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According and Suetonius
According to Suetonius, Agrippina had a strict upbringing and education.
According to Suetonius who had cited from Pliny the Elder, Agrippina had borne to Germanicus, a son called Gaius Julius Caesar who had a lovable character.
According to Suetonius, Caligula nursed a rumor that Augustus and Julia the Elder had an incestuous union from which Agrippina the Elder had been born.
According to Suetonius, Domitius was a wealthy man with a despicable and dishonest character, who, according to Suetonius, was “ A man who was in every aspect of his life detestable ", and served as consul in 32.
According to Suetonius, Nero was annoyed at his mother being too watchful and tried three times to poison Agrippina, but she took the antidotes in time and survived.
According to Suetonius in his De vita Caesarum ( The Lives of the Twelve Caesars ), written in the first century CE, the emperor Augustus sometimes presented old and exotic coins to friends and courtiers during festivals and other special occasions.
According to an anecdote preserved by Suetonius, Caesar did not deny that Catullus's lampoons left an indelible stain on his reputation, but when Catullus apologized, he invited the poet for dinner the very same day.
According to Suetonius, Claudius was extraordinarily fond of games.
According to Suetonius, Agrippina won out through her feminine wiles.
According to Suetonius, in the first year of Caligula's reign he squandered 2, 700, 000, 000 sesterces that Tiberius had amassed.
According to Suetonius, Caligula's body was placed under turf until it was burned and entombed by his sisters.
According to Suetonius, he was the first Roman Emperor who had demanded to be addressed as dominus et deus ( master and god ).
According to Suetonius, he even wrote a book on the subject of hair care.
According to Suetonius, the imperial bureaucracy never ran more efficiently than under Domitian, whose exacting standards and suspicious nature maintained historically low corruption among provincial governors and elected officials.
According to Suetonius, some were convicted for corruption or treason, others on trivial charges, which Domitian justified through his suspicion:
According to Suetonius, Domitian worshipped Minerva as his protector goddess with superstitious veneration.
According to Suetonius, a number of omens had foretold Domitian's death.
According to Suetonius, the people of Rome met the news of Domitian's death with indifference, but the army was much grieved, calling for his deification immediately after the assassination, and in several provinces rioting.
According to Suetonius, Domitia Longina was exiled in 83 because of an affair with a famous actor named Paris.
According to Suetonius, a physician later established that only one wound, the second one to his chest, had been lethal.
According to Suetonius, he was known for his cruelty and debauchery through his perversion on the island of Capri where he forced young boys and girls into orgies.
According to Tacitus ( ii. 97 ), his rule was " infamous and odious " but according to Suetonius ( Vesp.
According to the First Century Roman historian Tacitus, she died by poisoning herself so she would not be enslaved by the Roman governor, Suetonius Paulinus.

According and Domitian
According to Tacitus, Mucianus was not keen on this prospect but since he considered Domitian a liability in any capacity that was entrusted to him, he preferred to keep him close at hand rather than in Rome.
According to Jones, the evidence suggests that Domitia remained devoted to Domitian, even after his death.
According to Suetonius ( Domitian, IV, 6-7 ), Domitian organised a naumachia inside the Colosseum, undoubtedly circa 85 CE, and another one in the year 89 CE in a new basin dug beyond the Tiber ; with the stone removed serving to repair the Circus Maximus, which had burnt on two sides.
According to Suetonius, during the reign of Domitian ( 81-96 ):
According to these legends, Nereus and Achilleus were eunuchs and Chamberlains of Flavia Domitilla, a niece of the Emperor Domitian ; with the Christian virgin, they had been banished to the island of Ponza ( Pontia ), and later on beheaded in Terracina.
According to ancient sources, Domitian used at least twelve thousands talents of gold for the gilding of the bronze roof tiles alone.

According and wholly
According to U. S. Census figures from 2000, 41, 000, 000 Americans claim to be wholly or partly of Irish ancestry, a group that represents more than one in five white Americans.
According to the historian of ideas, Arthur O. Lovejoy :" The notion that Rousseau ’ s Discourse on Inequality was essentially a glorification of the State of Nature, and that its influence tended to wholly or chiefly to promote " Primitivism " is one of the most persistent historical errors.
According to Koons, " eutheism is the thesis that God exists and is wholly good, while dystheism is the thesis that God exists but is not wholly good.
According to McAnally the leprechaun is the son of an " evil spirit " and a " degenerate fairy " and is " not wholly good nor wholly evil ".
According to them, under the figure of a wounded man is described the condition of Adam after the fall ; from which they infer that the power of acting well was not wholly extinguished in him ; because he is said to be only half-dead.
According to his biographer Richard S. Lambert, the first volume of Barrington's memoirs about Australia, " A Voyage to Botany Bay ," is the work of Barrington's that is least changed, or wholly invented, by editors and publishers.
According to Siobhán Marie Kilfeather the song is from the music hall style of the period, and while one cannot wholly dismiss the possibility that it is " based on an older folk song ", " neither melody nor words bear any relationship to the Irish tradition of street ballads.
According to this philosophy, no wholly random, spontaneous, mysterious, or miraculous events occur.
According to Glanbia, Optimum Nutrition is an autonomous and wholly separate division within the Group.
According to V. A. Smith ," Akbar ; s attack on a princess of a character so noble was mere aggresson, wholly unprovoked and devoid of all justifications other than the lust for conqust and plunder.
According to its current web site, Inco is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Vale ( formerly CVRD ).
According to the Kabbalah Centre, the Hebrew Bible is not to be taken literally, as it is wholly a code, and can only be truly understood in this context.
According to some exegetes this latter conception is not a wholly abstract one, but in fact corresponds to a heavenly reality, with the Qur ' ān existing as a celestial archetype within the Mother of the Book ( umm al-kitāb ) ( Q. 43: 4 ) or upon the Preserved Tablet ( Q. 85: 21 ).
According to the agreement, the C-130 aircraft will be installed with various types of advanced electronic systems, including those produced by Elbit Systems ' wholly owned subsidiary-Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd.
According to the explanations which negate or downplay Basque influence, the change occurred in the affected dialects wholly independent of each other as the result of internal change ( i. e. linguistic factors, not outside influence ).
According to presentism, events and entities that are wholly past or wholly future do not exist at all.
According to another account, she was hoping to induce Seleucus himself to marry her ; but that monarch was wholly occupied with the recovery of Babylonia and the upper provinces of the empire.

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