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According and Boston
According to the Boston Globe ( as reported on May 18, 2010 ), the town has renamed its amphitheater in the artist's honor, and is looking to develop an Al Capp Museum.
According to the 9 / 11 Commission Report, Shehhi made a 3-minute call to Mohamed Atta ( 6: 52-6: 55 a. m .) on September 11, 2001, from within Logan International Airport as both American 11 and United 175 were to fly from Boston Logan to LAX.
According to Jewish feminist writer Tamara Cohen, the practice of filling a cup with water to symbolize Miriam ’ s inclusion in the seder originated at a Rosh Chodesh group in Boston in 1989.
According to the 2001 census, there were 35, 124 people residing in Boston town, of whom 48. 2 % were male and 51. 8 % were female.
According to Boston Museum of Fine Arts curator Carol Troyen, " Hopper really liked the way these houses, with their turrets and towers and porches and mansard roofs and ornament cast wonderful shadows.
According to the Fall 2001 issue of the Boston University alumni magazine, it was Marston's wife Elizabeth's idea to create a female superhero.
According to some, the town derives its name from being a toll station on the old road between Boston and New York.
According to The Boston Globe, Northbridge was recently named as one of the most ' Bio-Ready ' communities in both Massachusetts and New England, making it a desired location for existing or entrepreneurial businesses such as biopharmaceutical companies, biomedical companies, biodiesel companies, and so-called ' green businesses ' such as solar and wind energy companies.
According to Zaykowski, Henry Wentworth Hunt arrived to the village from Boston with his three sons, two of whom went on to helm Sag Harbor papers.
According to an historic marker at the courthouse, a resolution was introduced by Richard Henry Lee and adopted at a meeting there on June 22, 1774, providing aid to Boston, Massachusetts, following a blockade of that beleaguered port city by Great Britain.
According to a Pew Research Center study, media coverage mostly emanated from the United States in 2002, when a Boston Globe series began a critical mass of news reports ; by contrast, in 2010 much of the reporting focused on child abuse in Europe.
They claim that the parents of the first cloned child had second thoughts about submitting their child to scientific tests after attorney Bernard Siegel filed suit .< noinclude > According to sealed court documents received by the Boston Globe which were reported on 27 April 2003, Clonaid had two employees but no address or board of directors.
" According to a 2002 interview: " According to Burke, he played the unissued tape for noted author / historian Peter Guralnick in a Boston restaurant.
According to a review in Boston. com on August 23, 2009, money doesn't buy much happiness unless it's used in certain ways.
According to the Boston Herald, race director Dave McGillivray said he was sending paperwork to the IAAF to have Mutai's mark ratified as a world record.
According to the company's 2006 Annual Report, Boston Beer Company was considering a possible new brewery in Freetown, Massachusetts.
According to Samuel Howe ’ s daughter, Florence Hall, the Howe ’ s South Boston home was a stop on the Underground Railroad.
According to Boston University film scholar Ray Carney, Rowlands sought to suppress an early version of Cassavetes ' first film, Shadows, that Carney says he rediscovered after decades of searching.
According to the Boston Globe ( as reported on May 18, 2010 ), the town has renamed its amphitheater in the artist's honor, and is looking to develop an Al Capp Museum.
According to Boston Magazine's yearly " Best Places To Live ", Wellesley ranks first in the United States in percentage of adults who hold at least one college degree.
According to the Boston Herald list of State pensions, Bulger is currently receiving a pension from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at a rate of $ 198, 205. 92 annually.
According to a Boston University paper published in The Lancet, " Noise-based devices, such as randomly vibrating insoles, could also ameliorate age-related impairments in balance control.
According to The Boston Globe, " This is a job you have to give your whole heart and soul to ," he said.

According and Globe
According to the Globe and Mail, a deal was finalized on May 20, 2011 to relocate the team to Winnipeg.
According to Jim Coleman, sportswriter for the Toronto Globe and Mail, McLaughlin felt the ' Hawks were good enough to finish first.
According to one account concerning Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, " Patrons were transported across the River Thames to Southwark by ' wherry boats '.
According to the New York Times, it became Wanamaker's " Great Obsession " to realise an exact replica of William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, eventually securing the financial support of philanthropist and fellow lover of Shakespeare, Samuel H. Scripps.
According to the 2008 survey of Globe Asia, UI ranked number first among the top universities in Indonesia.
According to the latest survey of Globe Asia ( 2008 ), UI ranked first among the top universities in Indonesia This report has been supported by a leading Indonesian magazine Tempo, which carried out a survey and analysis to rank universities and education in Indonesia.
According to an 1888 volume of A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles, the word socialisme was coined on 13 February 1832 in Le Globe, a liberal French newspaper of Pierre Leroux.
According to Boston Globe writer Jan Freeman, from 1975 to 1980, journalists used the nor ’ easter spelling only once in five mentions of such storms ; in the past year ( 2003 ), more than 80 percent of northeasters were spelled nor ' easter.
According to the Jakarta Globe, 116 Indonesians had assets worth over one trillion rupiah ( US $ 117 million ) in 2011.
According to the Waltham Land Trust and The Boston Globe, the grounds of the Gaebler Center are currently being considered for redevelopment.
According to the The Globe and Mail, the Chinese-Canadian community nicknamed Kenney the " Smiling Buddha " in reference to his efforts to garner ethnic votes on the basis of what some perceive as commonly held conservative values.
According to the Globe, Pomeroy lost an eye after attempting to destroy the side of his cell by redirecting a gas pipe.
According to the Globe, there is a movement to form a new four-team league of Toronto, Ottawa and the two Montreal teams.
According to the Boston Globe, the program, which temporarily doubled Vermont's black population, " uncovered some latent bigotry that had not been visible before.
According to The Globe, the paper was ultimately " not guilty of blasphemy ... it was guilty of inefficiency ".
According to a 2006 Boston Globe article, Massachusetts State Senator Jarrett Barrios proposed a restriction on the number of weekly servings of Marshmallow Fluff ( Fluffernutter ) sandwiches in the form of an amendment to a bill that will limit junk food in schools.
According to The Globe and Mail, this was a " hot " ward race.

According and suicide
According to Tacitus ( Annals 3. 14. 1 ), the prosecution could not prove the poisoning charge, but other charges of treason seemed likely to stick and Piso committed suicide.
According to Tacitus in his Annals, Boudica poisoned herself, though in the Agricola which was written almost twenty years prior he mentions nothing of suicide and attributes the end of the revolt to socordia (" indolence "); Dio says she fell sick and died and then was given a lavish burial ; though this may be a convenient way to remove her from the story.
According to biographer Julie Phillips, the suicide note Sheldon left was written years earlier, and saved until needed.
According to the story, told mainly by the Roman historian Livy and the Greek historian Dionysius of Halicarnassus ( who lived in Rome at the time of the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus ), her rape by the king's son and consequent suicide were the immediate cause of the revolution that overthrew the monarchy and established the Roman Republic.
According to Josephus, when Roman troops entered the fortress, they discovered that its 960 inhabitants had set all the buildings but the food storerooms ablaze and committed a mass suicide.
According to the 9 / 11 Commission Report, 26 al-Qaeda terrorist conspirators sought to enter the United States to carry out a suicide mission.
According to Boghdadi, allegations from Amer's family that the government allowed him to commit suicide, were true.
* According to 2008 statistics, Leitrim county has the third highest suicide rate in Ireland and the lowest male life expectancy at 72. 8 years ( average is 75. 6 ).
According to Thomas Basin, Somerset died of illness, but the Crowland Chronicle reported that his death was suicide.
According to the CSUCS 2004 Global Report on the Use of Child Soldiers, there were at least nine documented suicide attacks involving Palestinian minors between October 2000 and March 2004: but also stated, " There was no evidence of systematic recruitment of children by Palestinian armed groups.
According to the study, from 1990 – 1997, the Innu community of Davis Inlet had a suicide rate more than twelve times the Canadian average, and well over three times the rate often observed in isolated northern villages.
According to this version of the myth, it was only later -- after her sons Polyneices and Eteocles murdered one another in a fight for the crown ( see Seven Against Thebes )-- that she committed suicide by stabbing herself.
According to the Journal of Addiction and Mental Health, around 600 people between the ages of 10 and 24 die each year from suicide and about 32 % of these people are lesbian, gay, and bisexual ( LAB ) youth.
According to the Centers for Disease Control, the annual suicide rate in Nye County averaged 28. 7561 per 100, 000 people during 1989 – 1998, the most recent period for which data is available.
According to a 1979 Jay and Young study, 40 percent of gay men and 39 percent of gay women in the US had attempted or seriously thought about suicide.
According to the official Vatican version, Estermann and his wife, Gladys Meza Romero, were killed by the young Swiss Guard Cédric Tornay, who later committed suicide.
According to legend, losing the spear would result in death, and that was fulfilled when Hitler committed suicide.
According to the Bushido Shoshinshu ( the Code of the Samurai ), a samurai was supposed to commit oibara seppuku ( also " hara kiri " – ritual suicide ) upon the loss of his master.
According to the New Hampshire medical examiner, Delp's death was the result of suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning as evidenced by carboxyhemoglobin.
According to his great-great-granddaughter, however, his insurers later alleged that his death was a suicide, as the bullet wound he suffered was conveyed at close range through his heart, without the bullet penetrating his outer garments.
According to eugenist criminologist Edward A. Ross, such intermarriage ( often termed " amalgamation ") would lead to " race suicide ".
According to police reports, she had a history of mental illness and left a suicide note.
* According to Arab media, Saddam Hussein has opened training camps in Iraq for Arab volunteers willing to carry out suicide bombings against U. S. forces, if an attack on Iraq takes place.
According to official reports the deaths were a result of Franz Joseph's demand, that the couple end the relationship: the Crown Prince, as part of a suicide pact, first shot his mistress in the head and then himself.

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