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According and Roberts
According to Tom Roberts, author of Alex Raymond: His Life and Art ( 2007 ), Capp delivered a stirring speech that was instrumental in changing those rules.
According to John Storm Roberts, R & B became the vehicle for the return of Cuban elements into mass popular music.
According to Portes and Roberts, “ the ‘ privileged decile ’ received average incomes equivalent to fourteen times the average Latin American poverty-line income ”.
According to Lisa Roberts, a registered nurse with the Portsmouth City Health Department, on top of the high death rates, Southern Ohio also distributes four times as many prescription drugs as Northern Ohio.
According to the Roberts history, the congregations were at first supplied not by pastors, but by teachers who used to read sermons on Sundays.
According to Tom Roberts, author of Alex Raymond: His Life and Art ( 2007 ), Capp authored a stirring monologue that was instrumental in changing the restrictive rules the following year.
According to a TIME Magazine profile of 1972, Roberts originally made a name for himself with a large mobile tent " that sat 3, 000 on metal folding chairs " where " he shouted at petitioners who did not respond to his healing.
According to a 1987 article in the New York Review of Books by Martin Gardner, the " most accurate and best documented biography is Oral Roberts: An American Life, an objective study by David Edwin Harrell Jr., a historian at Auburn University.
According to Keith Roberts, associate dean,
According to Roberts and Butts, on December 2, 1963 they began to receive coherent messages from a male personality who eventually identified himself as Seth.
According to Roberts, Seth described himself as an " energy personality essence no longer focused in physical reality ", who was independent of Roberts ' subconscious.
According to a 1998 article published in the Queens Quarterly ( 105 / 4 ), by Ross Kilpatrick entitled " Winnie the Pooh and the Canadian Connection ," the first chapter of Milne's book entitled " Winnie-the-Pooh ", was adapted by Milne from " Teddy Bear's Bee Tree ," by Canadian author Charles G. D. Roberts.
According to Sam Roberts of the New York Times, in 1970 four percent of American men earned less than their wives ; in 2007 this had risen to 42 %
According to Adam Roberts,
According to Michael Roberts, Rochford was much more practical and realistic than Choiseul in his handling of Swedish affairs.
According to Leslie Roberts in his biography of Howe, " This was the Howe the country would soon come to know much better, the Howe on the rampage, the Howe who is impatient of criticism and deplores the debates and delays inherent in the parliamentary system.
According to Roberts, " What Howe started in 1940 was an Industrial Revolution, so widespread that most Canadians were unaware of its extent or of its penetration into the country's economy.
According to Roberts, " although he worked to return the country's economic power to private hands, he often seemed as loath to surrender his own dictatorial powers over it as he was to submit to Parliament ".
According to Roberts, Howe sought to implement rearmament by getting " full power for himself and running rights over everyone and everything to get an urgent job done ".
According to Kostelnick and Roberts these canons can be defined as:
According to Roberts, an edge detector should have the following properties: the produced edges should be well-defined, the background should contribute as little noise as possible, and the intensity of edges should correspond as close as possible to what a human would perceive.
According to the marine conservation biologist Callum Roberts, four criteria apply when choosing seafood:
According to Chris Roberts, Digital Anvil was created to bring back the " small-team " element that characterized the computer gaming industry throughout the 1980s.

According and Howe's
According to British historian George Otto Trevelyan, the battle " exercised a permanent and most potent influence " especially on Howe's behaviour, and that Howe's military skills thereafter " were apt to fail him at the very moment when they were especially wanted.
According to Howe's Transcendental Toybox, this game was terrifically hard.

According and actions
According to those beliefs events in our current life are consequences of actions taken in previous lives, or Karma.
According to Arika Okrent, Bliss used to complain about the way the teachers at the OCCC were using the symbols, in relation with the proportions of the symbols and other questions: for example, they used “ fancy ” terms like “ nouns ” and “ verbs ”, to describe what Bliss called “ things ” and “ actions ”.
According to Josephus, these actions led to several failed conspiracies against Caligula.
According to Eliade, Christianity retains a sense of cyclical time, through the ritual commemoration of Christ's life and the imitation of Christ's actions ; Eliade calls this sense of cyclical time a " mythical aspect " of Christianity.
According to their own actions, some are drawn closer, and some are driven farther away.
According to Milliyet, an associate of Yilmaz ’ s, Kutlu Savas, compiled a 12-page report that detailed the actions of Turkish agents in Greece.
According to this approach, man ’ s actions could be traced historically and his failures and successes could be studied as lessons to be applied to his future progress.
According to the commission staff: " Their actions saved the lives of countless others, and may have saved either the U. S. Capitol or the White House from destruction.
According to the Mitzvot only Aaronic priests and / or Levites ( depending on the Mitzvah ) were permitted to perform these actions, and simply being a nazarite or prophet was insufficient.
According to Rabbinic literature, God via the Torah commands Jews to observe ( refrain from forbidden activity ) and remember ( with words, thoughts, and actions ) the Shabbat, and these two actions are symbolized by the two Shabbat candles which are lit 18 to 40 minutes (" Tosefet Shabbat ") before the onset of Shabbat by Jewish women, usually the mother / wife, though men who live alone are required to do so themselves.
According to advocates of the quilt theory, there were ten quilt patterns that were used to direct slaves to take particular actions.
According to Mrs. Harding, she took these actions to protect her husband's legacy.
According to the show, various reality shows ( notably Joe Millionaire ) combined audio and video from different times, or from different sets of footage, to create an artificial illusion of time chronology that did not occur, and a misportrayal of participant behaviors and actions.
According to them, these spiritually charged cities increase the Punya ( or ' fruits of virtuous and righteous actions ') and Paap (' fruits of a person's wrong doings ') of an individual many times over.
According to Kant, in a free society each individual must be able to pursue their goals however they see fit, so long as their actions conform to principles given by reason.
According to this theory, if one were to do something in the past that would cause their nonexistence, upon returning to the future, they would find themselves in a world where the effects of ( and chain reactions thereof ) their actions are not present, as the person never existed.
According to Wills, in the August 1867 state elections the Klan was relatively restrained in its actions.
According to this principle, individuals have the right to partake in any actions they choose, as long as these actions do not impede the rights of others, even if the actions could be considered detrimental to that person.
According to Jewish law, when Jewish boys become 13, they become accountable for their actions and become a Bar Mitzvah ( plural: B ' nai Mitzvah ).
According to historian Shabtai Teveth, who wrote one of the more detailed accounts, the assignment was " To undermine Western confidence in the existing regime by generating public insecurity and actions to bring about arrests, demonstrations, and acts of revenge, while totally concealing the Israeli factor.
According to Māori mythology, the North and South Islands of New Zealand arose through the actions of the demigod Māui.
According to the case law of the Supreme Court of the German Reich, the illegality of covertly conducted actions did not cancel out the principle of secrecy.

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