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According and Peter
According to Peter Heather, Theodoric's former governor Theudis was implicated in Amalaric's murder, " and was certainly its prime beneficiary.
According to Steven J. Brams and Peter C. Fishburn, the IEEE board in 2002 rescinded its decision to use approval voting.
According to anarcho-communist Peter Kropotkin, " And as long as dwelling-houses, fields, and factories belong to isolated owners, men will have to pay them, in one way or another, for being allowed to work in the fields or factories, or for living in the houses.
According to tradition, the Colonna are a branch of the Counts of Tusculum — by Peter ( 1099 – 1151 ) son of Gregory III, called Peter " de Columna " from his property, the Columna Castle, in Colonna, Alban Hills.
According to writer / director Peter Bogdanovich, Marlene Dietrich told him during an aircraft flight that she and James Stewart had an affair during shooting and that she became pregnant and had the baby surreptitiously aborted without telling Stewart.
According to Irenaeus, a 2nd century Church Father, the church at Rome was founded directly by the apostles Peter and Paul.
According to tradition and some early church writers, the author is Mark the Evangelist, the companion of the apostle Peter.
According to the ancient astronaut writer Peter Kolosimo a robot was seen entering a subterranean tunnel below a monastery in Mongolia, he also claimed a light was seen from underground in Azerbaijan.
According to Church tradition, it was under Nero's persecution that Peter and Paul were each martyred in Rome.
According to the usual and entirely probable explanation they became, however, for a time disciples of John the Baptist, and were called by Christ from the circle of John's followers, together with Peter and Andrew, to become His disciples ().
According to the general interpretation John was also that " other disciple " who with Peter followed Christ after the arrest into the palace of the high-priest ( John 18: 15 ). Saint John alone remained near his beloved Master at the foot of the Cross on Calvary with the Mother of Jesus and the pious women, and took the desolate Mother into his care as the last legacy of Christ ( John 19: 25-27 ).
According to his son ( Johnny Jr ), Johnny ( senior ) was named Peter by his parents ; but, once he began to be successful as a swimmer, he formally used his brother's name, Johnny, because his brother John was, by birth, an American citizen ( and had official records that verified this fact ), and Peter was not ( this was done so that non-citizen Peter could represent USA in the Olympics ).
According to draft registration records for World War I, Peter and Elizabeth were apparently still together as late as 1917.
According to the novels, Lord Peter was educated at Eton College and Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated with a first-class degree in history.
According to the management guru Peter Drucker ( 1909 – 2005 ), the basic task of a management is twofold: marketing and innovation.
In Luke, the author writes that Jesus “ took Peter, John and James .” According to Ricci, because Peter occupies the first position in the list, that place can be considered the position of highest importance.
According to 2 Peter 2: 5, Noah is considered a " preacher of righteousness ".
According to Peter Hook, the band wrote and recorded enough material during the sessions for this album to release a follow-up in the near future, but it has yet to materialise.
According to a 1992 study from Peter Hobbs and Lawrence Radke, daily emissions of sulfur dioxide were 57 % of that from electric utilities in the United States, emissions of carbon dioxide were 2 % of global emissions and emissions of soot were 3, 400 metric tons per day.
According to Stephen Sondheim, " What few people understand is that Oscar's big contribution to the theater was as a theoretician, as a Peter Brook, as an innovator.
According to other early sources Pope Clement I was the Pope after Peter.

According and Elmer
According to the Gideon Book of Historical Places, the word city was added to Elmore after the name was confused with Elmer.
According to saxophonist Otto Hardwick, Ellington's band members had to shanghai Miley into joining them for his first performance, at the Hollywood on Broadway in 1923, At the time, Ellington's Washingtonians were formally led by Elmer Snowden, but Ellington, who factually had already been running the formation, also took over its official leadership a few months later.
According to Peruvian researcher Guillermo Toro-Lira, among the notable individuals who attented Morris ' Bar were Elmer Faucett ( founder of the Faucett Perú airline ), José Lindley ( founder of the Corporación José R. Lindley S. A. and Inca Kola ), Alfred L. Kroeber ( notable cultural anthropologist ), and Richard Halliburton ( a notable adventurer and cultural ambassador to Peru ).
According to Elmer Davis, director of OWI in 1942, “ The easiest way to inject a propaganda idea into most people ’ s minds is to let it go through the medium of an entertainment picture when they do not realize that they are being propagandized .” Films that had the most impression received the most attention, and included those depicting the armed forces, showing the United States as a democratic nation or a united society, and also the ideology of the enemy.
According to his tombstone, he was named for two World War II heroes, Walter Bennett and Elmer Fox.

According and Ole
According to a letter Fahrenheit wrote to his friend Herman Boerhaave, his scale was built on the work of Ole Rømer, whom he had met earlier.
According to a printed oration in Greek by Hans Povelsson Paus ' son, Anders Hansson Paus ( born 1622 ), published at the University of Franeker, Chancellor Jens Bjelke, Bjelke's son-in-law Sten Willumsen Rosenvinge, Daniel Bildt of Hafslund and Bishop Ole Boesen were benefactors of his father who paid for his education.
According to the Danish Karma Kagyu Lama Ole Nydahl, Buddha saw homosexuality as circumstances making life more difficult, but also explained the reason for homosexuality could be aversion against the opposite sex in a former life.
According to Ole Miss lore, a sign was put up at the Louisiana – Mississippi border reading " You are now entering Louisiana.
According to the managing director Ole Bested Hensing, 2008 was the first time Tropical Islands Resort made a profit.
According to the legend, Ryman decided on that day to build a tabernacle in which to hold revival meetings in Nashville, Tennessee ( the building was home to the Grand Ole Opry for many years ), and he soon approached Jones with the idea.

According and Grell
According to Mike Grell, who co-created Tyroc with Cary Bates, the character of Tyroc was " sort of a sore spot with me.

According and Guy
According to the biographer Esther Forbes, the Guy Fawkes Day celebration in the pre-revolutionary American colonies was a very popular holiday.
According to Paul LaViolette, Starburst Foundation, Schenectady, New York, Eric Dollard, and Guy Obolensky had independently conducted gravity-like beam experiments during the 1980s that had been inspired by observations reported by Nikola Tesla.
According to fashion writer Guy Trebay of The New York Times, in 2007, the " android " look is popular, a vacant stare and thin body serving, according to some fashion industry conventions, to set off the couture.
According to Thomas Schatz, Ford claimed that his inspiration in expanding Stagecoach beyond the barebones plot given in " The Stage to Lordsburg " was his familiarity with another short story, " Boule de Suif " by Guy de Maupassant.
According to the bootlegged album of the songs recorded at Kinfauns, George Harrison's Esher home, these include Lennon's " Look at Me " and " Child of Nature ", eventually reworked as " Jealous Guy "; McCartney's " Junk " and " Teddy Boy "; and Harrison's " Not Guilty " and " Circles.
According to one chronicle, he gathered some of his most trusted men around him, including Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, Guy de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, and Aymer de Valence, soon to be Earl of Pembroke.
According to the surviving members of the Haute Cour, with Sibylla's death Guy lost the authority he held as her husband, and the crown passed to Isabella.
According to the show's creator, Guy Daniels, " We got all the dialogue in by noon, or else we wouldn't get it done at all.
A legal battle with her neighbor, James Belushi, ended amicably with an invitation to co-star on his sitcom According to Jim in an episode (" The Grumpy Guy ") that poked fun at the feud.
According to the DVD audio commentary, it was the decision of director Guy Green that A Patch of Blue be filmed in black-and-white, although color was available.
According to Braga himself, they did not even firmly decide on the identity or back story of the 28th century leader of the Cabal ( dubbed " Future Guy " and " Temporal Shower Guy " by fans ).
Lord was the first actor to play the character Felix Leiter in the James Bond film series, introduced in the first Bond film, Dr. No. According to screenwriter Richard Maibaum, Lord demanded co-star billing, a bigger role and more money to reprise the role in Goldfinger, which resulted in director Guy Hamilton casting the role to an older actor to make Leiter more of an American " M ".
He has been a friend and collaborator to such eminent intellectuals as Pier Paolo Pasolini ( in whose The Gospel According to St. Matthew he played the part of Philip ), Italo Calvino ( with whom he collaborated, for a short while, as counsellor of the publishing house Einaudi and developed plans for a journal ), Ingeborg Bachmann, Pierre Klossowski, Guy Debord, Jean-Luc Nancy, Jacques Derrida, Antonio Negri, Jean-François Lyotard and others.
Actors who have portrayed Caiaphas include Guy Rolfe in Nicholas Ray's film King of Kings ( 1961 ), Juan Rodolfo Wilcock in Pier Paolo Pasolini's film The Gospel According to St. Matthew ( 1964 ), Martin Landau in George Stevens ' film The Greatest Story Ever Told ( 1965 ), Bob Bingham in Norman Jewison's film Jesus Christ Superstar ( 1973 ), Anthony Quinn in Franco Zeffirelli's television miniseries Jesus of Nazareth ( 1977 ), and Mattia Sbragia in Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ ( 2004 ).
Before the town of Sunnyside was even settled, explorer John Guy, in the year of 1612,to the north near the present Sunnyside he found a group of natives …” ( Rockwood, 1992 ) According to the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage website, “ The Beothuks are the aboriginal people of the island of Newfoundland.
According to Guy, Erdős has asked whether there are infinitely many pairs of consecutive powerful numbers such as ( 23 < sup > 3 </ sup >, 2 < sup > 3 </ sup > 3 < sup > 2 </ sup > 13 < sup > 2 </ sup >) in which neither number in the pair is a square.
According to some sources it was he who, in warning his relative John Wynn not to go to the State Opening, was responsible to either a smaller or greater extent for the suspicions which ultimately caught Guy Fawkes.
According to situationist theorist Guy Debord, in performing a dérive, the individual in question must first set aside all work and leisure activities and all their other usual motives for movement and action, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there.
According to the post-1900 publications of Theosophy, i. e. the writings of C. W. Leadbeater, Alice A. Bailey, and Benjamin Creme, as well as the Ascended Master Teachings of Guy Ballard, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Geraldine Innocente, Joshua David Stone, and other Ascended Master Teachings teachers, Sanat Kumara is an " advanced being " at the ninth level of initiation who is regarded as the Lord or Regent of Earth and of humanity, and the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who dwells in Shamballah, a city said by Theosophists and those adherent to the Ascended Master Teachings to be a floating city the on the etheric plane above the Gobi Desert.
According to the post-1900 publications of Theosophy ( specifically, the writings of Charles W. Leadbeater, Alice A. Bailey, and Benjamin Creme, as well as the Ascended Master Teachings of Guy Ballard, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Geraldine Innocente, Joshua David Stone, and other Ascended Master Teachings teachers ), Sanat Kumara is an " advanced being " of the Ninth Initiation ( the highest Initiation possible on planet Earth ) who is regarded as the Lord or Regent of Earth and of humanity, and the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who dwells in Shamballah, a city said by Theosophists and those adherent to the Ascended Master Teachings to be a floating city the on the etheric plane above the Gobi Desert.
According to activist Guy Aoki " if that was his intention, he failed miserably ,” and “ what you had instead was every character going on for pages about how unfair Japanese business practices are [...] the book was a very one-sided view of what the Japanese are doing, saying that there's reason to not trust them and not like them.
According to Buddy Guy, " Waters couldn't feel this psychedelic stuff at all ... and if the feeling is gone, that's it.
According to Guy McKnight on MTV Two's Gonzo the car has now gone.

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