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According and Miss
According to the myth, Old Order then vanishes at stage left and reappears at extreme stage right, but Director Shuz skillfully sidesteps the rather gooshey problem of stage effects by simply having Miss Arapacis walk across the stage.
According to Gow, Housman could never remember his students ' names, maintaining that " had he burdened his memory by the distinction between Miss Jones and Miss Robinson, he might have forgotten that between the second and fourth declension.
According to Miss Tarter, in 2012 it costs around "$ 2 million a year to keep SETI research going at the SETI Institute " and approximately 10 times that to support " all kinds of SETI activity around the world.
According to some stories his wife is known as Miss Anansi or Mistress Anansi but most commonly as Aso.
According to the organizers, the Miss Universe contest is more than a beauty pageant: women aspiring to become Miss Universe must be intelligent, well-mannered, and cultured.
According to Ronald Fletcher there is also full documentary evidence of the existence of Miss Conway.
According to the Miss Saigon Official Site, Miss Saigon has been performed by twenty-seven companies in twenty-five countries and 246 cities, and it has been translated into twelve different languages.
According to an eye witness, Miss More ( 13 years his senior ) walked out of the club just before the last set.
According to Miss Wheelwright, a former pupil, he had the intellect of a genius.
According to Miss Farrar, until prime donne can combine the arts of Sarah Bernhardt and Nellie Melba, dramatic ability is more essential than perfect singing in opera
According to Peter Michelson there is, " a relatively small corpus of pornographic films – e. g., Deep Throat, The Devil in Miss Jones, and Behind the Green Door – that have a minimal but still sufficient artistic interest to distinguish themselves from the rest of the genre ", and the film is " more artful than most smut films ".
According to "' Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky ", Carl spent at least part of his boyhood in Iceland.
According to etiquette authority Miss Manners, because the party centers on gift-giving, the baby shower is typically arranged and hosted by a close friend rather than a member of the family, since it is considered rude for families to beg for gifts on behalf of their members.
According to Stanley Green, the musical had " an average score that is worth the price just to hear Miss Walker describe her life of ' Adventure '".
* On According to Jim in the episode The Bachelor Jim and Andy sing Miss Susie ( omitting the first verse ) while accompanying the song with the piano and the harmonica.
According to a report, " Miss Grimes said she believed the attacks were related to her association with several Negro entertainers and recent appearances in public with Sammy Davis Jr., the Negro actor, who was said to be staging a night club act for her ".
According to Eric Morley's 1967 book, " The Miss World Story ", Costanda was positively beaming as she claimed her victory was also for third runner-up status of Marina Papaelia, 1953's Miss Egypt.
According to the account in the book, Miss Wallbridge's life until the age of 26 was of the most worldly character.
According to Radio & Records magazine, " Miss You Much " was the number one radio hit of 1989.
According to Miss Lipoma, " Acting is not my first priority, but I'm leaving the possibility open.

According and teacher
According to the Theravāda teacher Bhikkhu Bodhi the bodhisattva path was not taught by Buddha.
According to S. N. Goenka, a teacher of Vipassana meditation, the original meaning of dhamma is " dharayati iti dharmaH ", or " one that contains, supports or upholds " and dharma in the Buddhist scriptures has a variety of meanings, including " phenomenon " and " nature " or " characteristic ".
According to Matthew Henry a Bible commentator who flourished in the 17th century, Ezekiel is also believed to have been known as Nazaratus Assyrius, a teacher to Pythagorus.
According to Rabbinic tradition, all valid interpretations of the written Torah were revealed to Moses at Sinai in oral form, and handed down from teacher to pupil ( The oral revelation is in effect coextensive with the Talmud itself ).
According to Jewish tradition, God gave both the Written Law ( Torah ) and the Oral Law ( additional laws and customs meant to be passed down from teacher to student ) to Moses on Mount Sinai.
According to well-known teacher and translator Eknath Easwaran, kundalini means " the coiled power ," a force which ordinarily rests at the base of the spine, described as being coiled there like a serpent.
According to this teaching there has not been a single people at any time in history or anywhere in the world who have not had a warner from God, a teacher, a prophet.
According to former stage manager David Blayney ( 15 years with ZZ Top ) in his book, Sharp Dressed Men, sound engineer Linden Hudson co-wrote much of the material on the album as a live-in high-tech music teacher to Beard and Gibbons.
According to Sir Richard C. Jebb, a British classical scholar, " the intercourse between Isaeus and Demosthenes as teacher and learner can scarcely have been either very intimate or of very long duration ".
According to a tradition preserved in the academies, Rav Ashi was born in the same year that Rava, the great teacher of Mahuza, died, and he was the first teacher of any importance in the Talmudic Academies in Babylonia after Raba's death.
According to the teacher, Foster struck the pistol Pitts had drawn to defend himself, thus causing its discharge.
According to the organisers of a recent Hrabal exhibition in Brno, his biological father was “ probably ” Bohumil Blecha ( b. 1893-d, 1970 ), who was a year older than Marie, a friend from the neighbourhood and the son of a teacher.
According to Tomonubu Imamichi, the concept of Dasein was inspired — although Heidegger remains silent on this — by Okakura Kakuzo's concept of das-in-der-Welt-sein ( being in the world ) expressed in The Book of Tea to describe Zhuangzi's philosophy, which Imamichi's teacher had offered to Heidegger in 1919, after having studied with him the year before.
According to Pliny's Natural History, Ageladas of Argos was his teacher.
As an answer to Hans Hellwigs complaints about the interventionist excesses of the Erhard ministry and the Ordoliberals, Mises wrote, “ I have no illusions about the true character of the politics and politicians of the social market economy .” According to Mises, Erhard ´ s teacher, Franz Oppenheimer “ taught more or less the New Frontier line of ” President Kennedy ´ s “ Harvard consultants ( Schlesinger, Galbraith, etc.
According to Jain texts, Ravana will be the future Tirthankara ( omniscient teacher ) of Jainism.
According to the Ladies Club, the first teacher was Linnie Keen Campbell Lane.
According to Chastine Burke, who moved to Iron City in 1930, and attended the school, Speck Newberry was her teacher.
According to Pausanias, the Athenians sent the lame, mentally defective teacher / poet to Sparta as a compromise, wishing to obey the oracle, which had demanded an Athenian, but not wishing to help the Spartans in their war, which would have required a more capable individual.
According to Sacks, Chabad stressed the individual responsibilities of every Jew: " The rebbe ... became more of a teacher and adviser, recognising the vocation of each of his followers, guiding them towards it, uncovering their strengths, and rejoicing in their achievements.
According to one tradition, their individual names are Habim, Antonin, Guriah, Eleazar, Eusebon, Hadim ( Halim ), Marcellus, their mother Solomonia, and their teacher Eleazar.
According to one story, Lü's teacher Zhongli Quan became an immortal and was about to fly to heaven, while saying to Lü that if he kept practicing the Tao he would also be able to fly to heaven himself very soon.
According to the book " The Eight Immortals Achieving the Tao (《 八仙得道摶 》)," in his previous incarnation, Lü Dongbin was a Taoist master and the teacher of Zhongli Quan.

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