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According and Samuel
According to Jewish tradition the author was Samuel himself, but this idea is no longer regarded as tenable.
According to Samuel Angus ( 1920 ) gnosis in these early sects was distinct from the secret teachings revealed to initiates once they had reached a certain level of progression akin to arcanum.
In 1741, during the attack that led to Walpole's downfall, Samuel Sandys declared that " According to our Constitution we can have no sole and prime minister.
According to I Samuel 9: 9, the old name for navi is ro ' eh, ראה, which literally means " Seer ".
According to the Talmud there were also seven women who are counted as prophets whose message bears relevance for all generations: Sarah, Miriam, Devorah, Hannah ( mother of the prophet Samuel ), Abigail ( a wife of King David ), Huldah ( from the time of Jeremiah ), and Esther.
According to Samuel Colt, he came up with the idea for the revolver while at sea, inspired by the capstan winch, which had a ratchet and pawl mechanism on it, a version of which was used in his guns to rotate the cylinder.
According to, Samuel had told Saul to wait for seven days after which they would meet ; Samuel giving Saul further instructions.
According to the text of the Books of Samuel, he also anointed the first two kings of the Kingdom of Israel: Saul and David.
According to the genealogical tables, Elkanah was, a Levite, a fact otherwise not mentioned in the books of Samuel.
According to, Hannah named Samuel in memory of her requesting a child from God and God listening.
According to the Jewish historian Josephus, Samuel was about 12 years old.
According to the Book of Jeremiah, and one of the Psalms (), Samuel had a high devotion to God.
According to the historian Samuel H. Adams, Harding's death was mourned by the nation and the average citizen felt a " personal loss ".
According to the Early Office Museum, the first patent for a bent wire paper clip was awarded in the United States to Samuel B. Fay, in 1867.
According to Samuel Noah Kramer in The Sacred Marriage Rite, in late Sumerian history kings established their legitimacy by taking part in the ceremony in the temple for one night, on the tenth day of the New Year festival Akitu.
According to some authorities, the death of Agag, described in the Bible by the unusual word va-yeshassef (" hewed in pieces ," I Samuel 25. 33 ), was brought about in a much more cruel way than the word denotes.
According to author William Stevenson in A Man called Intrepid, his biography of Sir William Samuel Stephenson ( no relation ), the senior representative of British Intelligence for the western hemisphere during the Second World War, Stephenson postulated that the Germans knew about Howard's mission and ordered the aircraft shot down.
According to Samuel Decalo, a scholar on African government, Bokassa's personal ambitions played the most important role in his decision to launch a coup against Dacko.
According to the 1955 book, Zeb's Black Baby, by Samuel Thomas Peace Sr .:
According to Samuel Pepys, Charles II and his brother, the Duke of York used to run horses here.
According to local legend, a horse belonging to settler Joseph Russell went lame, stranding Russell, who was offered a replacement horse by another settler, Samuel Simmons.
According to one of several legends, the town was given its name by Colonel Samuel Chapman, whose family owned of land in Southern Maryland, including what would become the areas of La Plata and Port Tobacco.
According to Samuel T. Worcester's history which was commissioned by the town selectmen in 1878, the town was incorporated in the province of New Hampshire on April 3, 1746, " to have continence forever by the name of Holles ..."

According and Angus
According to author Ken Mogg, screenwriter Angus MacPhail, a friend of Hitchcock, may have originally coined the term.
According to AdventureStats, Jason Lewis completed the first true human-powered circumnavigation of the globe while National Geographic lists Colin Angus as being the first to complete a global circumnavigation.
According to puppeteer Terry Angus, Brio is also the only female minstrel, conceived by Jocelyn Stevenson to balance the gender ratio.
According to Angus the links with the University drove up standards of scholarship in the college.
According to the Angus Journal, Goodlatte, as chairman of the House Agricultural Committee, said, " he wants an animal ID system in place as soon as possible " and " favors an industry plan to form an animal ID database that would control the information until USDA needs it.
According to former USA 3000 COO Angus Kinnear, " Florida has some of the lowest domestic air fares in the country and only Fort Myers fetches ticket prices high enough to make money with oil at $ 125 a barrel.
According to Angus L. Bowmer, founder of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, a financial backer demanded that Barrymore be replaced, fearing a disastrous drinking binge.
According to Fred Beckey: " Claude Rusk ... was told by Frank Bryant of Yakima about finding a stick at the summit bearing the name ` Angus McPherson — 1873.
According to an opinion poll conducted by Angus Reid in November 1997, 62 % of Canadians supported the Declaration's principles ( 39 % " moderately ," 23 % " strongly ").
According to economic historian Angus Maddison in his book Contours of the world economy, 1-2030 AD: essays in macro-economic history, India had the world's largest economy during the years 1 AD and 1000 AD.
" According to an Angus Reid Strategies survey for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, conducted in January 1996, 51 % of respondents felt that a new oath of allegiance should remove any reference to the Queen, and 38 % felt that allegiance should be pledged to both Canada and its sovereign.

According and 1925
According to writer James Stevens in his 1925 book Paul Bunyan, French Canadians gave birth to the tales during the Papineau Rebellion of 1837, when they revolted against the young English Queen .< ref >
According to Kroeber ( 1925 ), the pre-Christian Tongva had a " mythic-ritual-social six-god pantheon ".
According to the Hastings Gazette, ( April 6, 1878, page 4, column 5 ) and the Holy Rosary Parish Book Committee: Nicholas Friedrich Wilhelm Kranz ( 1841 – 1925 ) along with his brothers Johann Kranz ( 1832 – 1916 ), Mathais Kranz ( 1830 – 1921 ), and Paul Ferdinand Kranz ( 1832 – 1892 ) came from Dakota County on March 1878 looking for a place to settle.
According to an account, Pascual Jordan developed in 1925 the same statistics which he called Pauli statistics, but it was not published in a timely manner.
According to Fritz Peters, Gurdjieff was in New York from November 1925 to the spring of 1926, when he succeeded in raising over $ 100, 000.
According to a 1925 newspaper article, he also made a solo appearance in the Adolphe Menjou comedy A Kiss in the Dark, but no copy of the film is known to exist, and it is not clear if he actually appeared in the finished film.
According to Anna Smith in her book " Johannesburg Street Names " ( Juta, 1971 ), Sturdee Avenue in Rosebank, Johannesburg ( South Africa ), is " believed that it commemorates Admiral Sir Frederick Charles Doveton Sturdee ( 1859 – 1925 ) of World Ward 1 fame.
According to Gary Giddins ' book Bing Crosby – A Pocketful of Dreams – The Early Years 1903-1940, in 1925 she secured work for her brother, Al Rinker, and his partner Bing Crosby.
According to McKinstry, his annual earnings probably reached £ 1, 500 a year by 1925, more than a family doctor at the time.
According to Sowell, Nader also did not pay much attention to the fact that motor vehicle death rates per million passenger miles fell over the years from 17. 9 in 1925 to 5. 5 in 1965.
According to Fukuzawa Yukichi no Shinjitsu (" The Truth of Fukuzawa Yukichi ", 2004, ISBN 4-16-660394-9 ) by Yō Hirayama, this view is a misunderstanding due to the influence of Mikiaki Ishikawa, who was the author of a biography of Fukuzawa ( 1932 ) and the editor of his Complete Works ( 1925 – 1926 and 1933 – 1934 ).
According to the results of a 1925 audit, some 1. 17 million pieces of art were stored in the Forbidden City.
According to Foundation president Edward Hirsch, between 1925 and 2005 the Foundation granted close to $ 240 million in Fellowships to more than 15, 500 individuals.
According to Schulz, it was in Nirmala ( 1925 ) and Pratigya ( 1927 ) that Premchand found his way to " a balanced, realistic level " that surpasses his earlier works and manages to " hold his readers in tutelage ".
According to RadioYears. com, WFLA began in 1925 as Clearwater radio station WGHB ( 1130 AM ).
According to researcher Harrison Irving Scott, the first school in the area appears to have been the one-room Manzana School, a mile south of Gorman, where in 1925 there were only four students — the Ralphs brothers, Glenn, Harry, Albert and Dewey.
According to Stuart Jones's preface to the ninth ( 1925 ) edition, the creation of the Lexicon was originally proposed by David Alphonso Talboys, an Oxford publisher.
According to Scala's Original Beef and Sausage Company ( formed in 1925 ), this meal was originally introduced at weddings and banquets where the meat was sliced thinly so there would be enough to feed all the guests.
According to the family Bible, shot in close-up in episodes dealing with Elizabeth's attempted suicide by jumping from Widow's Hill, she was born February 28, 1917 ; Roger was born September 14, 1925 ; and Carolyn was born July 16, 1946, but there seems to be some inconsistency in dates.
According to Quigley, the leaders of this group were Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner from 1891 until Rhodes ’ death in 1902, Milner alone until his own death in 1925, Lionel Curtis from 1925 to 1955, Robert H. ( Baron ) Brand from 1955 to 1963, and Adam D. Marris from 1963 until the time Quigley wrote his book.
According to their website William managed Hollywood Center Studios for a time from the 1925.
According to Paul de Barros, in just the single year 1925 Seattle witnessed performances by Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff, and operatic bass Feodor Chaliapin ; Hungarian composer and pianist Ernő Dohnányi ; African American lyric tenor Roland Hayes ; and Austrian violinist and composer Fritz Kreisler.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word middlebrow first appeared in print in 1925, in Punch: " The BBC claims to have discovered a new type — ' the middlebrow '.

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