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According and Nicolaus
According to Nicolaus Zink, Prince Solms had planned to establish a German feudal state by secretly bringing in immigrants and placing them in military fortresses.
According to Nicolaus of Damascus, Decimus Brutus was the third to strike Caesar, stabbing him in the side.
According to Bartel Leendert van der Waerden, Seleucus may have constructed his heliocentric theory by determining the constants of a geometric model and by developing methods to compute planetary positions using this model, as Nicolaus Copernicus later did in the 16th century.

According and Damascus
According to John of Damascus, anyone who tries to destroy icons " is the enemy of Christ, the Holy Mother of God and the saints, and is the defender of the Devil and his demons.
According to the agreements reached at San Remo, France had its control over what was termed Syria recognised, the French having taken Damascus in 1920.
According to Shi ' a Muslim belief, Abel is buried in Nabi Habeel Mosque, located west of Damascus, in Syria.
According to Ibn Jubayr, under Saladin, Damascus had 20 schools, 100 baths, and a large number of Sufi dervish monasteries.
According to Sykes, Churchill, and Balfour the areas lying east of the line from Damascus, Homs, Hama, and Alleppo ( the Hedjaz Railway route ) had been pledged to the Arabs ( as noted in Churchill's analysis ).
According to Josephus, the next most dense Jewish population after the Land of Israel and Babylonia was in Syria, particularly in Antioch, and Damascus, where 10, 000 to 18, 000 Jews were massacred during the great insurrection.
According to Nicolas of Damascus his original name was Atradates, and he was wounded and later died in the Battle of the Persian Border which he, with his son, fought against Astyages.
According to Hasia R. Diner, in The Jews of the United States, 1654 to 2000, " For the Jews, the Damascus affair launched modern Jewish politics on an international scale, and for American Jews it represented their first effort at creating a distinctive political agenda.
According to Daniel Pipes, "... the real impact of the Damascus affair ... lay in Europe, where it led to a formidable backlash against Jews, the greatest in years.
According to Islamic tradition, Jesus, upon his second advent, would descend with or near a White Minaret disputably to the east of Damascus or in the eastern side of Damascus.
According to him, this prophecy was fulfilled with his advent in Qadian, a town situated to the east of Damascus, and the significance of the minaret symbolic.
According to Apollodorus of Damascus, the shelter should be fixed to the ground while the ram was being used to both prevent skidding and strain on the axles from the weight of the moving apparatus.
According to, Ananias lived in the city of Damascus.
The house of Saint Ananias in Damascus. According to Catholic tradition, Ananias was martyred in Eleutheropolis.
According to historian Hanna Batatu, this displayed more concern with social issues than with the national question, and the political orientation of the two young activists was closer to the Syrian Communist Party than to any of the other groups on the political scene in Damascus.
According to " God delivered the King of the Jews, Ahaz, into the hands of the King of Syria, who carried away a great multitude of them captives to Damascus.
According to art historian, Finnbar Barry Flood, " the construction of the Damascus mosque not only irrevocably altered the urban landscape of the city, inscribing upon it a permanent affirmation of Muslim hegemony, but by giving the Syrian congregational mosque its definitive form it also transformed the subsequent history of the mosque in general.

According and Octavius
) According to Suetonius, the Octavian family held some renown there, and Gaius Octavius ( father of the future Caesar Augustus ) defeated a Spartacist army near there ; as a result, the future emperor was granted the surname Thurinus shortly after birth.
According to Plutarch, Gaius Octavius was one of his descendants, thus making him an ancestor of Roman Emperor Augustus.

According and wished
According to one view, most people today live as citizens according to the liberal-individualist conception but wished they lived more according to the civic-republican ideal.
According to some of the adepts of the Jewish Merkabah mystical tradition, if one wished to " descend to the Merkabah " one had to adopt the prayer posture taken by the Prophet Elijah in I Kings 18: 42, namely to pray with one's head between one's knees.
According to Cicero the marriage caused a semi-scandal as Brutus failed to state a valid reason for his divorce from Claudia other than he wished to marry Porcia.
According to Irish legend, as a young girl Ní Mháille wished to go on a trading expedition to Spain with her father, and on being told she could not because her long hair would catch in the ship's ropes, she cut off most of her hair to embarrass her father into taking her, thus earning her the nickname " Gráinne Mhaol " (; from maol bald or having cropped hair ).
According to the tradition used in Virgil's Aeneid, Segesta was founded jointly by the territorial king Acestes ( who was son of the local river Crinisus by a Dardanian woman named Segesta or Egesta ) and by those of Aeneas ' folk who wished to remain behind with Acestes to found the city of Acesta.
According to the National Taxpayer Union website, Rhoads and a bipartisan group of Midwestern legislators wished to counter what they viewed as a trend toward big government continued by President Richard Nixon.
According to his will, Napoleon, who died in 1821, wished to be buried on the banks of the Seine.
( UTC ) According to published accounts, Senator Gervais said he hoped that " in this town we should find refuge under the wings of COLUMBIA ", for that was the name which he wished it to be called.
According to a CBS poll, 92 % of Panamanian adults supported the U. S. incursion, and 76 % wished that U. S. forces had invaded in October during the coup.
According to Pindar, the young Orestes was saved by his nurse Arsinoe ( Laodamia ) or his sister Electra, who conveyed him out of the country when Clytemnestra wished to kill him.
According to the his son Alfred, Barry later disowned these early church designs of the 1820s and wished he could destroy them.
According to one account, Jourdan wished to renew the left attack, but Carnot, the engineer, considered the Wattignies plateau the key of the position and his opinion prevailed.
According to Oren, the use of this falsehood by Syria and Egypt further alienated the US and also critically worsened relations with the Soviet Union, which wished to avoid further escalation.
According to the supporters of the Siri Thesis Cardinal Siri received the majority vote in a papal conclave twice: in 1958 and 1963 ( even announcing after his acceptance that he wished to be known as Pope Gregory XVII ).
According to the source, Speight's faith had led to a change of heart towards the Indo-Fijian community, and that he wished to participate in the upcoming Fiji Week, a series of prayer meetings and multicultural programmes aimed at reconciling Fiji's ethnic communities, planned for the week of 4 October through 11 October.
According to The Silmarillion, Maeglin's mother, Aredhel, grew weary of Gondolin and wished to visit the sons of Fëanor she then wandered through Beleriand.
According to newspaper accounts, her body was found by her secretary and companion of ten years, Beulah Kinder, on her bed surrounded by flowers, as she had wished.
According to Wray, Kricfalusi believed, " very step after the storyboards weakens the process ", and that he " fought for the integrity of the storyboards ", and lengthened production time because he wished to salvage the quality of the series.
According to the Books of Samuel, the Jebusites still had control of Jerusalem at the time of King David, but David wished to take control of the city ; understandably the Jebusites contested his attempt to do this, and since Jebus was the strongest fortress in Canaan they gloated that even the blind and lame could defeat David's army ; an alternative, equally valid, translation of the Jebusite's statement is that they said David would have to defeat the blind and lame before anyone else.
According to him our coherent extrapolated volition is our choices and the actions we would collectively take if " we knew more, thought faster, were more the people we wished we were, and had grown up closer together.
According to Froissart, while Joanna was heavily pregnant with Catherine she wished to have a bath but the doctors advised against it because they thought it to be too dangerous.
According to historical accounts, Abu Said wished to surrender to Don Pedro, but the conditions he offered were unclear.
According to historians, Muawiyah wished to pass the caliphate to his own son Yazid, and saw Hasan as an obstacle.
According to Nennius, Gwrangon was King of Kent in the time of Vortigern, until Vortigern took away the kingdom and gave it to Hengist ; but Nennius is regarded as an untrustworthy source, and “ Gwrangon seems to have been transported by the story-teller into Kent from Gwent ” and “ is turned into an imaginary King of Kent, secretly disposed of his realm in favour of Hengist, whose daughter Vortigern wished to marry ” ( Wade-Evans 1938 ).

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