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According and Ross
According to Ross, over time, character contrasts between segregated social classes are interpreted as inborn.
According to Ross Jackson, " somehow they had struck a chord that resonated far and wide.
According to a 1998 review in The Austin Chronicle, " Ross McElwee is a modern master of cinema vérité — rough, real-life documentary filmmaking that seeks to expose a subject's soul through its very lack of polish.
According to Ross Hassig, author of Aztec Warfare, " between 10, 000 and 80, 400 persons " were sacrificed in the ceremony.
According to Ross Hassig, author of Aztec Warfare, " between 10, 000 and 80, 400 people " were sacrificed in the ceremony.
According to Ross ' version, the play is set within the fantastical alien city, Yhtill, adjacent to Aldebaran.
According to legend, Ross, Minnesota and a number of other surrounding communities are reportedly " hot spots " for sightings of the Native American mythical creature known as the Wendigo.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of, of which is land and ( 10. 16 %) is water, mostly due to the location of the Ross Barnett Reservoir.
According to the NP's construction records at the University of Montana's K. Ross Toole Archives, the primary contractors were banker Horace C. Henry of Seattle, Washington, and long-time railroad contractor Nelson Bennett of Tacoma, Washington, the NP's prime contractor for Stampede Tunnel, which he completed in 1888.
According to a pre-release interview in Newsarama, Alex Ross also has the " honorary " title of " creative advisor ".
According to its account, the king accused the Earl ( probably with justification ) of forging links with John Macdonald, 11th Earl of Ross ( also Lord of the Isles ), and Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Crawford.
According to eugenist criminologist Edward A. Ross, such intermarriage ( often termed " amalgamation ") would lead to " race suicide ".
According to a 1998 article published in the Queens Quarterly ( 105 / 4 ), by Ross Kilpatrick entitled " Winnie the Pooh and the Canadian Connection ," the first chapter of Milne's book entitled " Winnie-the-Pooh ", was adapted by Milne from " Teddy Bear's Bee Tree ," by Canadian author Charles G. D. Roberts.
According to Ross ( see below ), the main problem with Wurm's classification is that he did not take contact-induced change into account.
According to professor Charles Ross, " For 24 years Marshall was identified as the leading racist in the NFL ".
According to their creator, Janice Karman, she and Ross Bagdasarian, Jr., "... had been doing the albums at that point ... We couldn't do the girl songs.
According to Baltimore tradition, two American riflemen, Daniel Wells and Henry McComas, aged 18 and 19, respectively, were credited with killing Ross.
According to Margaret Ross Sammons, Kerry's campaign was sufficiently damaged by the threat to withhold communion that it may have cost him the election.
" According to Ross, the composer used chamber forms in the period to channel his most personal compositions, those that would not be suitable for use or approval by the Soviet Government.
According to the academic study of the cipher cited below and quoted in a paper by Ross Anderson and Markus Kuhn, it " uses the same basic operations as RC5 " ( add, XOR, and left shift ) and " has no look-up tables, virtually no key schedule and requires only five lines of code "; " the influence of each key bit quickly cascades " and " each encryption involves of the order of 100 operations ".
According to William Bright, " Ross " is a poetic name for Russia in the Russian language.
According to Alex Ross, this movement supplied the melody for Bernstein's " Somewhere " from West Side Story.
According to some historians, Ross was inspired by the design of the Australian Federation Flag and incorporated the eight star cross which was a symbol of the Reform League.
According to Otis Williams, Kendricks romantically pursued Diana Ross, lead singer of the Supremes, and he was said to have been close friends with Martha Reeves of the Vandellas.

According and author
According to Viktor Frankl, the author of Man's Search for Meaning, when a person is faced with extreme mortal dangers, the most basic of all human wishes is to find a meaning of life to combat the " trauma of nonbeing " as death is near.
According to Steven H Silver, alternate history requires three things: 1 ) the story must have a point of divergence from the history of our world prior to the time at which the author is writing, 2 ) a change that would alter history as it is known, and 3 ) an examination of the ramifications of that change.
According to the author of his biography in the Eleventh edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica: " Ambrose is interesting as typical of the new humanism which was growing up within the church.
According to the 2nd-century AD author Aelian, Aeschylus's younger brother Ameinias helped acquit his brother by showing the jury the stump of the hand that he lost at Salamis, where he was voted bravest warrior.
According to Tom Roberts, author of Alex Raymond: His Life and Art ( 2007 ), Capp delivered a stirring speech that was instrumental in changing those rules.
According to this theory, the anonymous author attributed these events to Daniel, as prophecies that were witnessed by this writer in the 2nd century BCE.
According to Jewish tradition the author was Samuel himself, but this idea is no longer regarded as tenable.
According to Jewish tradition the author of Kings was Jeremiah, whose life overlapped the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BCE.
According to F. W. Dobbs-Allsopp, " the widely observed unity of form and point of view ... and general resemblance in linguistic detail throughout the sequence are broadly suggestive of the work of a single author ," though other scholars see Lamentations as the work of multiple authors.
" According to Yevgenii Pasternak, however, author Konstantin Paustovsky refused to attend the meeting.
According to medical intuitive and author, Caroline Myss, who described chakras in her work Anatomy of the Spirit ( 1996 ), " Every thought and experience you've ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases.
According to David Feldman, an author of trivia books, " The only reason why cheesemakers colour their product is because consumers seem to prefer it ".
According to The General History of the Pirates, published more than 25 years after the event by an author whose very identity remains in dispute, Kidd made peaceful overtures to Culliford: he " drank their Captain's health ," swearing that " he was in every respect their Brother ," and gave Culliford " a Present of an Anchor and some Guns.
According to author Steven Levy, IBM had discovered differential cryptanalysis on its own, and the NSA was apparently well aware of the technique.
According to Mara Leveritt, investigative journalist and author of Devil's Knot, " Police records were a mess.
According to Iranian author Nabipour I., in medieval Persia, Avicenna ( 980-1037 ) provided a detailed account on diabetes mellitus in The Canon of Medicine ( c. 1025 ), " describing the abnormal appetite and the collapse of sexual functions and he documented the sweet taste of diabetic urine.
According to Louis Diat, the creator of vichyssoise and the author of the classic Gourmet's Basic French Cookbook: " There is a story that explains why the most important basic brown sauce in French cuisine is called sauce espagnole, or Spanish sauce.
According to Cay Van Ash, Rohmer's biographer and former assistant who became the first author to continue the series after Rohmer's death, " Fu Manchu " was a title of honour, which meant " the Warlike Manchu.
According to a writer cited by the author of the Easton's Bible Dictionary, this epistle
According to tradition and some early church writers, the author is Mark the Evangelist, the companion of the apostle Peter.
The Gospel According to Mark does not name its author.
According to Raymond E. Brown, it is not impossible that Luke was the author.
According to some, the author is unknown.
According to the majority view, the evidence against Luke's being the author is strong enough that the author is unknown.

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