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According and Stephen
According to William Ringler's study, Stephen Gosson, the theater business in London had become a thriving enterprise by 1577, and, in the opinion of many, a thoroughly bad business.
According to Stephen Dorril, at about the same time, Special Branch officers recruited an informant within CND, Stanley Bonnett, on the instructions of MI5.
According to this argument, made by scientists such as Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, it would be improbable for life not to exist somewhere other than Earth.
According to the 11th century Byzantine historian Georgios Kedrenos an uncial manuscript of Matthew's Gospel, believed to be that found by Anthemios, was then still preserved in the Chapel of St Stephen in the imperial palace.
According to the Stephen Fried book Thing of Beauty, she locked herself in a bathroom for hours, shooting heroin.
According to principal architect Stephen P. Morse, this was a result of a more software centric approach than in the design of earlier Intel processors ( the designers had experience working with compiler implementations ).
According to Stephen Suleyman Schwartz, in his book " The Two Faces of Islam ", “ some say that during this vagabondage Ibn Abdul Wahhab came into contact with certain Englishmen who encouraged him to personal ambition as well as to a critical attitude about Islam .” Specifically, Mir ’ at al Harramin, a Turkish work by Ayyub Sabri Pasha, written in 1888, states that in Basra, Abdul Wahhab had come into contact with a British spy by the name of Hempher, who “ inspired in him the tricks and lies that he had learned from the British Ministry of the Commonwealth .”
According to Stephen Kinzer's 2006 book Overthrow, in 1898 the chief of the French Canal Syndicate ( a group that owned large swathes of land across Panama ), Philippe Bunau Varilla, hired William Nelson Cromwell to lobby the U. S. Congress for the Panama Canal.
According to Stephen Sondheim, " What few people understand is that Oscar's big contribution to the theater was as a theoretician, as a Peter Brook, as an innovator.
According to the historian Horace Mann, Stephen was an impotent observer, and that the responsible agent was in reality the Chartularius, Gratiosus.
According to the late 13th century chronicler Martin of Opava, Stephen VIII was described as being a German, who was elected pope due to the power and influence of his royal relative, the German king Otto I. Martin states that Otto ignored the will of the cardinals in imposing Stephen upon them, and because Stephen was hated for being a German, he was taken by supporters of Alberic II, who proceeded to maim and disfigure him to such an extent that Stephen was unable to appear in public again.
According to Stephen Metcalf, Nozick expresses serious misgivings about capitalist libertarianism, going so far as to reject much of the foundations of the theory on the grounds that personal freedom can sometimes only be fully actualized via a collectivist politics and that wealth is at times justly redistributed via taxation to protect the freedom of the many from the potential tyranny of an overly selfish and powerful few.
According to Hungarian tradition, Pope Silvester II, with the consent of Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor, sent a magnificent jeweled gold crown to Stephen along with an apostolic cross and a letter of blessing officially recognizing Stephen as the Christian king of Hungary.
According to Hartwick's legend, during his coronation Stephen dedicated the crown to the Holy Virgin, thereby sealing a contract between God and the crown ( which is therefore considered a " holy " crown ).
According to Stephen Spratt, " the revenues raised could be used for ... international development objectives ... such as meeting the Millennium Development Goals.
According to F. J. E. Raby, " There is little reason to doubt that Stephen Langton ... was the author " of the famous sequence Veni Sancte Spiritus.
According to Stephen Skinner, the study of sacred geometry has its roots in the study of nature, and the mathematical principles at work therein.
According to Stephen Holden, a writer in The New York Times, " Many of Hart's ballad lyrics conveyed a heart-stopping sadness that reflected his conviction that he was physically too unattractive to be lovable.
According to a study conducted by Robert J. Sampson and Stephen W. Raudenbush, the premise that the broken windows theory operates on — that social disorder and crime are connected as part of a causal chain — is faulty.
According to William of Newburgh, King Stephen was " grieved beyond measure by the death of the son who he hoped would succeed him ; he pursued warlike preparations less vigorously, and listened more patiently than usual to the voices of those urging peace.

According and Frederic
According to lawyer and diplomat Frederic Jesup Stimson, the framers of the Constitution and the Ninth Amendment intended that no rights that they already held would be lost through omission.
According to the village's website, the first store was opened in the fall of 1853 by French immigrant Frederick ( Frederic ) Louys, followed quickly by a hotel and then a sawmill.
According to Frederic Lamond, Bracelin's name was used because Shah " did not want to confuse his Sufi students by being seen to take an interest in another esoteric tradition.
According to founding member Frederic Heath, " the split ... disheartened many Socialists, so that the party grew very slowly.
According to Human Anatomy by Frederic Martini they are " the thinnest and most delicate branches of the bronchial tree, and they deliver air to the exchange surfaces of the lungs.
According to Dr. Gorrie's biographer, Vivian M. Sherlock, the " Ice King ", Frederic Tudor, was suspected for causing his failure when he launched a smear campaign against the invention.
According to biographer Frederic Trautmann, Most was born out of wedlock to a governess and a clerk.
According to Burnand's 1904 memoir, Sullivan's friend the composer Frederic Clay leaked to Burnand the information that Gilbert and Sullivan were working on an “ æsthetic subject ”, and so Burnand raced to produce The Colonel before Patience opened.
According to the American scholar Frederic C. Gamst, their " Hebraism is an ancient form and unaffected by Hebraic change of the past two millennia ".
According to Frederic Spotts's Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics, Adolf Hitler compared this symphony favorably with Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

According and Dale
According to his neighbor Dale, he also had a brief stint as a tractor salesman.
According to Disney, Chip is the logical schemer, and Dale is the goofy, dim-witted one.
According to biographer, Dale L. Morgan, Smith's letter was " a clear sighted statement of the national interest.
According to Dale L. Morgan, Jedediah Smith's biographer, Jedediah was looking for water for the 1831 expedition when he came upon an estimated 15 – 20 Comanches.
According to an unauthorized biography by Charles Winecoff, he had affairs with photographer Christopher Makos, actor Tab Hunter, dancer Rudolf Nureyev, composer / lyricist Stephen Sondheim and dancer-choreographer Grover Dale prior to marrying Berenson.
According to Dale Ford, senior analyst at Dataquest, a market research firm based in San Jose, California, a number of factors could have influenced Sega's decision to move to NEC, including NEC's proven track record of supplying chipsets for the Nintendo 64 and the demonstrated ability to be able to handle a major influx of capacity if the company decided to ramp up production on a moment's notice.
According to former RUC officer Jack Dale a large group of people in the republican Markets area had " jeered and shouted and yelled " as if each explosion was " a good thing ".
According to author Dale Peterson, Don Woods continued releasing updated editions through to at least the mid-1990s.
According to the historian Paul Turnbull, Dale appears to have persuaded Governor Irwin to let him have the head as an " anthropological curiosity ".
According to the U. S. Army Colonel Dale C. Eikmeier, “ ideology ”, rather than any individual or group, is the " center of gravity " of al-Qaeda and related groups, and the ideology is a " collection of violent Islamic thought called Qutbism.
" According to a number of personal interviews with high-ranking French officials, as well as documents he uncovered, scholar Dale C. Thomson wrote that de Gaulle's statement was planned, and that he used it when the opportunity presented itself.
According to Don Wilmeth, Barnum " was blessed with a brilliant production by director-choreographer Joe Layton, who turned the theatre into a circus, and a memorable performance by Jim Dale.
According to Dale Spender, little has been written or is yet known about the circumstances behind this collaboration.
According to the Hversu, Finnalf inherited the land of East Dale ( Eystri-Dal, probably the modern Dal ) and all the land north of Lake Vænir ( modern Lake Vänern ) from the Gaut Elf river ( the modern Göta älv river ) north to the Raum Elf river ( the modern Glomma river ), and that the land was then called Álfheim.
According to technocritic Dale Carrico, the politics of morphological freedom imply a commitment to the value, standing, and social legibility of the widest possible variety of desired morphologies and lifestyles.
According to the Starr Report, on Memorial Day weekend in 1996, Monica Lewinsky told a family friend, Dale Young, about her affair with President Bill Clinton, during a vacation at a weight-loss spa in the Catskills.
and Dale C. Allison, Jr. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew.
and Dale C. Allison, Jr. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew.
According to Dale E. Dawkins, AMC's vice-president, " Every square inch of inner surface on exterior body panels is galvanized on our Spirit, Concord, and Eagle models.
According to MasGrafx Racing Graphics, Microgamma is the font of several NASCAR numbers ; # 8 ( Mark Martin ), # 3 ( Dale Earnhardt ) and # 29 ( Kevin Harvick ).
According to Brown, " Alma Dale " was her grandmother's name, while " Campbell " was her mother's birth surname.
According to his church's web site, John Dale is heard on a daily radio program on local radio station WNBS in Murray, Kentucky ( which derives its call sign from the initials of local 19th century pre-Marconi wireless ( induction ) voice telephony pioneer Nathan B.
According to rumors, The Great Dale is the place from which Dalelanders come.

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