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According and widow
According to the first dictionary of modern Serbian language ( published by Vuk Stefanović-Karadžić in 1818 ) vukodlak / вукодлак ( werewolf ) and vampir / вампир ( vampire ) are synonyms, meaning a man who returns from his grave for purposes of fornicating with his widow.
According to folk etymology, the area of Warmia is named after the legendary Prussian chief Warmo, whereas the name Ermland derives from his widow Erma.
According to an interview at the Tulane's Hogan Jazz Archive with Oliver's widow Stella Oliver, in 1919 a fight broke out at a dance where Oliver was playing, and the police arrested him, his band, and the fighters.
According to his widow Janet Asimov ( in her biography of Isaac, It's Been a Good Life ), he had no idea how to continue after Foundation and Earth, so he started writing the prequels.
According to the town ’ s oral tradition, the name of Buda is a corruption of the Spanish word “ viuda ,” or “ widow ,” referencing the widows who supposedly worked as cooks at the Carrington Hotel.
According to the report by Russian investigators, Zura Barayeva, the widow of Arbi Barayev, led the female members of the group, while a man known as Yasir, identified by his documents as Idris Alkhazurov, was said to be the group's " ideologist " believed to be trained in Saudi Arabia.
According to Ki Longfellow-Stanshall, his widow, he regarded this recording as sub-standard and it was released without his knowledge and against his wishes.
According to Mahler's widow, Alma, Mahler took inspiration for this movement from the 1872 painting by Swiss artist Arnold Bocklin entitled: Self-Portrait with Death playing the Fiddle.
According to Plutarch, this portion was 70 medimnoi of barley for a man, 12 for a woman, as well as a quantity of oil and wine corresponding to an amount reasonable for the needs of a warrior and his family, or a widow, respectively.
According to some modern scholars she was Adelaide of Tours or Adalais, a daughter of Hugh of Tours ( and thus an Etichonid ) and the widow of Conrad I of Auxerre ( died 862 ), a Welf.
" " According to customary law, it is tantamount to adultery for a widow to be sexually involved with a man other than a close agnate of her late husband.
According to Zosimus, he was survived by his widow Marsa and two sons who were raised alongside the sons and co-emperors of Theodosius I.
According to his widow June, Roy Kellerman believed there was a conspiracy behind the death of JFK.
According to Feuchtwanger's widow, Marta, Feuchtwanger was a possible source for the titles of two other Brecht works, including Drums in the Night ( first called Spartakus by Brecht ).
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Cenwalh died in the 672, and was succeeded by his widow, Seaxburh, who held power for about a year.
According to the New York Post, Fürstenberg's widow stated that he died of liver cancer caused by a hepatitis C infection picked up in the 1970s.
According to Gongadze's widow, Myroslava Gongadze, " Kravchenko had had no grounds for such actions ", she believes that several people ordered the killing of the journalist.
According to Gutmann's widow, Gagne picked him up and hurled him violently to the floor, then pulling back on his body, thus breaking his hip.
According to halakha, when a married man dies without having any children, male or female, from any relationship ( including premarital and extra marital ), his widow and his brother must perform either yibbum or halizah.
According to Biblical law, there is no need for a marriage ceremony between the widow and the deceased's brother as they are already bound by divine decree, thus, they need only cohabit to perform yibbum.
According to Maike Vogt-Luerssen the depicted ( on the right ) is not Ginevra de ' Benci but Fioretta Gorini, the widow of the murdered Giuliano de ' Medici.
" According to her, whenever she thought of dressing like a widow, she had a vision of Ramakrishna asking her not to do so.
According to Rosa Elena Luján, the widow of Hal Croves, who is identified with B. Traven by many scholars ( see below ), her husband signed on a " death ship " after his release from prison and sailed to Norway, from there on board another " death ship " to Africa and, finally, on board a Dutch ship, reached Tampico on the Gulf of Mexico in the summer of 1924.
According to official records of the State of New York, the latter two were identified as guardians of Bronck ’ s widow.

According and last
According to one report, however, Mr. Hammarskjold was considered `` too controversial '' a figure to warrant bestowal of the coveted honor last spring.
According to Tillich, the last of these three types of existential anxiety, i. e. spiritual anxiety, is predominant in modern times while the others were predominant in earlier periods.
According to research funded by the USAID CAPS project, Armenia's exceptionally high rate of economic growth during the last decade has been largely dependent on external factors ( e. g., remittances, assistance from international financial and donor organization ).
According to John T. Townsend, " it is not before the last decades of the second century that one finds undisputed traces of the work.
According to the book, the Prophet Jeremiah was a son of a priest from Anatot in the land of Benjamin, who lived in the last years of the Kingdom of Judah just prior to, during, and immediately after the siege of Jerusalem, culminating in the destruction of Solomon's Temple and the raiding of the city by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.
According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, " a comparison of the Masoretic text with the Septuagint throws some light on the last phase in the history of the origin of the Book of Jeremiah, inasmuch as the translation into Greek was already under way before the work on the Hebrew book had come to an end ...
According to the book of Ezra-Nehemiah they did so under the joint leadership of a descendant of the last king and the last High Priest, rebuilding the Temple and reconstituting Judah ( now called Yehud ) as a holy community ruled by priests.
According to Wells College records, this last happened in 1979.
According to one of the principal texts of Hindu philosophy, the Tattwa Kaumudi authored by Vacaspati in the 9th century A. D., the Creator used akasha ( ether ), the most " subtle " element, to create the other four traditional elements ; each element created is in turn used to create the next element, each less subtle than the last.
According to the king lists, he was counted the 70th and last king of the Picts in later times.
According to Samsung this was because the " Demand for the old ' Square monitors ' has decreased rapidly over the last couple of years ," and " I predict that by the end of 2011, production on all 4: 3 or similar panels will be halted due to a lack of demand.
According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, " the Federal Reserve has the authority and financial resources to act as ' lender of last resort ' by extending credit to depository institutions or to other entities in unusual circumstances involving a national or regional emergency, where failure to obtain credit would have a severe adverse impact on the economy.
According to Al-Biruni, Ardhanagari was a mixture of Nagari, used in Ujjain and Malwa, and Siddha Matrika or the last stage of Siddham script, a variant of the Sharada script used in Kashmir.
According to a statement of proceedings published elsewhere in the same edition of the BMJ, the report was officially ‘ approved at last week ’ s Council meeting of the British Medical Association .’ ( BMA Council Proceedings, BMJ, April 23, 1955: 1019 ).
According to a Cornell University press release from January 2009, the 2008 – 09 season will be the last Cornell-sponsored search, absent confirmation of the bird:
According to Rashi, the ladder signified the exiles that the Jewish people would suffer before the coming of the Jewish Messiah: the angels that represented the exiles of Babylonia, Persia, and Greece each climbed up a certain number of steps, paralleling the years of the exile, before they " fell down "; but the angel representing the last exile, that of Rome or Edom, kept climbing higher and higher into the clouds.
According to the classic Jewish texts, Jacob, as the third and last patriarch, lives a life that parallels the descent of his offspring, the Jewish people, into the darkness of exile.
According to the general interpretation John was also that " other disciple " who with Peter followed Christ after the arrest into the palace of the high-priest ( John 18: 15 ). Saint John alone remained near his beloved Master at the foot of the Cross on Calvary with the Mother of Jesus and the pious women, and took the desolate Mother into his care as the last legacy of Christ ( John 19: 25-27 ).
According to his daughter, his last words were " Da jitt et nix zo kriesche!
According to the last population census of 14 years old which was held in 1998, households whose primary language in Karachi was as follows: Urdu: 48. 52 %; Punjabi: 13. 94 %; ; ; Balochi: 4. 34 %; Saraiki: 2. 11 %; others: 12. 44 %.
In the last chapter of the Book of Acts, widely attributed to Luke, we find several accounts in the first person also affirming Luke's presence in Rome including Acts 28: 16: " And when we came to Rome ..." According to some accounts, Luke also contributed to authorship of the Epistle to the Hebrews.
According to Luther H. Martin, Roman Mithraism came to an end with the anti-pagan decrees of the Christian emperor Theodosius during the last decade of the 4th century.
According to the Pagan Federation of Canada: ' Over the last few decades, many people have thought that the emphasis on male / female polarity in Wicca excludes homosexuals '.
According to legend, his last words as he was being crushed were " More weight ", and he was thought to be dead as the weight was applied.

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