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According and Minnesota
According to tribal tradition, during the 17th century the Cheyenne had been driven by the Ho hé ( Assiniboine ) from the Great Lakes region to present-day Minnesota and North Dakota, where they established villages.
According to Minnesota Public Radio, this may be the beginning of a trend toward Keillor's eventual retirement.
According to traditional continuity, both cities are located in the fictional U. S. state of Calisota, a portmanteau of California and Minnesota.
According to co-creator Allan Burns, Minnesota was selected for the show's location after " one of the writers began talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the Vikings.
According to the official web site, Otter Tail County contains over 1000 lakes and two Minnesota state parks, Maplewood State Park and Glendalough State Park.
According to Dakota tradition, their ancestors pushed out the Iowa who were found settled at the mouth of the Minnesota River.
According to Melvin Gimmestad's Historical Backgrounds of Mound, Minnesota, " Mound derived its name from the Indian mounds once found within the present-day limits.
According to legend, Ross, Minnesota and a number of other surrounding communities are reportedly " hot spots " for sightings of the Native American mythical creature known as the Wendigo.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of and is the largest city in Minnesota by area and the 40th largest city, by area, in the United States.
According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources ( DNR ), Two Harbors is located in a region called the Laurentian Mixed Forest Province which contains broad areas of coniferous forest, mixed hardwood, and conifer bogs and swamps.
According to the Minnesota Management and Budget Department, general-fund expenditures from 2004 to 2011 increased an average of 3. 5 percent per two-year term, compared to an average of 21. 1 percent from 1960 to 2003 ( these numbers, however, are not inflation-adjusted ).
According to an article on the front page of the Moose Lake ( Minnesota ) Star on January 17, 1901: " Ex-governor John Lind after having freed himself from the duties of governor last Thursday walked down to the Dispatch office in St. Paul and administered to Editor Black a well-deserved licking.
According to Donohue, as the Pharyngula website was accessible via a link from the University of Minnesota website, it should be bound by the institution's code of conduct which requires faculty to be " respectful, fair and civil " when dealing with others.
Translated by Roger Ariew as Descartes ' Philosophy Interpreted According to the Order of Reasons ( Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1984 ).
According to the University ’ s website, Strayer University now operates additional campuses in Delaware, New Jersey, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Utah, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
According to the College Board, as of July 2012 there are 34, 812 undergraduates at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.
According to Minnesota Congressional Election 2008 Political Courage Test, Oberstar supports having taxes on corporate earnings, gasoline and cigarettes.
According to Rod Carew, he learned when Wynn came to Minnesota as a coach, his competitiveness didn't end when his career did.
According to one source, " he came to Minnesota in 1922 with a traveling team called the Mesaba Range Black Sox, which featured three other members of the 1919 Black Sox team: Happy Felsch, Buck Weaver and Lefty Williams.
According to Schulz, Frieda's character was inspired by his longtime friend Frieda Rich, a local artist whom he met while taking classes at the Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
According to the Minnesota Department of Corrections, the prison's nine complexes are “ specialized uniquely to help facilitate a safe, secure, and humane environment for the offenders incarcerated as well as the staff who work at Oak Park Heights ”.
According to the U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service documents, his parents emigrated to America in 1902 via the port of Duluth, Minnesota.
According to Roger Feldman, Blue Cross Professor of Health Insurance at the University of Minnesota, one of the main reasons that medical fraud is such a prevalent practice is that nearly all of the parties involved find it favorable in some way.
According to his keynote speech on October 13, 2007, at the Sinclair Lewis writing conference in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, he still intended to compete in the Iditarod.

According and Place
According to one nineteenth-century writer, at a time when it was hard for unknown painters to come to the attention of the Royal Academy, he first found notice by displaying a painting at the " small Corpus Christi " ( held eight days after the regular one ) on the Place Dauphine ( by the Pont Neuf ).
According to Samaritan tradition, Mount Gerizim was the original Holy Place of the Israelites from the time that Joshua conquered Canaan and the tribes of Israel settled the land.
According to Ojibwa oral history, Spirit Island, located near the Spirit Valley neighborhood, was the " Sixth Stopping Place " where the northern and southern branches of the Ojibwa Nation came together and then proceeded to their " Seventh Stopping Place " near the present city of La Pointe, Wisconsin.
According to the government 2009 Place Survey, the Council was rated as the sixth most popular major authority in the country.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the Census Designated Place has a total area of, of which, of it is land and of it ( 6. 04 %) is water.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the Census Designated Place ( CDP ) has a total area of 14. 84 km² ( 5. 73 mi² ), all land.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the Census Designated Place ( CDP ) has a total area of, of which is land and, or 8. 63 %, is water.
According to the United States Census Bureau, this CDP ( Census Designated Place ), commonly referred to by local residents as The Acres, has a total area of 13. 5 km², 5. 2 sq mi, over 99 % land.
According to the book " Michigan Place Names " by Walter Romig, the area that would become Charlotte was owned by the U. S. Government until 1832 when George Barnes purchased the land.
According to Romig's Michigan Place Names, the community was first settled by lumbermen in about 1863 and was first known as Grand Forks, after the confluence of the Tobacco and Cedar rivers.
According to Henry Gannett ’ s work from “ The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States ” he states, “ The town was so named because of the bluish atmosphere surrounding the hill on which the village is located ”.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the Census-Designated Place ( CDP ) has a total area of, of which is land and ( 1. 37 %) is water.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of. The area is hilly in some areas but has good grass and trees in most places because much of Miller Place was farm land before the population of Long Island grew.
According to the book Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania by Dr. George P. Donehoo, the community's name likely means " Fine Stream " in a local Native American language.
According to the United States Census Bureau, this Census Designated Place has a total area of 2. 0 square miles ( 5. 1 km² ), of which, 2. 0 square miles ( 5. 1 km² ) of it is land and 0. 51 % is water.
According to the Tacoma Public Library's Washington Place Names database: " In 1900, it was chosen as a station by the Spokane-Coeur d ' Alene Electric Railway, and was named Woodard's for the family who owned the land along the railway route.
According to Joseph Baretti in his Guide through the Royal Academy ( 1780 ), " the whole of the carvings in the various fronts of Somerset Place — excepting Bacon's bronze figures — were carved from finished drawings made by Cipriani.
According to a book written by Barrett's brother Scott ( A Place in the Sun: The Truth Behind Jay's Journal ), and interviews with the family, Sparks used roughly 25 entries of 212 total from Barrett's actual journal.
She is best known for her roles as Alison Parker on Melrose Place, Georgia Thomas on Ally McBeal, and Cheryl in According to Jim, as well as her recurring role on Two and a Half Men as Lyndsey McElroy.
According to A Dictionary of British Place Names, the name Woolsthorpe means " an outlying farmstead or hamlet ( Old Scandinavian ' thorp ') of a man called Wulfstan ( Old English person name )".
According to John Batchelor in his " An Ainu-English Dictionary " ( chapter 1, section V: Place Names Considered ) the Ainu name was E-pet or " humour river ", a name based on its murky colour ( meaning unclear ).
According to the oral histories of the Anishinaabe, after departing the " Second Stopping Place " near Niagara Falls, the core Anishinaabe peoples migrated along the shores of Lake Erie to what is now southern Michigan.
According to the Hebrew Bible, while the Israelites were living in the Sinai for forty years, they built a Tabernacle ( translit: mishkan, " Place of dwelling "); this was viewed as the abode of the Shekhinah ( the presence of YHWH ) on Earth, and the place where the priests could minister to God on behalf of the nation of Israel.

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