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According and Olga
According to Olga Ivinskaya, Pasternak was deeply upset by Mandelstam's arrest.
According to the Primary Chronicle, Olga was born in Pleskov ( Pskov ) ( perhaps in Plisnensk near Lviv ), into a family of Varyag origin.
According to Pasternak's mistress and muse, Olga Ivinskaya, Whenever Leonidovich was provided with literal versions of things which echoed his own thoughts or feelings, it made all the difference and he worked feverishly, turning them into masterpieces.
According to Prestes, he was a virgin until he met Olga Benario.
According to legends, Constantine VII fell in love with Olga, however she found the way to refuse him by tricking him to become her godfather.
According to legends, Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII fell in love with Olga, however she find the way to refuse him by tricking him to become her godfather.
According to her daughter-in-law, Olga preferred to exhibit in Denmark to avoid the commercialism of the North American market.
According to later accounts-notably Joseph Mitchell's article " Lady Olga " in Up In The Old Hotel-Barnell's mother sold her to the Great Orient Family Circus, which was later merged with a larger circus.
According to Wilhelm, Dorothy was too frail to continue tending her husband, and Olga took over.
According to the Ballerina Olga Preobrajenskaya, " ... by the time I entered Imperial Ballet in 1889, ( Petipa ) was a true master.

According and Ivinskaya
" According to Ivinskaya, Pasternak was struck dumb.
According to Ivinskaya, " If ever the conversation turned to Mandelstam, Leonidovich would always hark back to the same thing: that he was not to blame for his misfortunes, and that if he had not written to Bukharin and in general made a great fuss about his arrest, then perhaps Mandelstam would not even have had the respite, brief as it was, which was granted to him -- with the result that the Voronezh Notebooks might never have been written.
According to Ivinskaya, however, " I believe that between Stalin and Pasternak there was an incredible, silent duel.
According to Ivinskaya, Zinaida Pasternak was infuriated by her husband's infidelity.
According to Ivinskaya, " After this, in conversation with people he scarcely knew, he always referred to Stalin as a ' murderer.
According to Ivinskaya, " He did not believe that we would ever publish the manuscript here and felt he had no right to withhold a masterpiece from the world -- this would be an even greater crime.
According to Ivinskaya, Pasternak had regarded Stalin as a, " giant of the pre-Christian era.
According to Ivinskaya, Pasternak continued to receive such letters for the remainder of his life.
According to Ivinskaya, Pasternak continued to stick to his daily writing schedule even during the controversy over Doctor Zhivago.
According to Ivinskaya, People who arrived in Peredelkino early in the morning on the day of the funeral told us that militiamen, commanded by very senior officers, were already stationed at the approaches to the village.
According to Ivinskaya, " He began to say what an authentic event the funeral was -- an expression of what people really felt, and so characteristic of the Russia which stoned its prophets and did its poets to death as a matter of longstanding tradition.
According to Ivinskaya, The graveside service now began.

According and repeatedly
According to one witness, " the public received the musical hero with the utmost respect and sympathy, listened to his wonderful, gigantic creations with the most absorbed attention and broke out in jubilant applause, often during sections, and repeatedly at the end of them.
According to the book, for a quarter century prior to the destruction, Jeremiah repeatedly issued prophecies predicting God's forthcoming judgment ; advocating the Israelites to put down their idols and repent in hopes of turning away God's judgment and fulfilling their destiny as His chosen people.
According to Stephen Frederic Dale, the name Babur is derived from the Persian word babr, meaning " tiger ", a word that repeatedly appears in Firdawsī's Shāhnāma and had also been borrowed by the Turkic languages of Central Asia.
According to tradition, the Buddha taught on the four noble truths repeatedly throughout his lifetime, continually expanding and clarifying his meaning.
According to this theory, storytellers repeatedly elaborated upon historical accounts until the figures in those accounts gained the status of gods.
According to this view, the people indigenous to Taiwan and those who have taken up residence there have been repeatedly occupied by groups including the Dutch, the Spanish, the Ming, Koxinga and the Ming loyalists, the Qing, the Japanese and finally the Chinese Nationalists led by the Kuomintang.
According to historian Glenn W. LaFantasie of Western Kentucky University, " ever since 1985, when Ronald Reagan was serving in his second term as president, there have been repeated attempts to repeal the 22nd Amendment ; this proposal has failed repeatedly in Congress, although it is still introduced over and over again.
According to Fukuyama, since the French Revolution, democracy has repeatedly proven to be a fundamentally better system ( ethically, politically, economically ) than any of the alternatives.
According to the biography by Oberholtzer ( who Cooke and his family assisted ), Jay Cooke visited Pine Grove Furnace repeatedly.
According to several accounts, U. S. Ambassador to Kenya Prudence Bushnell repeatedly asked Washington for additional security at the embassy in Nairobi, including in an April 1998 letter directly to Albright.
According to another report, the pilot indicated that the crew tried to turn on the gasoline cabin heater repeatedly shortly before the fire occurred, but that it failed to respond.
According to Nicole Gaouette, in her report published in the Los Angeles Times on April 19, 2007, Juan José Daboub — the managing director whom Wolfowitz had appointed who has also been criticized for overly-conservative policies concerning climate change and " a Roman Catholic with ties to a conservative Salvadoran political party "— repeatedly deleted references to family planning from World Bank proposals.
According to a February 11, 2009, report in The Huffington Post about the Arbitration Fairness Act, Applebee's employees are barred from suing the company by a binding mandatory arbitration agreement, even if they repeatedly refuse to sign the agreement, and instead repeatedly write on the agreement that they cannot sign it when pressured to do so.
According to the proposed revision to the DSM which will include Hypersexual Disorder in the appendix of future publications, Hypersexual Disorder is defined as “ recurrent and intense sexual fantasies, sexual urges, and sexual behavior ” where the individual is consumed with excessive sexual desire and repeatedly engages in sexual behaviour in response to “ dysphoric mood states and stressful life events ”.
According to Gilmartin, the full list of 63 repeatedly seen movies can be classified into two categories, " heavy ", emotionally engrossing love stories, and escapist musicals with a strong romantic flavor.
According to the documentary on the Splash: 20th Anniversary Edition DVD in 2004, producer Brian Grazer had pitched the film to numerous studios but was turned down repeatedly until Walt Disney Productions, then headed by Ron Miller, agreed to produce the film.
According to observers, jihadi extremists “ cite Sayyid Qutb repeatedly and consider themselves his intellectual descendants .”
According to the books, Lestat, though young by vampire standards, gains this ability after repeatedly drinking Akasha's blood.
According to the Royal Frankish Annals ( 772AD ), during the Saxon wars, Charlemagne is repeatedly described as ordering the destruction of the chief seat of their religion, an Irminsul.
According to Hilas, Graner also " repeatedly threw the detainees ' meals into the toilets and said, ' Eat it.
According to one popular folk remedy, repeatedly hitting the " 57 " mark on a glass Heinz ketchup bottle makes the ketchup pour out more quickly and easily.
According to court records, he repeatedly raped his sister Laurie during his teens, assaulted other young girls, and was committed to a sex offender program.
According to Walker, the power of words is another theme that appears repeatedly in Caged Bird.

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