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According and Roy
According to Roy Gutman, after the failed counter-coup, this " opened a profound and long-lasting schism " among the Islamist and Islamic movement.
According to founding SEAL team member Roy Boehm the SEAL's first missions were directed against communist Cuba.
According to Roy Medvedev, Stalin's daughter Svetlana recalled Molotov and his wife telling her: " Your father was a genius.
According to Peter Sallis, Roy Clarke felt there was little more he could do with them.
According to Bob Thomas's book on Roy Disney, the studio was in debt after World War II and they were focusing on trying to get their own films out on time.
According to Roy, they had no business making cartoons for other people.
According to Dr. Roy Whitehead in his book Lugo, " Don Antonio Maria Lugo … rode around Los Angeles and his Rancho San Antonio in great splendor.
According to FBI documents, Gambino soldier Roy DeMeo murdered Amato, cut up his body, and disposed of the remains at sea.
According to Princess Merle, the biography written by Charles Higham with Roy Moseley, Oberon suffered even further damage to her complexion in 1940 from a combination of cosmetic poisoning and an allergic reaction to sulfa drugs.
According to Roy D. Chapin Jr., AMC realized they were up against the giants of the industry, so to compete successfully they had to be able to move quickly and with ingenuity.
According to a theory developed by B. Roy Frieden, " physical information " can be defined to be the loss of Fisher information that is incurred during the observation of a " physical effect ".
According to Roy Morgan Research Readship Surveys, in the twelve months to March 2011, the paper was read 766, 000 times on Monday to Friday, and read 1, 014, 000 times on Saturdays.
According to Roy Morgan Research, Peacock's attack on the MFP did not help him politically, and the Labor Party used the issue to highlight division within the Liberal Party, as John Elliott and others supported the MFP.
According to the 2000 Becky Celebrity 100 List, Siegfried & Roy were then the 9th-highest-paid celebrities in the U. S., coming in just behind motion picture producer and director Steven Spielberg.
According to Olivier Roy this " defacto separation between political power " of sultans and emirs and religious power of the caliph was " created and institutionalized ... as early as the end of the first century of the hegira.
According to legend, Judge Roy Bean held court in his saloon along the Rio Grande in a desolate stretch of the Chihuahuan Desert of southwest Texas.
According to the DNB entry for Harold Wilson, written by Roy Jenkins, Mary Wilson was not too happy with life as a " political " wife.
According to John Roy Lynch ( R-MS, 1873 76, 1881 82 ), one of the twenty-two African Americans elected to Congress from the South during Reconstruction, in his book Facts Concerning Reconstruction:
According to Major-General Roy Urquhart, when informed that his airborne troops would have to hold the bridge for two days, Browning responded that they could hold it for four, but then added: " But I think we might be going a bridge too far.
According to historian Roy Piovesana, Manion's loss was partly attributable to his failure to cultivate his Fort William riding.
According to UTV's website, the original logo was designed as part of a competition, and the winner among over 450 entrants was Mr Roy Irwin of Ballycarry.
Max Weber, considered to be one of the founders of the modern study of sociology, described the mystagogue as part magician, part prophet ; and as one who dispersed " magical actions that contain the boons of salvation " According to Roy Wallis, " The primary criterion that Weber had in mind in distinguishing the prophet from the mystagogue was that the latter offers a largely magical means of salvation rather than proclaiming a radical religious ethic or an example to be followed.
According to Roy Hattersley ( David Lloyd George: The Great Outsider ; Little Brown, 2010 ) Lloyd George grew up in a branch based in North Wales, in the nineteenth century.
According to his widow June, Roy Kellerman believed there was a conspiracy behind the death of JFK.

According and Andrew
According to the Vasili Mitrokhin and Christopher Andrew, the KGB and the Cuban Intelligence Directorate launched a campaign known as Operation TOUCAN.
According to Christopher Lipinski and Andrew Hopkins, " Whether the aim is to discover drugs or to gain knowledge of biological systems, the nature and properties of a chemical tool cannot be considered independently of the system it is to be tested in.
According to the usual and entirely probable explanation they became, however, for a time disciples of John the Baptist, and were called by Christ from the circle of John's followers, together with Peter and Andrew, to become His disciples ().
It is reflected in Martin Scorsese's film adaptation of Nikos Kazantzakis's novel The Last Temptation of Christ, in José Saramago's The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Jesus Christ Superstar, Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, Monty Python's The Life Of Brian, Jean-Claude La Marre's Color of the Cross and Hal Hartley's The Book of Life.
According to Cambridge University historian Christopher Andrew, who undertook the task of processing the Mitrokhin Archive, Carlos Fonseca Amador, one of the original three founding members of the FSLN had been recruited by the KGB in 1959 while on a trip to Moscow.
According to Andrew, Mitrokhin says during the following three years the KGB handpicked several dozen Sandinistas for intelligence and sabotage operations in the United States.
According to one of the legends, Andrew reached the future location of Kiev and foretold the foundation of a great Christian city .< ref >
According to Professor Andrew Tracey, marimbas were introduced to Zimbabwe in 1960.
According to historian Eric Foner, Andrew Johnson's conservative view of Reconstruction did not include blacks or former slaves involvement in government and he refused to heed Northern concerns when southern state legislatures implemented Black Codes that lowered the status of the freedmen similar to slavery.
According to early histories, the offer of Andrew Holmes ' log house as capitol for seven years, a number of town lots, £ 50 worth of locks and hinges, 10 boxes of glass, 1, 500 pounds of nails, and $ 3, 000 in gold helped the decision go to Frankfort.
According to the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, the first vessel called a schooner was built by builder Andrew Robinson and launched in 1713 from Gloucester, Massachusetts.
According to Bruce D. Johnson, Andrew Golub, and James McCabe, the application of the broken windows theory in policing and policy-making can result in development projects that decrease physical disorder but promote undesired gentrification.
According to Douglas Adams, " Marvin came from Andrew Marshall.
According to legend, the Christian apostle and martyr Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, was crucified on an X-shaped cross at Patras, ( Patrae ), in Achaea.
According to Andrew Marriott of the classic journal Motor Sport who was covering the race as a young reporter " Deaths in the sport were a regular occurrence in those days, but surely someone of Clark's sublime talent and skill?
According to former Sustainability Minister Andrew McNamara the bay produces a commercial catch valued at A $ 25 million and that $ 4 million worth of this figure has become off-limits with the rezoning.
According to it Miroslav, the Great was succeeded by his son Andrew ( Andrija ), only ten-years-old.
According to a documentary film made by Andrew Horn, Nomi took singing lessons and supported himself working as a pastry chef.
According to Steinman in an interview, Andrew Lloyd Webber approached him to write lyrics for The Phantom of the Opera because Lloyd Webber felt that his " dark obsessive side " fit in with the project.
According to Andrew Pixley's notes to the CD Danger Man Original Soundtrack, Ian Fleming was involved with Ralph Smart to bring James Bond to television.
According to Bill Kauffman, Randolph was “ a habitual opium user a bachelor who seems to have nurtured a crush on Andrew Jackson .” However, modern science has well established that latent pulmonary tuberculosis, which " consumption " killed his brother Theodorick Randolph at age 21 and which eventually killed him at age 60, can sometimes settle in the genital tract and, once there, can cause the symptoms and the painful and permanent damage that would prevent the onset of puberty as Randolph experienced it in his boyhood.
According to Fire and Ice ( 1976 ), Andrew Tobias ' biography of Revson, Revlon first signed a deal to sponsor Cowan's brainchild for 13 weeks with the right to withdraw when they expired.
According to Dunning School historians, the Radical Republicans reversed the gains Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson had made in reintegrating the South, established corrupt shadow governments made up of Northern carpetbaggers and Southern scalawags in the former Confederate states, and, to increase their support base, foisted political rights on the freed slaves that they were unprepared or incapable of utilizing.
According to the literary historian Andrew M. Stauffer, " She has always been Rider Haggard's most popular and influential novel, challenged only by King Solomon's Mines in this regard ".

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