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According and Skandor
According to Skandor Akbar, there were lawsuits involved, especially when Jerry Jarrett was sued by Kevin Von Erich.

According and Akbar
According to Akbar S. Ahmed, like modern anthropologists, he engaged in extensive participant observation with a given group of people, learnt their language and studied their primary texts, and presented his findings with objectivity and neutrality using cross-cultural comparisons.
According to author Cyril Elgood ( pp. 41, 110 ), who does not mention his source, it was Abul-Fath Gilani ( d. 1588 ), a Persian physician at the Indian court of the Mughal emperor Akbar, who " first passed the smoke of tobacco through a small bowl of water to purify and cool the smoke and thus invented the hubble-bubble or hookah.
According to Cyril Elgood ( PP. 41, 110 ) it was in India where the physician Hakim Abu ’ l-Fath Gilani ( d. 1588 ), at the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar I ( 1542-1605 AD ) invented the idea.
According to Cyril Elgood ( pp. 41, 110 ), who does not mention his source, it was Abul-Fatḥ Gilani ( d. 1588 ), a Persian physician at the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar I, who " first passed the smoke of tobacco through a small bowl of water to purify and cool the smoke and thus invented the hubble-bubble or hookah.
According to contemporary historians, Akbar took a great interest in the building of Fatehpur Sikri and probably also dictated its architectural style.
According to Ahmed S. Akbar, participant observation has its roots in anthropology and its use as a methodology can be attributed to Abū Rayhān Bīrūnī ( 973-1048 ), a Persian anthropologist who carried out extensive, personal investigations of the peoples, customs and religions of the Indian subcontinent.
According to V. A. Smith ," Akbar ; s attack on a princess of a character so noble was mere aggresson, wholly unprovoked and devoid of all justifications other than the lust for conqust and plunder.
According to one version of the story, Tansen died on 26 April 1586 in Delhi c-8246 c, and that Akbar and much of his court attended the funeral procession.
According to Groening, " the reason why I draw a strip with Akbar and Jeff instead of Binky and Sheba is that I figure that no one can accuse me of trying to score points against men or women if the characters are identical.
According to history, the first dhigu laari was struck in the Maldives, during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim III ibn Ghazi Muhammed ( 1585-1607 ), son of the hero Sultan Ghazi Muhammed Thakurufa ' anu Akbar al -' Azam.
According to Gracey the Defence Secretary Iskander Mirza wished Akbar to go on to the Imperial Defence College to " complete his education ".
According to an informant ... the police have been investigating the activities of Akbar and his wife for the last two years, and General Gracey also maintains that these two, and certain of his friends, had been known as the " Young Turk Party ".
According to Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, her given name was Rakhshanda ().
According to her, Bhandarkar repeatedly had sex with Jain from 1999 to 2004 at Natraj Apartment at Yari Road, Hotel Seaside at Juhu and at Bhandarkar's friend's ( Akbar ) flat at Mount Mary road, Bandra.
According to Ain-e-Akbari, the autobiography of Akbar, Chanderi had 14000 stone houses and boasted of 384 markets, 360 sapcious caravan sarais ( resting place ) and 12, 000 mosques.

According and Jarrett
According to a 2006 Boston Globe article, Massachusetts State Senator Jarrett Barrios proposed a restriction on the number of weekly servings of Marshmallow Fluff ( Fluffernutter ) sandwiches in the form of an amendment to a bill that will limit junk food in schools.
According to Jarrett, the TV series itself takes place in a fictional world within the pure pwnage universe ( webseries ) where Kyle ironically got a TV series, thus explaining the lack of consistency between shows.
According to Rose, the police let themselves into the house using Floyd's keys, without knocking or announcing themselves, while Mrs Jarrett and her family were watching television.

According and got
`` According to Rose, he arrived here a couple minutes before nine and spotted Thor in the water, got a hooked pole from the pool-equipment locker and started hauling him out.
According to Day, Rapp had auditioned two hundred vocalists when she got the job.
According to Southern Maldivian oral tradition, traders and fishermen were occasionally lost at sea and got stranded in one of the islands of the Chagos.
According to the Sumerians, Enlil helped create the humans, but then got tired of their noise and tried to kill them by sending a flood.
According to writer Mike Carey, " the events leading up to Messiah Complex, Iceman got blindsided by Mystique " are " still preying on to a large extent " and " some of those events be revisited.
According to former Indian diplomat G Parthasarathy, " only after we got nothing from the US did arms supplies from the Soviet Union to India commence ".
According to Serge Klarsfeld, since the now complete and constant publicity which the artworks got in 1996, the majority of the French Jewish community is nevertheless in favour of the return to the normal French civil rule of prescription acquisitive of any unclaimed good after another long period of time and consequently to their ultimate integration into the common French heritage instead of their transfer to foreign institutions like during World War II.
According to biographers, Harding got along better with the press than any other previous President, being a former newspaperman.
According to columnist and biographer Mike Royko, Daley got along better with editors and publishers than with reporters.
According to Ovid, Proetus ended up changed into stone by Perseus, the grandson of Acrisius ( who had eventually got expelled by Proetus ), upon being made by him to see the head of Medusa.
According to legend, it was at this time that Kenna got his nickname from Chicago Tribune publisher Joseph Medill, because of his small stature.
She got her start in supporting roles in The World According to Garp ( 1982 ), The Big Chill ( 1983 ), and The Natural ( 1984 ), which all earned her nominations for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.
According to a NASA press release, APOLLO researcher Tom Murphy said, " We got about 2, 000 photons from Lunokhod 1 on our first try.
According to Imagineer Bob Gurr, " the name got stuck ," and it was no longer a working title.
According to this, the Scythians originally lived south of the Rhipaean mountains, until they got into a conflict with a tribe called the Issedones, pressed in their turn by the Cyclopes ; and so the Scythians decided to migrate westwards.
According to TVS president Eddie Einhorn, the games actually got decent ratings at first, but affiliates started bailing out after the Philadelphia and Jacksonville free-ticket scandals, a trickle that became a flood after two teams moved in the middle of the season and two more folded altogether.
According to Wouk, " head Harry Cohn looked into the matter, called me back, and said in his tough gravelly voice, ' I've got you beat on the legalities, but I've listened to the record and it's no goddamn good, so I'm yanking it.
According to an interview in Blood & Honour magazine, he got in touch with neo-Nazi organisation Zorn 88 ’ s ( later called Norges Nasjonalsocialistiske Bevegelse ) magazine Gjallarhorn in 1992 and joined White Aryan Resistance before he murdered Øystein Aarseth.
According to his long-suffering agent George Fields ( Sydney Pollack ), Michael's attention to detail and difficult reputation got him fired from playing a tomato in a television commercial, because the idea of a tomato sitting down was " illogical " to him.
According to a 1937 Fortune magazine article, Warner's most intense contract disputes involved Cagney, " who got sick of being typed as a girl-hitting mick and of making five pictures a year instead of four.
According to Careerbliss. com, Hilton Worldwide ranked the first Happiest Companies in America for 2012 got score 4. 36 from 1 to 5.
According to rumors, after Meriba went out of jail he got employed at the heavily armed Counter Terror Unit ( CTU ), which is being led by Dino Bouterse, son of Desi Bouterse.
According to George Schlatter, the show's creator, " Humphrey later said that not doing it may have cost him the election ", and " said the rest of his life that appearing on Laugh-In is what got him elected.
According to legend, a group of fur traders had earlier stashed supplies ( including gunpowder ) in a cache along the river near Laporte, and that is how the river got its name.
According to the late historian Mary McRae of Homosassa, Inverness got its name from a lonely Scotsman, far away from his home, who gazed upon the blue waters of the Native American-named Tsala Apopka Lake and thought the area looked like the headlands and lochs of Inverness, Scotland, deserving the name Inverness.

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