state positions, distorted markets with unequal conditions, breached the rules of competition, impeded or prevented small and medium-sized business entry into manufacturing and thereby sharply deepened social polarization in the republic.
According to official figures, Armenia s economy grew by 13. 8 percent in 2007.
According to the Central Bank of Armenia, in 2005, cash remittances from Armenians working abroad reached a record-high level of $ 1 billion, which is worth more than one fifth of the country s 2005 Gross Domestic Product.
According to the head of the Armenian Central Bank s ( CBA ) department for financial system policies and analyses ( Vahe Vardanyan ) Armenian banks have no large asset concentrations in foreign markets, particularly in capital markets.
* According to a note of Isaac de Beausobre s, Jean Hardouin accepted the first three of these, taking the four others for the initials of the Greek anthrōpoussōzōn hagiōi xylōi, “ saving mankind by the holy cross .”
According to Tacitus, Agrippina s eldest daughter Agrippina the Younger had written memoirs for posterity.
According to Asser, because of Pope Marinus friendship with King Alfred, the pope granted an exemption to any Anglo-Saxons residing within Rome from tax or tribute.
According to the SEC, Aon s subsidiaries made improper payments of over $ 3. 6 million to government officials and third party facilitators in Costa Rica, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Myanmar and Bangladesh, between 1983 and 2007, in order to obtain and retain insurance contracts.
According to him, while the first two visions ( the alter-globalism and the anti-globalism ) represent the reconstructed forms of old and new left ideologies, respectively, in the context of current globalization, only the third one has shown the capacity to respond more effectively to the intellectual requirements of today s global complexities.
According to Capp s longtime friend Milton Caniff, Capp was “ charming ” when he chose to be, but he added, “ He could be very difficult if he didn t like you .” Frank Frazetta described Capp as " exasperating, infuriating, domineering, obnoxious, loud, lots of fun, acidic and lovable.
According to this view, Beowulf can largely be seen to be the product of antiquarian interests and that it tells readers more about " an 11th-century Anglo-Saxon s notions about Denmark, and its pre-history, than it does about the age of Bede and a 7th-or 8th-century Anglo-Saxon s notions about his ancestors homeland.
According to Yevgenii Pasternak, " I couldn t recognize my father when I saw him that evening.
According to Yevgenii Pasternak, his father would have been exiled had it not been for Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who telephoned Khrushchev and threatened to found a Committee for Pasternak s protection.
According to Dr. Wink, Jasmuheen s pupils were dilated, her speech was slow, and she was " quite dehydrated, probably over 10 %, getting up to 11 %".
According to Ovid, it was Jupiter ( Zeus ) who took the form of Diana ( Artemis ) so that he might evade his wife Juno s detection, forcing himself upon Callisto while she was separated from Diana and the other nymphs.
According to social mores and the prevailing law, marriages, entrance into religious life and migration from one s place of birth to another land required official permission from upper strata ( the lord and the council commissioner ).
As a result, his art was sometimes criticized as being “ vulgar ,” because he painted what he saw: “ rutted and edged hodgepodge of bushes, mounds of earth, and trees in various stages of development .” According to one source, details such as those were equivalent to today s art showing garbage cans or beer bottles on the side of a street scene.
According to Pissarro s son Lucien, his father was impressed by Van Gogh s work and had “ foreseen the power of this artist ”, who was 23 years younger.
According to Pissarro s son, Lucien, his father painted regularly with Cézanne beginning in 1872.
According to 2012 figures from Statistics Denmark, 89. 6 % of Denmark s population of over 5, 580, 516 was of Danish descent.
According to Jacques Ellul,the aim is not to even modify people s ideas on a given subject, rather, it is to achieve conformity in the way that people act.

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