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According and Red
According to some sources, over 1. 5 million surviving Red Army soldiers imprisoned by the Germans were sent to the Gulag.
According to the Bible, after crossing the Red Sea and leading the Israelites towards the desert, Moses was summoned by God to Mount Sinai, also referred to as Mount Horeb, the same place where Moses had first talked to the Burning Bush, tended the flocks of Jethro his father-in-law, and later produced water by striking the rock with his staff and directed the battle with the Amalekites.
According to the UNESCO Red Book of Endangered Languages, four of the six major dialects of Occitan ( Provençal, Auvergnat, Limousin and Languedocien ) are considered " severely endangered ", while the remaining two ( Gascon and Vivaro-Alpine ) are considered " definitely endangered " (" severely endangered " essentially means that only elderly people still speak the language fluently, while " definitely endangered " means that adults speak the language but are not passing it on to their children ).
According to a International Committee of the Red Cross review of the Biological Weapons Convention, " Toxins are poisonous products of organisms ; unlike biological agents, they are inanimate and not capable of reproducing themselves.
According to the latest Red Wolf Recovery Program First Quarter Report ( October – December 2010 ), the US Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that there are currently 110-130 red wolves in the Red Wolf Recovery Area in North Carolina, however, since not all of the newly bred in the wild red wolves have radio collars, they can only confirm a total of 70 " known " individuals, 26 packs, 11 breeding pairs, and 9 additional individuals not associated with a pack.
According to Ion Pacepa, Red Brigades primary support allegedly came from the Czechoslovak StB and the Palestine Liberation Organization ( PLO ).
According to the Mitrokhin Archives, the Italian Communist Party lodged several complaints with the Soviet ambassador in Rome regarding Czechoslovak support of the Red Brigades, but the Soviets were either unwilling or unable to stop the StB.
According to the Histories of the Greek historian Herodotus, about 600 BC, Necho II undertook to dig a west-east canal through the Wadi Tumilat between Bubastis and Heroopolis, and perhaps continued it to the Heroopolite Gulf and the Red Sea.
According to the legendarium recorded in the 12th-century Gesta Treverorum, the city was founded by an eponymous otherwise unrecorded Trebeta, an Assyrian prince, placing the city's founding legend centuries before and independently of ancient Rome: a medieval inscription on the facade of the Red House in Trier market,
According to the saga of Erik the Red, when Erik was exiled from Iceland he sailed west and pioneered Greenland.
Notable films from this period include: La Dolce Vita, 8½ ; La Notte ; L ' Eclisse, The Red Desert ; Blowup ; Satyricon ; Accattone ; The Gospel According to St. Matthew ; Theorem ; Winter Light ; The Silence ; Persona ; Shame ; A Passion ; Au Hasard Balthazar ; Mouchette ; Last Year at Marienbad ; Chronique d ' un été ; Titicut Follies ; High School ; Salesman ; La jetée ; Warrendale ; Knife in the Water ; Repulsion ; The Saragossa Manuscript ; El Topo ; A Hard Day's Night ; and the cinema verite Dont Look Back.
According to one of the chroniclers of the time, he was given the epithet of the " Red " when in 981 he invited the most troublesome of the Roman families to a banquet, and proceeded to butcher them at dinner.
According to tradition, he founded the Nyingmapa sect — also known as the " old sect " or Red Hat sect — of Mahayana Buddhism, which became for a time the dominant religion of Bhutan.
According to the UNESCO report ( 60100 ha / Ref: 954 ) and website hereunder, this monastery has been called the oldest working Christian monastery in the world – although the Monastery of Saint Anthony, situated across the Red Sea in the desert south of Cairo, also lays claim to that title.
According to an entry in the Red Book of Westmarch, Gimli left with him — the only Dwarf to ever do so, evidently out of his desire to once more see Galadriel.
According to official accounts, after lengthy discussion, the BMW R 71 motorcycle was found to most closely match the Red Army's requirements.
According to Benjamin Edelman, who reported his findings in the article " Red Light States: Who Buys Online Adult Entertainment ?," published in the most recent edition of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, Sevier County has the highest rate of online pornography usage in the United States.
According to Red Storey who refereed the game:
According to Luc Sante, " The Count of Monte Cristo has become a fixture of Western civilization's literature, as inescapable and immediately identifiable as Mickey Mouse, Noah's flood, and the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
According to the Saga of Erik the Red, he spent his three years of exile exploring this land.
According to the historian John D. Winters, " none of these elections in any way impeded the porogress nor materially affected the outcome of the Red River campaign.
According to the official version of the story told by the Red Skull and the Nazis, Schmidt met Hitler while working as a bellhop in a major hotel.
According to a 2001 study by the International Committee of the Red Cross, the civilian to soldier death ratio in wars fought since the mid-20th century has been 10: 1, meaning ten civilian deaths for every soldier death.
According to local historians, Oakport Township received its name because it was a stop for steam boats plying the Red River of the North between Moorhead and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

According and Sox
According to a Red Sox official, the White House prepared a guest list of about 1, 000 for the event, scheduled to be staged on the South Lawn.
According to one source, " he came to Minnesota in 1922 with a traveling team called the Mesaba Range Black Sox, which featured three other members of the 1919 Black Sox team: Happy Felsch, Buck Weaver and Lefty Williams.
According to Pesky, former teammate and Sox broadcaster Mel Parnell named the pole after Pesky won a game for Parnell in with a home run down the short right field line, just around the pole.
According to the Inside Baseball portion of the April 27, 1987 Sports Illustrated, Boyd listed Haiti in the ' 87 Red Sox yearbook as his favorite vacation destination.

According and color
According to his own testimony, he never actually saw things as shaped but only as generally amorphous `` blots '' of color of a more or less indefinite size ; ;
According to bundle theory, an object consists of its properties and nothing more: thus neither can there be an object without properties nor can one even conceive of such an object ; for example, bundle theory claims that thinking of an apple compels one also to think of its color, its shape, the fact that it is a kind of fruit, its cells, its taste, or at least one other of its properties.
According to family tradition, the family had included one of the most prolific Rococo painters of the ancien régime, Fragonard, whose handling of color and expressive, confident brushwork influenced later painters.
According to MSDN website, Microsoft acknowledges that " ext that is rendered with ClearType can also appear significantly different when viewed by individuals with varying levels of color sensitivity.
According to SB 1070, law-enforcement officials may not consider “ race, color, or national origin ” in the enforcement of the law, except under the circumstances allowed under the United States and Arizona constitutions.
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, if a mole starts changing in size, color, shape or, especially, if the border of a mole develops ragged edges or becomes larger than a pencil eraser, it would be an appropriate time to consult with a physician.
According to Smithsonian curator Dr. Jeffrey Post, the element boron may be responsible for causing the blue color of the stones after tests using infrared light measured a chemical spectrum of the gems.
According to the Thai solar calendar, the color associated with Wednesday is green.
According to a 1986 Variety interview with Frank Capra, Jr., his father had wanted to shoot the film in color, but because the only suitable stock footage he intended to incorporate into the film, such as scenes from a documentary about the Himalayas, was in black and white, he was forced to change his plans.
According to this model, attention binds different features of an object ( e. g., color and shape ) into consciously experienced wholes.
According to Gilbert Baker, creator of the commonly known rainbow flag, each color represents a value in the community:
According to Japanese custom, the solid ingredients are chosen to reflect the seasons and to provide contrasts of color, texture, and flavor.
According to music historian Arthur Knight, the film aimed in part " to both erase and celebrate boundaries and differences, including most emphatically the color line.
According to the DVD audio commentary, it was the decision of director Guy Green that A Patch of Blue be filmed in black-and-white, although color was available.
According to Stanley Weintraub, " The color of The Yellow Book was an appropriate reflection of the ' Yellow Nineties ," a decade in which Victorianism was giving way among the fashionable to Regency attitudes and French influences ; For yellow was not only the decor of the notorious and dandified pre-Victorian Regency, but also of the allegedly wicked and decadent French novel.
According to the 2000 official census, 38. 5 % of Brazilians identified themselves as pardo skin color.
According to Williams ( 2005 ) the UAW used the rhetoric of civic or liberal nationalism to fight for the rights of blacks and other workers of color between the 1930s and 1970s.
According to the minutes of the New Jersey General Assembly for March 11, 1896, the date in which the Assembly officially approved the flag as the state emblem, the buff color is due indirectly to George Washington, who had ordered on October 2, 1779, that the uniform coats of the New Jersey Continental Line be dark ( Jersey ) blue, with buff facings.
According to Vizing's theorem, the chromatic index of any graph ( the minimum number of colors needed to color its edges so that no two adjacent edges have the same color ) is either the maximum degree of any vertex of the graph or one plus the maximum degree.
According to Communist revisionist historians ( source needed ), color prejudice was introduced due to Aryans from Central Asia invading India in ancient times and subjugating the " dark " indigenous Indians.
According to the model, the overall similarity between the prototype and a given instance if a category is evaluated based on multiple dimensions ( e. g., shape, size, color ).
According to the Gulf of Maine Institute, however, there is a 1 in 10 million chance of catching one alive with that color.
According to the book Dreaming of Jeannie by Stephen Cox and Howard Frank, series producer Sidney Sheldon originally wanted to film season one in color but NBC did not want to pay for the extra expense because they ( and Screen Gems ) believed the series would not make it to a second season.
According to Sheldon in his autobiography The Other Side Of Me, he offered to pay the extra $ 400 an episode needed for color filming at the beginning of the series, but Screen Gems executive Jerry Hyams advised him, " Sidney, don't throw your money away ".

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