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According and Oregon
According to Hugh Nibley, much of the rain forest west of Portland, Oregon was acquired by the Oregon Lumber Company by illegal claims under the Act.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, the origins of the county's name are uncertain, with the most likely explanation being that it is derived from the Nez Perce term for a structure of stakes ( a weir ) used in fishing.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, the county is named for the town of Union.
According to the Oregon History Project, 2, 300 sheep were killed in a single night in April 1904 in Lake County.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, the county is probably named after a stream in the area called Josephine Creek, which in turn is probably named after Virginia Josephine Rollins Ort.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the village has a total area of 75, 447 m² ( 18. 643 acres ), all land .< sup > GR3 </ sup > The village is completely encircled by the city of Oregon.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, Jennings Lodge was platted as a townsite in 1905 and named after Berryman Jennings, an Oregon pioneer, one of whose children still owned Jennings ' house in 1927.
According to the village's official Web site, the communities united to form the village because the Oregon Department of Transportation required that the towns create a " governmental agency " in order to continue getting grants for the growing Mountain Express Bus system.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, the name Granite was chosen when its post office was established in 1878, the name " Independence " already being used in Polk County, Oregon.
According to surveys conducted in 2006 by the Arts Council of Southern Oregon, the city sees a 30 – 50 % increase in sales and visitors during the event.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, the name comes from the Siletz language, and means " dark water at the foot of the mountain ".
According to Oregon Geographic Names, Cayuse, named for the Cayuse people, began as a railroad station and post office, which was established in 1867.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, a Cedar Mill post office was established in 1874, in the John Quincy Adams Young House, which still stands on Cornell Road and is being renovated to become a Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District facility.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, the name Forest Grove was selected on January 10, 1851, at a meeting of the trustees of Tualatin Academy ( later known as Pacific University ).
According to Oregon Geographic Names, it was named by its founder, William T. Newby ( 1820 – 1884 ), an early immigrant on the Oregon Trail, for his hometown of McMinnville, Tennessee.
According to the Oregon Blue Book, Greenhorn's mayor is Frances Villwock, and contact information for the city lists a Mill City mailing address.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, a post office with the spelling " Tualitin " was established November 5, 1869, and the spelling changed to " Tualatin " in 1915.
According to the filing, Alexakis owed a federal tax bill for the years 1999, 2001 and 2002 of $ 2. 75 million, as well as nearly $ 230, 000 to the Oregon Department of Revenue and more than $ 120, 000 in credit card debt spread over several accounts.
According to Robert M. Berdahl, interim President of the University of Oregon, the phrase " flagship " came into existence in the 1950s when the Morrill Act schools were joined by newer institutions built in a wave of post-war expansion of state university system.
According to the 2011 census Malappuram district has a population of 4, 110, 956, roughly equal to the nation of Lebanon or the US state of Oregon.

According and Geographic
According to National Geographic, the population consists of 45 % Tajiks, 25 % Hazaras, 25 % Pashtuns, 2 % Uzbeks, 1 % Baloch, 1 % Turkmen, and 1 % Hindu.
According to the September 2010 issue of National Geographic magazine, Tutankhamun was the result of an incestuous relationship and, because of that, may have suffered from several genetic defects that contributed to his early death.
According to AdventureStats, Jason Lewis completed the first true human-powered circumnavigation of the globe while National Geographic lists Colin Angus as being the first to complete a global circumnavigation.
According to the publication California's Geographic Names, Mettler was founded in 1941, but an obituary of Clifford Alvin Mettler in the Bakersfield Californian reported that the settlement was founded by him, his father,
According to the Geographic Names Information System, the town has also had the toponyms Ethanac and Ethanac Siding in the past.
According to National Geographic magazine, Bridgewater has an unusually high number of twins and triplets.
According to the Geographic Names Information System, the Muskingum River has also been known as:
According to the Geographic Names Information System, the Monongahela River has also been known historically as:
According to National Geographic, when migrating these birds can fly at altitudes of 8 km ( nearly 27, 000 ft ); Tundra Swan flocks usually fly in V formation.
According to the Geographic Names Information System, the Scioto River has also been known as:
According to the United States Geological Survey, the descriptive name, Trident, was given by Robert Fiske Griggs of the National Geographic Society, in 1916, because there were three major peaks.
According to the Geographic Names Information System, the Hocking River has also been known as:
According to the Portuguese Geographic Institute, there were 4, 259 freguesias in Portugal.

According and Names
According to the August 2011 version of the GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names, the location and depth of the Challenger Deep are and ±.
According to Islamic tradition, Muhammad is said to have invoked Allah by a number of Names.
According to tradition there are 99 Names of God ( al-asma al-husna lit.
According to the book " Michigan Place Names " by Walter Romig, the area that would become Charlotte was owned by the U. S. Government until 1832 when George Barnes purchased the land.
According to Romig's Michigan Place Names, the community was first settled by lumbermen in about 1863 and was first known as Grand Forks, after the confluence of the Tobacco and Cedar rivers.
According to Minnesota Place Names, Vesta Township was settled in 1868 and organized May 20, 1880.
According to Henry Gannett ’ s work from “ The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States ” he states, “ The town was so named because of the bluish atmosphere surrounding the hill on which the village is located ”.
According to the book Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania by Dr. George P. Donehoo, the community's name likely means " Fine Stream " in a local Native American language.
According to the Tacoma Public Library's Washington Place Names database: " In 1900, it was chosen as a station by the Spokane-Coeur d ' Alene Electric Railway, and was named Woodard's for the family who owned the land along the railway route.
According to Anna Smith in her book " Johannesburg Street Names " ( Juta, 1971 ), Sturdee Avenue in Rosebank, Johannesburg ( South Africa ), is " believed that it commemorates Admiral Sir Frederick Charles Doveton Sturdee ( 1859 – 1925 ) of World Ward 1 fame.

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