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According and Scott
According to this episode, Dr. Sam Beckett ( Scott Bakula ) influences Buddy Holly to change the lyrics from " piggy, suey " to " Peggy Sue ", thus setting up Holly's future hit song.
According to Scott Gordon, a political organization is constitutional to the extent that it " contain institutionalized mechanisms of power control for the protection of the interests and liberties of the citizenry, including those that may be in the minority.
According to director Gus Van Sant, the character of Bob in My Own Private Idaho was based upon Falstaff, and the character of Scott was based on Prince Hal.
According to the psychical researcher D. Scott Rogo " Unfortunately it is extremely hard for anyone to design a foolproof experiment to prove any one theory of psi.
According to Huntford, Scott " disappears from naval records " for eight months, from mid-August 1889 until 26 March 1890.
According to an interview with Adam Scott the show was not picked up.
According to the OED, John Paul Scott coined the word " sociobiology " at a 1946 conference on genetics and social behaviour, and became widely used after it was popularized by Edward O. Wilson in his 1975 book, Sociobiology: The New Synthesis.
According to triathlon historian and author Scott Tinley ( and others ), the origin of triathlon is attributed to a race during the 1920s – 1930s that was called variously " Les trois sports ", " La Course des Débrouillards ", and " La course des Touche à Tout ".
According to biographers, the two met at a pub in Carmel, and conceived a son, Scott Reeves ( born March 21, 1986 ), at the premiere of Pale Rider.
According to some, the Six Cailloux name was appropriated to this region by Stephen Meek, another Hudson's Bay Company trapper who was known for his " discovery " of Scott Valley, in regard to a crossing on the Klamath River near Hornbrook.
According to the Association of Religion Data Archives County Membership Report ( 2000 ), Scott County is a part of the Bible Belt with evangelical Protestantism being the majority religion.
According to Scott Smith, former Mayor of Sturgis, in 2005 around 20, 000 visitors attended that year's rally.
According to Scott Thomas, the author of the study, the income per capita, short commuting times, low taxes, and substantial percentage of adults with a graduate degree contributed to the ranking.
According to the hotel archivist Susan Scott, as Harris was being taken from the hotel on a stretcher, shortly before his death, he warned the diners, " It was the food!
Recent examples include The Passion According to St. Matthew ( 1997 ), by Mark Alburger, and The Passion According to the Four Evangelists, by Scott King.
According to the blue plaque at the entrance to the lane, Scott Lane could be named after the Scottish raiders in 1318, or perhaps after the 18th century drovers who used Wetherby as a watering place.
According to William J. Mann's book, Behind the Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywood, 1910 – 1969, photographer Jerome Zerbe spent " three gay months " in the movie colony taking many photographs of Grant and Scott, " attesting to their involvement in the gay scene.
According to Walter Scott the song is based on a real incident that took place in the seventeenth century, although some modern scholars are sceptical about this story as one of the origins of the song.
According to Sir Walter Scott: ' Possession of supernatural wisdom is still imputed by the natives of Orkney and Zetland Islands, to the people called Drows, who may, in most other respects, be identified with the Caledonian fairies.
According to Production Designer Elliot Scott, the biggest challenge he faced was building the forest Sarah and her party pass through on their way to Jareth's Castle.
According to son Scott his mother never forgot about her childhood hometown, using the mental image of a Jamesport cemetery in preparation for her Oscar-nominated role in Our Town.
According to Scott Clark, author of a study of Japanese bathing culture, the word is a portmanteau combining " skin " with the last syllable of " friendship ".
According to Scott Denman, director of Safe Energy Communication Council, Frontline refused to interview any scientists who held views contrary to the pro-nuclear position taken by the documentary.

According and Simpson
According to files declassified by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mrs. Simpson was believed to be a regular guest at Ribbentrop's social gatherings at the German Embassy in London where it was thought the two struck up a romantic relationship.
According to Simpson, evolutionary rates differ from group to group and even among closely related lineages.
According to Simpson ( 1944 ) quantum evolution relied heavily upon Sewall Wright's theory of random genetic drift.
According to Gregory, this effect was observed by a member of his laboratory, Steve Simpson, in the tiles of the wall of a café at the bottom of St Michael's Hill, Bristol.
According to Brad Simpson, director of the Indonesia and East Timor Documentation Project at the National Security Archives, Holbrooke had visited officially to press for human rights reform but, after meeting Suharto, had instead praised him for Indonesia ’ s human rights improvements, for the steps that Indonesia had taken to open East Timor to the West, and for allowing a delegation of congressmen to enter the territory under strict military guard, where they were greeted by staged celebrations welcoming the Indonesian armed forces.
According to Simpson, Shogun was conceived when the Creative Assembly established a secondary development team from their EA Sports designers to develop an alternate, low business risk product for the company.
According to reports, Terrell had gotten so ill from her operations that she couldn't record and once Motown opted to have Valerie Simpson sub in for Terrell.
According to the Hope Simpson Royal Commission Report of 1930 ," The cultivation of the orange, introduced by the Arabs before the commencement of Jewish settlement, has developed to a very great extent in consequence of that settlement.
* According to journalist Richard Simpson, Lennon wrote the song in response to Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones boasting about his pop-star girlfriend (" bird " in British Isles slang ) Marianne Faithfull.
According to Gaye in the book Divided Soul, Simpson did most of the vocals on the last album he did with Terrell, Easy, as a way for Terrell's family to have additional income as she was battling an ultimately fatal brain tumor.
According to Robert W. Simpson, from the second edition of his book on Nielsen, this work may be partially autobiographical ; the composer had just experienced a tremendous success with his Fifth symphony, but had also suffered a series of heart attacks.
According to a company press release, The Simpsons Series 1 will include a boxed Itchy and Scratchy " Spay Anything " set as well as six figures: Homer and Bart Simpson as Pie Man and Cupcake Kid ; Krusty the Clown and Homer from an episode when Homer attempted Clown College ; Treehouse of Horrors: The Raven ( based on the poem of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe ); the classic scene of Homer strangling Bart ; Kamp Krusty ; Treehouse of Horror: Belly of the Boss.
According to Simpson, " the message behind the song is for guys to listen to the girl ".
According to Robert Simpson, though not commonly performed and often thought of as the ugly duckling of Bruckner's symphonic body of work, the Sixth Symphony nonetheless makes an immediate impression of rich and individual expressiveness: " Its themes are exceptionally beautiful, its harmony has moments of both boldness and subtlety, its instrumentation is the most imaginative he had yet achieved, and it possesses a mastery of classical form that might even have impressed Brahms.
According to Slant Magazine, the Hex Hector remix of the song uses full-throated vocals by Simpson, and includes disco-influenced string arrangement, which is comparable to the musical style of Giorgio Moroder.
According to Westwood and Simpson in their book, The Lore of the Land, the county in general and Mears Ashby in particular has a long tradition of witchcraft and accusations of witchcraft.
" According to the liner notes, the album was dedicated to Nicole Brown Simpson and " all the women of the world.

According and Project's
According to an analysis of the 1000 Genome Project's sample of Japanese from the Tokyo metropolitan area, the mtDNA haplogroups found among modern Japanese include D ( 42 / 118
According to the Sundog Resurrection Project's SourceForge page as of August 4, 2007, work never ceased completely, but has continued with new and improved sprite / background graphics, as well as some game code ( the game is still intended to be developed in Java ), such as a functioning stock market engine.
According to its online report retrieved February 2007, Charity Navigator reports that The Hunger Project's program costs in FY2005 were 80. 2 % of expenses, and administrative and fundraising costs were 19. 8 %.
According to the Legal Project's website, it acts in four ways to counteract Islamist threats to free speech, " Fundraising for an Escrow account to supplement the court costs and litigation fees for victims of Islamist lawfare ( all funds raised go directly to lawfare victims ); Arranging for pro bono and reduced rate counsel for victims of Islamist lawfare ; Maintaining an international network of attorneys dedicated to working pro bono in the defense of free speech ; and, Raising awareness about the issue.
According to the government of Laos, " the project is an essential part of the country's development framework and the Project's implementation is likely to be the first real possibility for ( Laos ) to reduce gradually its dependence on Official Development Assistance ".
According to the government " the Project is an essential part of the country's development framework and the Project's implementation is likely to be the first real possibility for ( Laos ) to reduce gradually its dependence on Official Development Assistance.

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