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According and TMZ
According to local media outlets and documents obtained by TMZ, the rap star hasn't been paying child support for over five years.
According to UPI and TMZ. com, Officers Patrick Cavalieri and David McAndrews were off-duty when they went to the house during filming of the program, and began banging on the door.
According to an article on Bankrate. com, a consumer financial services company, court records posted on TMZ. com show the couple borrowed $ 2. 9 million to buy their suburban mansion in June 2007.
According to Chapman's website and TMZ, Nguyen was arrested and charged with attempted homicide related to the shooting attempt of Chapman and the Chapman family.
According to TMZ, the 23-year-old singer, was driving her silver Infiniti on Santa Monica Boulevard in the early hours of Friday morning when she rear ended the car in front of her.

According and MTV
According to the record label this became one of the reasons that the Pixies never achieved major coverage on MTV.
According to MTV, he has semi-retired to study the Bible more in an effort to give messages behind the pulpit.
According to a 2004 interview, Everly, who was then an MTV talent executive, initially said no to dating Hoppus: " Tom always used to embarrass me.
According to the documentary Taint of Greatness: Part 2 on the Mike Judge Collection Volume 2 DVD, this was due to Kip Winger telling MTV he would not let the show make fun of him.
According to MTV, " We'd been used to MCs like Run and DMC, Chuck D and KRS-One leaping on the mic shouting with energy and irreverence, but Rakim took a methodical approach to his microphone fiending.
According to MTV News, it was released on several mixtapes.
According to Guy McKnight on MTV Two's Gonzo the car has now gone.
According to the station's website in August, it expected to use 32. 1 for MTV Tr3 ́ s, 32. 2 for American News Network, 32. 3 for Real Hip-Hop Network, and 32. 4 for theCoolTV.
According to the MTV behind the scenes show “ The Hills: Revealed ” which aired July 14, 2010, school officials originally agreed with the producers to let camera crews shoot on school grounds and school events such as prom.
According to MTV. com, Glazer had pitched the concept of the " Karma Police " video months earlier to Marilyn Manson, who disliked it.
According to MTV, Clarkson had already finished recording her materials for her second album, Breakaway in late 2004 when she was advised by her A & R to fly to Sweden to meet with Martin and Dr. Luke.
According to MTV, the song was originally written prior to the break-up.
According to a 2004 interview, Everly, who was then an MTV talent executive, initially said no to dating Hoppus: " Tom always used to embarrass me.
According to MTV, sales in the UK are estimated at over 170, 000 units.
According to MTV, the single has sold about 100, 000 copies in the UK.
According to Kyle Anderson of MTV, the song found Houston hitting an " incredible groove.
According to MTV UK and Ireland, the single has sold about 280, 000 copies in the United Kingdom.
According to a mockumentary shown in MTV ( parodying their own Rockumentary format ) in December 2004, the band began in 1979, when a young delinquent called John Hammet ( Blondie Hammet ) was directed to the juvenile hall for the sixth time.
According to PopMatters, the reason why the video was possibly ban from MTV was due to the scene where it featured Madonna pointing a gun towards the police, where MTV had previously ban any videos featuring any references off guns.
According to Jocelyn Vena of MTV, the video for " Because of You " was referenced in Taylor Swift's music video for " Mine " ( 2010 ), writing " When Swift's character remembers the fights her parents used to have, her memories mirror Clarkson's attempts to exorcise the demons of her past to find love in her future.
According to an interview with MTV, Renck was directing Kate Moss for a H & M commercial when he received a phone call from Madonna who desperately wanted to work with him.

According and has
According to The Chicago Tribune News Service, State Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosk of California has devised a series of questions which the joiner might well ask about any organization seeking his money and his name: 1.
According to the studies of James Curran, the system of shared values among editors in Britain has generated a pressure among authors to write to fit the editors ' expectations, removing the focus from the reader-audience and putting a strain on the relationship between authors and editors and on writing as a social act.
According to research funded by the USAID CAPS project, Armenia's exceptionally high rate of economic growth during the last decade has been largely dependent on external factors ( e. g., remittances, assistance from international financial and donor organization ).
According to a World Bank official, a country that has around 12 percent rate of growth or even lower, at the range of 7 to 8 percent, can afford a level of public debt of up to 50 percent.
According to another estimate, the ratio between the country's Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) and the state's foreign debt has reached 46 percent.
According to the 2011 census, Adelaide has a population of 1. 23 million.
According to Lucas, Bayley, and Valli, each sign has a handshape ( see handshape section in American Sign Language grammar ) and these handshapes can resemble signs of numbers or letters.
* Drinking songs: According to the grammarian Athenaeus, Alcaeus made every occasion an excuse for drinking and he has provided posterity several quotes in proof of it.
According to the Fraser Institute, Alberta has very high levels of economic freedom and rates Alberta as the most free economy in Canada, and second most free economy amongst U. S. states and Canadian provinces.
According to most Muslim scholars, the Ark of the Covenant has a religious basis in Islam, and Islam gives it special significance.
According to the book Gender, Crime, and Punishment published by Yale University Press, " Under the Alford doctrine, a defendant does not admit guilt but admits that the state has sufficient evidence to find him or her guilty, should the case go to trial.
According to these statements, claims that one or more denominations might be the " true Church " are nothing more than propaganda which has evolved over centuries to support authoritarian claims --- based on tradition or based on scripture --- of merely human institutions.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of, of which, of it is land and of it ( 0. 89 %) is water.
According to him, while the first two visions ( the alter-globalism and the anti-globalism ) represent the reconstructed forms of old and new left ideologies, respectively, in the context of current globalization, only the third one has shown the capacity to respond more effectively to the intellectual requirements of today ’ s global complexities.
According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research ( CEPR ), the period from 1980 – 2005 has seen diminished progress in terms of economic growth, life expectancy, infant and child mortality, and to a lesser extent education.
According to a 2008 television programme, presented by Griff Rhys Jones, “ the flame has only been extinguished once, by a drunken Mexican football supporter on the night that France beat Brazil here in Paris ,” most likely referring to the 1998 FIFA World Cup Final.
According to the National Cancer Institute, " Mistletoe extract has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory and to affect the immune system.
" According to Anthroposophy, moral development reveals the extent to which one has achieved control over one's inner life and can exercise it in harmony with the spiritual life of other people ; it shows the real progress in spiritual development, the fruits of which are given in spiritual perception.
According to the 2011 India census, Ajmer district has a population of 2, 584, 913, which was made up of 1, 325, 911 males and 1, 259, 002 females.
According to the 2006 population estimate, the village has a population of 1, 680.
According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2009 impact factor of 4. 174, ranking it first among 255 journals in the category " Mathematics ".
According to The Guardian newspaper: " At the heart of years of dissent against psychiatry through the ages has been its use of drugs, particularly antipsychotics, to treat distress.
According to these models, a necessary ( but not sufficient ) condition for the occurrence of amorphous phases is that T < sub > h </ sub > has to be smaller than 0. 3, that is the deposition temperature must be below 30 % of the melting temperature.
According to Joe R. Reeder, Under Secretary of the Army from 1993 to 1997, Fidel Castro has used body doubles.
According to the Boston Globe ( as reported on May 18, 2010 ), the town has renamed its amphitheater in the artist's honor, and is looking to develop an Al Capp Museum.

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